World of Warships- Top 5 Removed Premium Ships

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Hello guys, today we go over my Top 5 Removed Premium Ships list, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 40K Giveaway
1:36 List Intro
2:04 5. Alaska
4:51 4. Smaland
6:54 3. Thunderer
11:08 2. Georgia
13:55 HM: Enterprise
15:47 1. GC


  1. My suggestion for the next top 5: Top 5 extinct ships, ships that used to be popular, but now almost nobody plays them.

  2. I am surprised how many ships I have on this list seeing I only brought the Massachusetts – even then I had two discount codes – I tend to save gold from events, missions, ranked and containers and spend it on dockyard builds – my Puerto Rico was 100% free

  3. Hi slm
    Thank you for the frequent informative and helpful videos. I wanted to ask you to include in your list a review of DD Blyskawica. Also since I still do not have a 21-point commander, I would appreciate if you could eschew the skills up to 21 point level. Best
    ID: Archibald_Haddock
    Server: NA

  4. Back when dead eye was a thing, Georgia with dispersion mod is the peak of credit farming to me.
    I also try to experiment back and forth with reload mod slot back in dead eye patch, and it still work really fine for me.

    Georgia until this day is still the one of my favorite credit farmer for me.
    The ship is basically a package of gimmick, eveything in that ship is gimmick, and they’re the fun.

  5. One we’ll never see – the Kamikaze/Fujin: from a time before the Japanese torpedo nerf – they’re fast, they’re stealthy.
    With all the power creep, I’d support giving the IJN those old torps back!!

  6. Lutjen, Honore, Doe, Halsey and Sansonetti just work on any ship you can think of (Halsey is super good on US tho).
    Kunetsov for Kremlin, Viktor for slow turret traverse ships such as Petro, October Revolution.
    Cunningham for Eagle, Auboyneau for Kleber, Yamamoto for Yamato (free faster turret traverse).

    That should be it.

  7. If you see Kamikaze in enemy roster, you know it’s going to be tough game to win.

  8. GC gets chunked from all angles and can sink very quickly. Once you learn to play it more like a cruiser than a BB, you can have great success with her. Definitely my favorite t5 BB!

  9. Congratulations on 40k. So grateful for your reviews especially when I was just getting into wows. Thank you

  10. I’d like to see a top 5 least played BBs, can be any tier, though I’d be interested to see the VIII – X tier range. Love the videos, watch a couple a week and have been for over a year now.

  11. I got the Kutozov from doing a series of missions. I had no idea how to play it and took it into a run of the Cherry Blossom op (back before the CV rework). My team five starred the op and my only contribution was not dying, so the team got the achievement for every ship surviving. I have improved my skills since then and acquitting myself well in the return of Cherry Blossom.

  12. Would be interesting to look at why WG has left so many lead ships out of the game.

  13. Great video as always, and congrats for 40k subs!!

    I would have included Kamikaze/Kamikaze R/Fujin (45 second stealth torps at t5) and Mikhail Kutuzov (the original long range HE spammer, with smoke) on this list, or at lease as honorable mentions.

    IIRC, Smaland was available for something like 3M FXP. I remember I missed out on her by something like 20k and I’m still salty about it.

  14. if you ever seen the console version of this game the Alaska is very strong it has 32mm bow armor it tanks a lot of damage. the Georgia the console got the high accuracy but your not getting good secondaries or the high speed.

  15. Smaland was removed to make room for split European DD line all with radar above tier VIII 🙂

  16. I think once or twice a year they should allow you buy any of the “mothball fleet ships”

  17. From what I’ve heard from CV players Enterprise is still top 3 in terms of T8 CVs, along with Kaga and Chkalov, though Enterprise has a much higher skill floor compared to those. She’s the only removed ship that I really want, would be fun to have a T8 premium CV with that kind of historical significance.

  18. I remember before Thunderer was split from Conq, *_no-one_* would use the larger guns because of the loss of DPM, but now they’ve split her off, and she doesn’t get the zombie heal, everyone loves her… wtaf?

    Also, I dno how you did this Top 5 without the Jean Bart… She’s definitely one of the better removed premiums…

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