World of Warships- Top 5 Reasons Why The Game Is Dying

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Hey guys! Today we go over the five most commonly mentioned reasons the game is going the way of the Dodo according to you guys! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
2:27 5.Matchmaking
8:23 4.The Meta
13:12 3.Agressive Monetization
16:56 2.CVs
23:34 Submarines


  1. Man this game brings so many nostalgia but its sad seeing its current state

    • Sadly this is the result of going full pay to win😢😅
      And not even care bout the players that actually play their game..

  2. If i quit this game its because of bad game design.
    Subs are playing a different game than all surface ships.
    Subs are playing a target practice game.
    The surface ships are playing: guess where the sub is.
    Yes you can see the ping, but he can be anywhere in a circle of 20 metres going in any direction.
    They’re frustrating to play against, most of the time all you can do is run away.

    • Absolutely. Unlike CV’s it’s kinda fun to play subs sometimes, but downside is that it’s not fun at all for anyone you play against.

    • Sub ping effect randomness are just dumb, even for sub players the ping indicator is a hindrance than helping.

      For those who don’t play sub, I will explain. When playing sub and do ping, they don’t actually see where the ping indicator is showing from enemy PoV, thus you can’t do anything about it but pray that the ping is on the opposite of where you going.

      The base exp boost is also unnecessarily dumb.

      Most of the frustation about submarine come from german subs, as they provide broken stats for everything submarine needed. Best concealment, best sub radar, high speed, and battery consumables, even their other stats are not so crippling than the other line sub does (US Sub in manouver, UK in health).

      This is what I’ve learned from playing subs from T6 to T10. In short, they’re a mess for just one class. I could go on and on, but that would take an essay.

  3. I had played this game for about 4 years or so, tolerating almost everything that had happened in the game

    The matchmaking was always an issue, especially once you started getting better at the game
    The meta was just something I accepted (plus it was always kinda funny if you played a non-meta ship and got in close to a sniping player, who promptly panics and has no idea what to do)
    The CVs were something that I sort of disliked in the beginning, then outright hated once I got better
    The submarines were the last straw; after their introduction, I slowly faded away from the game and moved over to World of Tanks

    I wonder if the aggressive monetisation is due to a (suspected) drop in the playerbase count so Wargaming are trying to make up for lost profits in a different manner.

    • I actually did the exact opposite with WoT lol : meta is fun to play around especially when you take something like the KV2 (fun tank all around with the derp gun), artas are just more annoying now that they’ve been change and added the stun (although now they can’t one shot you from 3k HP at least), but what broke me where the wheel line, completely powercreeps every single light tank in the game.
      WoWS might not be better but I’m still learning the game so I’m still having decent fun.

      Fak CVs though

  4. XxXThwag DrakeXxX

    If subs had wire guided torpedoes that requires you to ping the whole time before the wire is cut off to get the homing they have right now (and nerfing the guidance to stop working within 0.7 kms regardless) and overall nerfing subs speed + giving most dds a submarine finding hydro would actually balance the game vs subs

    • subs are already quite balanced, you just have to know how to counter them

    • ​@Hughtell me that again when I go to play my many batteries that a full broadside salvo can not kill a sub with correct aiming and can get shotguned by a sub that can invisibly get within 2km of my where it’s basically impossible to dodge his torso in most battleships and cruisers given how fast sub torps and and god forbid they left click on your boat

    • @bacon Bliss you have hydro and spotting aircraft, yes shotgunning is somewhat OP but not that extreme. Try playing a sub and see how quickly you die without a single torp hit, any kind of replay you see with lots of torp hits is usually just lots of skill and allot of luck. Anyhow, i killed plenty of subs, got killed by them many times, but im not crying and leaving the game over it lmao.

    • PickelJars ForHillary

      @Hugh Joined May 19 2023
      WG making accounts again.

  5. You have really helped me get back into this version of the game as I have been away on legends since it released. Loving the content, keep it up!

  6. Currently I think CVs are worse for the game compared to subs simply because of all the spotting they can do. If WG nerfs the spotting that would be a good start to balancing them. For subs the biggest change I would make is that DDs should have a 1-2 km proximity detection at any depth so subs can’t just easily sneak past.

