World of Warships- Top 5 Premiums To Avoid Buying

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Hey guys, today we take a look at five premiums that simply have better alternatives at their tier, or are not worth the the time to grind out the resources needed. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 List Intro
0:49 5. Sevastopol
5:14 4. Collingwood
9:49 3. Schonberg
13:04 2. California
15:34 1. Hampshire


  1. Alonso Ovando Chico

    Thank you for vindicating my comparison of Hampshire with Atago. They are both highly mannouverable but very fragile ships with good guns, though HE tends to be more useful at longer ranges and ultimately it’s the heal what makes Atago work, because it’s not a matter of whether you’ll get severely damaged but when, and having to rely on concealment only to stay alive is not conducive to a great performance

    • CruisingForMermaids

      Atago also has 41mm of deck armour, so is not all that fragile.

    • Yeah, the Atago is not “fragile”. Good deck armor, as noted, but it also has pretty good belt armor. You are better off not getting hit no matter what ship you are in, but proper angling in the Atago is very effective. At the end of the day, it is still a cruiser and should not be trying to tank BB’s or BC’s.

    • That’s why Myoko is so fucking terrible. Just grinding through that abomination and there is no angle from which you do not eat shit – and there is no heal.
      The only way to guarantee survival for >10 min is to farm from behind islands, or run and cease fire, in other words, kick your hopes for game impact to the curb.
      I noticed it is just as bad in terms of bullet attraction like my Schchors – only that the Myoko, unlike the weakly armored Russian, arms every single AP shell it eats.
      Also, the range is terrible, which forces you to get to an engagement distance where every semi-decent BB player *will* slap you through your perfectly angled, but overmatchable ass at least with their second salvo.
      That is, of course, assuming that there is not an AP cruiser popping up on your broadside and deleting you first.

  2. I quite enjoy Collingwood. Probably one of my higher winrate ships. I got it on the second bundle, very cheap so therefore I’m less likely to be critical but I have a lot more success in her than Nelson.

  3. In my opinion what could have been a good replacement ship for Nelson would be HMS Rodney:
    Because she was a real ship so that’s a bonus, but Rodney would in the game have the underwater torpedoes like the British BC (she had torpedoes in RL), in exhange she gets normal HE and slightly improved heal (not super heal, but slightly improved)

  4. Nice I agree with most of your choices, although I would stick in the Tiger 59. Can I ask when does the Anniversary event start ? Is it this week, as I saw an early update this weekend too be installed ?

    • He explained clearly that these ships should not be bought because there are better alternatives, not only because they are bad. Tiger ’59 has no similar better ship. Lots of better ships, but no similar one.

    • sept 16 is when it starts its on the news on the website

  5. Antonio Matteo Cazzella

    Hampshire I found it freemium on the third skip. for me it is a very fun cruiser but be careful if you know how to use it the way it is to be used is very nasty.

  6. Thank you so much for making these “don’t buy this” PSA videos. I somehow missed them and you’re sometimes too late because I was already lured into getting those ships. Not this time, though ! Thank you !

  7. I would add the Marco Polo to that. Every salvo is a dice roll. Its a T9 premium ship with much better alternatives. Even if someone wanted to punish themselves by playing an Italian T9 BB, the Lepanto is a techtree ship and much better at the same thing anyway.

  8. Yeah. I learned my lesson about buying premium ships with the Atlanta. Not two weeks after I bought it WG nerfed it to the point I never would have made the purchase. So. They took my boat, after the fact, without so much as a by your leave, and effectively took it away and replaced it with a sucky changeling. Never Again will I give them the chance to do that.

  9. Got Hampshire for free, so I’ll probably play her. Seems like a speed boost would also provide utility without making the ship OP or anything. However, a heal would be more in line with the RN cruisers.

  10. I can’t remember when WG last released a ship that I consider a “must have.”

  11. Sevastopol? Yeah… it’s a mixed bag.
    Occasionally good, but reliant on RNG. Collingwood is just the same. I miss Tiger 59 and Viribus Unitis on this list. Yeah they have some strong assets which might be useful in a div…
    But otherwise they are painfully to play.

  12. Just got Atago after watching your other vids and that ship is very fun to play and i agree should have gotten it way sooner. Thanks for all you do to give us honest information about the game.

  13. High Caliber Replays

    Notice how the majority of the ships on this list have been released in the past year
    Really shows you how much WG has changed

  14. The only reason to get the Hampshire is if you got the steampunk permanent camo in the recent web campaign. I would have gotten the Hampshire if it showed up as the first random bundle for 1000 doubloons, but I am not buying a tier VIII premium just to show off an admittedly very steampunk ship skin.

  15. Question about the Sevastopol – can you use that heal to “pre-pain” going into a fight? If you know you are going to take a bunch of damage, say while pushing, can you pop the heal and just live off it while fighting?

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      The thing is, it heals back so slowly. Unlike the RN super heals that can out heal everything, this heal cannot. Beyond maybe cover you while you disengage. But even then, if you get concentrated down, it cannot

  16. Damn shame about California, the post refit has always been one of my favorite battleships IRL. That lack of heal on Hampshire is just WACK! Collingwood makes zero sense.

  17. I got the Hampshire for one of those around the world tokens, got lucky. After a few battles it grew on me. Like any ship it takes a number of games to get a feel for it. Over all I like the Hampshire.
    Good accurate guns , surprisingly good AA too, give it a fair chance and it will grow on you too once you get the hang of this ship.
    California – If you played New Mexico or the Kansas slow BB line, this California BB is not that different you will feel right at home. AA is much improved over the New Mexico. Too slow to get into trouble, BUT also too slow to get you out of trouble lol. I use mine mostly in scenario operations, it does ok there.
    Ships 5,4, and 3 on your list I do not have so no comment.

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