World of Warships- Top 5 Ships For Ranked

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Hey guys! Today I have returned from vacation and bring you guys my top 5 picks for this season of ranked, enjoy!

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  1. My Bismarck and Vladivostok are doing quite well

    • 155 bb in que, yesterday …
      I’ll pass on that, wait.

    • Jean-philippe Lefebvre

      Bismarck is such a good ship for t8 ranked.
      4 out 5 MM i get 125k dmg minimum.
      i have master this ship such a long time ago it just go easy. i feel bad for every DD that cross my path

    • @Jean-philippe Lefebvre same situation here m8 ..its so good to put fear of a BB into a DDs

  2. Surprise… a tier 8 ranked toplist and only premium ships…

  3. maybe you should do another video for non-premium ships…

  4. Not everyone has premium ships. Suggest next time do one video for tech tree and one for premium.

    • Bismarck with secondary build, Vladivostok, Amalfi, many others are actually as good as premiums 🙂 would go for the bismarck tho just for the hydro

    • And most dds except chinese

    • Do yourself a favor, don’t choose bismarch!
      This dispersion will let you down a lot of times.

    • If you want a cruiser and do not have a Mainz, Cleveland and Mogami with 155s are pretty good picks I my opinion.
      As a battleship you can pick Bismarck, Vladivostok or Amagi.
      Destroyers… ehh… just do not play them. 😀 There are way to many Carriers.
      In terms of Carriers you can basically pick anyone you have unlocked, but I prefer Shokaku because of the AP bombs.

  5. I took my Massa, found 140 bbs in queue, knew it would be too long wait to use it.
    So I picked Cossack with 19pt captain. 4 hours in, 18 games, 4 defeats, 1 star lost and I was at rank1.

  6. I’ve had a lot of success with Akizuki this season.

  7. Don’t believe him, all German ships are bad. WG is always listening.

  8. Vladivostok is the best for me, ranked out in one afternoon with 3 losses overall

  9. Mario Palencia Gutiérrez

    Let me guess: first is Enterprise.

  10. I’ve been doing really well in my atago and Baltimore; two underrated ships in my opinion

  11. Wow everyone in this comment section is winning all freaking matches, so I’m probably the only one who is losing pratically every game being blocked at rank 7/6, I sometimes hate this game…

  12. “Lenin’s AA is just not good” ???? I seem to shoot down a very large amount of planes with it, having a record of 49

    • depends on the CV and the Lenin has that last mile AA deficiency. I love my Lenin and get a lot of planes too, it’s just not as good as some other ships. nothing major

  13. you pronounce “mainz’ like a more aggressive “mine’s”

  14. I love wrecking shit in my Massa. But, when the queue is too long because everyone else is feeling the same way, I’ve been having a lot of fun burning everything down in my Mogami.

  15. The waiting times on the bbs is too long so I play z23 and Atago and loose my sanity while doing it….

  16. When I play with my lex I never lose in ranked.

  17. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys, I forgot to include the tech line counterpart segment in the video. So here they are!

    5. Lexington
    4. Benson
    3. Baltimore
    2. Bismarck/Tirpitz
    1. North Carolina

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten lol buffalo is a T9

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      cobraorel744 mean Baltimore, curse my brain cells

    • Rather would pick shokaku over Lexington, better Torpedoes, low concealment, AP bombs and higher speed. Also why not akizuki instead of stupid CVs after all lol

    • Alexandre Maximov

      @Narajan Husic “better torpedoes” is debatable. Shokaku might do more dmg per individual torpedoes, but Lexington will do more overall dmg if all 3 of it’s torps hit.

    • USS Yorktown CV-5

      Kaga also is one of the best for ranked because of her large hanger, and the largest attacking flight than any other CV, She has good secondarys also because a friend told me that his kaga’s secondarys destroyed a near full healthed atlanta

  18. I have Bismarck, Richeleu, Amagi, Tallinn, Charles Martell, Cleveland and Baltimore Ready for this Event

  19. Stephan Makintaya

    FYI… the Mainz is pronounced like “Mine” with a “tz” at the end.

  20. It was fun playing with you when you got back!

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