    • For spotting, there just needs to be a time delay before the information is shared with the team. The closer your ship is to the ship that was spotted, the sooner you see the spotted ship. Currently, if a ship is spotted, it is instantly seen from all over the map.

    • @Tony Ennis This is a great idea. Let’s hope WG implements something like this

  7. There were a number of changes that gradually increased by frustration with the game, including non-game play changes like the economic and commander “reworks”. The final nail in the coffin, however, was the submarines. A year and a half ago, I bought the maximum $200 worth of doubloons using the birthday coupon. Six months ago on my birthday, I only bought $50 in doubloons. This upcoming birthday, I plan to spend no money at all. I haven’t stopped playing entirely, but my gameplay has dropped by maybe 90%. Spending money on the game, however, is no longer on the table. I expect my gameplay will gradually trail off until I stop altogether. Given Wargaming’s obvious disdain for its own player base and its aggressive monetization, there is no chance I will ever become involved in another WG “free-to-play” game.

    • Carriers did that for me. I swore off supporting the game with my money. And I’ve done OK. I’ve hoarded collections and containers which could give me a day of premium time so when I need a premium day I can get myself one.

    • right there with you stflaw – subs and the lame changes have pretty much led me to just stop, I still have some prem time and lots of ships, but no more $$$ ever. Done – which is a real bummer. I LOVED this game

    • Puerto Rico dockyard did it for me. Best decision I ever made to walk away.

  8. Spot on Sealord! Fantastic video on everything! Really wish they add more historical ships like Prince of Whales or the Johnston.

  9. I like the idea of making a sub more detectable if it’s doing 30knots at periscope depth or in fact high speed full stop. A subs biggest defence is stealth. Speed = cavitation = noise. The more noisy you are the easier it should be to detected. The skill would be then balancing speed and stealth.

  10. Controversial fix. Give torpedoes an ammo count. U199 had 6 tubes (4+2) and carried 24 torps irl. You can reload in a spawn area or cap your team owns. You could do the same for any other ship. DDs could get to a reload area quickly and cruisers and BBs wouldn’t really care so much as they carried more torps and use them less.

    Subs would still be pretty lethal, but they couldn’t torp spam without regard to ammo consumption.

  11. I actively played the game daily from alpha tests (when those were active) up until 2020. Post CV rework has been a downward spiral with one bad decision after another. Promise after promise broke, and unwanted addition after unwanted addition.

  12. Broccan Mac Ronain

    As a submariner you are correct they are boats. I was one of the ones yearning for the introduction of Subs but not as they are in any of the setups that we have seen so far.

  13. One really big issue is the escalation of damage and power. This makes it very hard for double-uptiered ships to function at all. For a great example, try a New Mexico or Bayern against a tier 8 submarine. You can’t do anything about it.

    • Max upgrade New Mexico and my damage does absolutely nothing against higher ships. Don’t know how much longer can play this game.. very frustrating. Not only that but half my team dies first 5 min of game

  14. While it might not save the game, WG could make a section of the playerbase happy simply by improving/expanding Ops and other PVE options. Asymmetric Battles was a ton of fun, for one.

  15. Great vid and list!!

    On #3

    I notice that console and pc gamers in US and Europe are different than majority of gamers and mobile gamers . We just ignore the stores and mindlessly click x on pop-ups.

    Fun note , Blitz version has CV RTS style but balanced-ish . Ships like Kaga , Enterprise are pure hell to fight if nobody in a AA ship .

    Funny note: War Thunder Mobile dropped and they have Subs in game 😂😂😂

  16. Here’s one for me: the grind / reward ratio. There seems to be an awful lot of grinding for a reward that doesn’t measure up. Like receiving 3.1M potential damage to get 2 expendable camouflages. And we still have to spend credits to use the camos!

  17. I left the game after playing for years and spending way too much money on the game. What did it for me was the continuous power creep of carriers. There was just simply nothing more frustrating that interacting with carriers that could damage you, but you fundamentally could not damage them back. Was killed in many great games as a result of just being harassed by a carrier I had no opportunity to shoot back at.

  18. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    The balance CV might get better balanced with your mentioned change but there remain the surface ship side AA got to be made working for surface ships it’s about a combat game where one side can just liberally hit the other when that other practically had nothing they can hit back

  19. For those who might be wondering, the very first WoW submarines came out in the annual 2018 Halloween special operation.

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