World of Warships- Top 5 Ranked Ships

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys my ship picks for the upcoming season of Ranked, enjoy!

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  1. I came within 40 seconds? Wow.

    Also “That’s what she said”

  2. Im gonna play with Shokaku, Bismarck and Vladivostok.

  3. Let the Ranked emotional breakdowns begin, lol.

  4. id rather take the indomitable than parseval. its absolutely worthless to anyone that has an A or D key

  5. Gonna Run Roma Concealment build, my other T8 us Monarch and it’s crap

  6. Bit surprised tallinn wasnt mentioned in this video, that ship is pretty good

  7. Benjamin Osmanović

    Tallinn , valdivodstok, akizuki, lightning also very strong picks

  8. Take Odin, get Bismarck’s AA and Tirpitz’s torpedoes.

  9. There will be CVs???

    **laughs in USS Alabama**

  10. For me: vladivostok, tallinn, amalfi and lightning in that order. Will try to not play cvs this season because i’m short of credits and buying them is way too expensive for me right now. A little tip man, great videos but STOP SAYING PREMIUM SHIPS ARE BETTER, most of them are just techtree ships with some useless gimmick (only massa does have one usefull) and credit spitting economics

  11. Massachusetts is the only one best ship for RANK in tier VIII.

  12. No Lenin or Vladdy? But Witchita??
    What is this?! A guide to NA ranked?

  13. Cossack, Kidd, Akizuki. The only DDs worth considering. Lightning and Oland are lower options.

  14. Oh, look. 4 out of 5 ships are american…what a surprise……

  15. Indigenous.rabbit

    yes the ”have a coupple of emotional breakdowns” part is so true

  16. Cylon - The Originator

    Probably going to go in with Massa as the main. Wichita is interesting, I have one that was gained recently from a box but never captained it yet, torn between that and silver T8 US CC / CA . Kidd… one, play it like very occasionally but get good results when I do, might just think on that. I tried Lenin in sprint just gone, didn’t do well and was one of two losses in BB’s (Gascogne the other, its a dog) Massa absolutely dominated. My other thought is Hipper, I really play it well and it could hold its own.

  17. I will take the Tallinn, Vladivostok, Chapayev, Bismarck, Baltimore, and maybe the Edinburough. You are getting better. You got the Bismarck. Love winning in a tech tree ship.

  18. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    My Odin is a seasoned fighter now. Looking forward to using it in ranked

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