World of Warships- Top 5 Ships For 1v1 Brawls

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Hey guys, the Top 5 videos have returned with my Top 5 picks for the current brawls season, enjoy!

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  1. Would add amagi or Kii to the list as a battleship as they can both brawl good.

    • @AT Pyro Amagi is better than Kii ignoring it having torpedos

    • Fyodor Dostoyevsky

      @AT Pyro kii vs massa ?

    • Kii has torps and pretty good aa, amagi has a turtleback.

    • Ichsbe Stimmtnischt

      amagi is very underrated. many players going against amagi think that their secondarys or their torps will get them the win. but if you get yourself into a kyting position and force the massa, tirpits, or any other ship to chase you, then all the strengths of amagi shine. good torpedo protection, hard hitting guns, good speed and a turtle back. and last but not least, the secondarys of amagi have a high fire chance.
      edit: bonus points if you tell the enemy that you have to play amagi, because it is your only tier 8 😛

    • @Ichsbe Stimmtnischt Yeah true amagis helpful in brawls

  2. being a graf zepp main is quite funny when you have DDs as enemy… i do not recommend any ship with bad AA. Atago for example, she gets killed before i get detected.

  3. Stavros Stamelos

    I Love playing my amagi, being vs a dd, the dd thinking its easy game and rushes me, and the moment he shows broadside for torps, it gets obliterated by 10 HE 410mm rounds

  4. I do not fear he who has played a thousand ships, I fear he who has played one ship a thousand times.

  5. Playing brawls without having any tier 8 BBs, og CVs for that matter, is rough. All you can do is hope that the enemy is a potato!😅

    • Henrik Gerner Hansen

      After 2 days I’ll prefer Hipper class over almost anything else. I struggle with fantasque, Hipper class,n Tirpitz and Odin.. and CVs but the potato, me, are winning way more than I’m loosing.

    • @Henrik Gerner Hansen I’ve only played Tallinn, wich playes similar to Hipper, and a little bit of Cleveland. I’ve won all of my games against DDs, CVs and other cruisers, but if a BB playes well, and just turn away from you, you have no real chance. It’s a bit frustrating!😅 But Brawl is fun anyways.😊

    • Henrik Gerner Hansen

      @Tobias Time Most of the maps got concealment, so you can close to a few km, before you engage. Ells you cap and force them to engage.

  6. Personally I have found the Mainz much better than the Eugen – its DPM and even better AA is much more effective

  7. The French T8 tech line DD is Le Fantasque (Fahn-task – just 2 syllables) not Le Fantastique (Fahn-tas-tik – 3 syllables). There’s no TI before the QUE in her name and the last syllable is simply TASQUE (the QUE is a phonetic equivalent to K here). Both Fantasque and Fantastique are French words that share a Latin root but they mean very different things. A literal translation of the destroyer’s name is The Whimsical One not The Fantastic One. Wikipedia suggests “The Capricious One”. A better translation in the context of the name being attached to a warship would have a vibe along the lines of HMS Capricious or USS Unpredictable. Something like that. There are nuances that get lost in translation. The name evokes erratic and unpredictable behaviour, presumably a nod to the way her agility and speed let her move.

  8. Yeah, I finished the mission with Zeppelin, the secondaries is insane against most ship you meet, planes? no need for planes

  9. Have been kicking CVs and BBs with Richelieu

  10. Fun fact: in reality BBs would win against DDs almost every time, because they can out-spot, out-range and out-shoot them. Most of them also had torpedoes, just for the coup de grace

    • I agree that BBs in real life would win 1 on 1, but it would probably not be through torpedoes, the one torpedo hit I can remember was the Rodney on the Bismark when the Bismark was reduced to a wreck and dead in the water.

    • ​@Will Jolliff By 1942, US BBs began being fitted with the first rudimentary radar systems (ignoring the earlier limited trial systems like the XAF on the BB34 NewYork) and they often broke down – WoWs includes ships from pre WWII eras devoid of ships mounted radar systems.

    • @Will Jolliff I believe BBs did have the advantage. But radar is purely line of sight, and islands would mask the presence of an ambusher.
      You make radar seem like an all knowing magical weapon that eliminated any surprise and tactics against the radar equipped ship. It’s far from reality. Much like the belief that missles and radar in the 60’s negated the need for aerial close combat and guns on fighter jets.
      Look at the second battle of Guadalcanal in WWII at night – the SoDak lost its radar numerous times during the battle. The Washington’s skipper relied on radar, but only for intelligence, scouting, NOT for shooting the guns. Only when the enemy was visible would he fire upon the enemy. And, if a DD could get close enough, the batteries couldn’t depress to target the attacking DD or PT boats.

      Radar was a valuable tool, but new. It did NOT guarantee success, especially in brown water engagements.

    • @T. B. Flowers Perhaps I’m biased by the general lack of radar aboard battleships in WoWs. In certain situations, particularly considering the aptitude of a DD to sit in smoke 8 km away and load up whilst you can do nothing about it, that’s entirely unrealistic.
      In real life ofc it’s a lot harder.

    • Tell that to Hei

  11. “heck If it doesn’t work out, who cares, go back to port and load in again”… probably the best tip in the whole video 😉 have fun all

  12. I got bored of playing tirpitz and switched to cleveland it was pretty fun, the only game i lost was against a massa

  13. Hotel flag on ramming speed! I’m having alot of fun with this, being in a battleship against a destroyer is so stressful though damn metal fish!

  14. Loyang is very effective as well. With her hydro and big, fast reloading guns.

  15. I have been having good success in my Odin. Has decent guns and secondaries, has torps with a better firing arch than Tirpitz and still gets Hydro.

  16. I like the yolo torpedoes of the Terrible. My wins are so quick, I feel like I’m cheating.

  17. I’ve been having a good run in my second-spec Amagi. Managed to battle down a Tirpitz despite eating a torp. In fairness he was HE spamming and i was AP spamming his upper belt.

  18. I once killed a Bismarck in a Charles Martel.

  19. 6:30 Secondary Bismarck coughing from 10,9km away 😀

  20. Been loving using Tallinn recently. DPM suffers a bit but still an enjoyable strong ship

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