World of Warships- Top 5 Premiums To Avoid Buying

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So today I bring you guys 5 premium ships that I highly recommend you do NOT buy.

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  1. just tell everyone not to buy smolensk so the population will not increase ?

  2. 1:05 yudachi is a light cruiser?


    • 鄭茂廷 Kaga is actually one of the better carriers?

    • RIPGUTProduction Yeah but they marketed it as ship with special wa of launch torpes easier to hit in certain circumstances. After the dam update what’s so special about her ? and give my Hiryu back WG

    • 鄭茂廷 I mean, she’s the only Japanese carrier that has HE bombs. Said bombs also are really easy to use and you get an absolutely absurd number of planes. In my experience, I’ve seen Kaga (mine and others) carry a match. She’s one of the most powerful carriers in game, no question. Unfortunately, due to the update to CVs, she one of the only ones still viable.

    • RIPGUTProduction The thing is im not really playing CV after the update so yeah.

    • 鄭茂廷 I mean, that’s fair. Like I said, Kaga is one of a very few carriers that have any chance to survive in that god awful update. It’s unfortunate but the tech tree carriers aren’t really even worth the grind anymore for new players. Pretty sad. And yes, even since the update I have seen my damage drop (even in Kaga)

  3. Remember that the Indianapolis used to be the alternative to the Pensacola when she was at tier 7 (before the line split). Which of the two is sturdier? Which of the two gets radar?
    It’s just been powercrept, that’s all.

  4. Maybe they’ll buff GZ when the GZ B comes out :^)

    still like playing her tho

  5. The new Italian cruiser Genova is bollocks too…

    • Get the Duca Daosta with a 12 point captain if you want a quality Italian Cruiser. She has the fastest HE and AP shell velocity I’ve ever seen on a ship.

    • I thought Atago’s reload was bad, but 20 sec for 203mm guns is insane. Atago could probably use a range or reload buff, but the Genova is just stupid.

  6. BUT, BUT i won a secondary duel against a georgia with my Gz….

  7. I kinda disagree with the Indy. Keep in mind, that when she was released, she was the counterpart to Pensacola, and not New Orleans. In that right, she was great. She’s still just as good as the New Orleans IMO even though she is down a gun. Maybe now that she directly competes with a different ship, WG should give her a quality of life buff.

    • chuck miller also Indy has the very good improved auto bounce angles of the Baltimore that New Orleans doesn’t

    • @Matt Horvath I thought Balti had it too with the super heavy shells, but you may be right.

    • @Matt Horvath the US CA line all gets the improved autobounce angles, she also has the same amount of guns as new orleans.

    • Skyf24 – Indianapolis has the same autobounce angles as Baltimore, better than NOLA.

      When I got Indianapolis in a Christmas crate 2 or 3 years ago it was horrible. Detection was actually greater than gun range IIRC. Radar range was 8.47 km not the current 10 km. There was a third buff too… reload rate maybe? Bottom line: Indianapolis isn’t bad now.

  8. Mikasa is a fun ship, go for the secondary build and use the Zulu Flag (for immersion) and shred the hell out of any DDs…

    and ohhh yeah, you forgot to mention Yahagi

  9. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Yuudachi: Another premium living to the “woe is IJN” No surprise really
    Mikasa: It could be made usable but WG refuses to do it
    Indianápolis: Has seen better days and could use help
    Viribus: Lazy balance from WG equals poor performance
    Zepelin Little use and a debacle by all means

  10. Great commentary, thank you. Kinda hurts when you get the Graf Zeppelin and then WoW nerfs it.

  11. I enjoy watching the various contributor’s “best” and “worst” videos. Yours in particular. I like to get the various impressions and play styles from each and compare before deciding to snag one in a sale or w/e. Of course much depends on liking that particular ship and/or it’s primary play style. The best ship in the game will not bring joy to someone who loathes it for one reason or another.

    I’m not inclined to want Yudachi, it doesn’t appeal to me overall.

    U.S.S. Indianapolis, I’m neutral on… I have it, it’s a fairly typical U.S. cruiser at tier, meh…

    Mikasa as a full-on secondary build with at least a 10 point commander? Love it!!! I have fun melting ships and gathering up the medals. But I have a spot for the old, historical behemoths. Same for the Viribus Unitis. I do well in the VU also… I find it a fun ship to play.

    Graf Zeppelin is too much for me to drop the money on for the mediocre CV performance, but I would love to have one decked out as a full-on secondary surface ship just for … and grins.

  12. T-61: Here, let me drive directly in your face when I clearly know you’re shooting at the guy next to the island, while driving in the path of torpedoes.
    >gets teamkilled by the same guy shooting at the Bayern.
    Viribus: …

  13. I love how wargaming releases a ship that has something special about it along with its history, like Texas original AA. Then then after you buy it they screw you over and take away what made it special. This game is starting to get overrated really fast

  14. *claims Mikasa and yudachi to be bad*

    *does everythink wrong you can do*

    10 out of 10

    Edit: *flies into a crowd of AA ships, doesn’t move the cv instantly away from its spawn*

  15. Fun fact: Mikasa has so Manny secondaries some of them are just for show

  16. I’m surprised that neither Yahagi or Genova didn’t get into this “top 5” – I think that Viribus Unitis is (as far as it really should stay in T4) better then these two new premiums…

  17. I’ve been doing quite well with Yudachi. She’s become one of my favorite premium ships. I will admit it took some time for me to figure out how best to operate her.

  18. Its almost like they are still bitter over Tsushima when it comes to adding Japanese ships into the game…

  19. 8:10 hey man hold your fire, you’re uh, you’re DD is coming right at-

    8:12 ?

  20. Marblehead? C’mon that’s a horribad boat.

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