World of Warships- Top 5 Ships For Ranked

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys my picks for upcoming of ranked, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C4

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  1. Wow i’m really early :)) With so many missions and events right now, i have doubts many people will take part in this ranked. I mean i’m still burned out from the previous ranked and the german CV event…

  2. Think this is the first time. I’ve been early to a video hello people who are also early.

  3. This recommend is irrelevant for Asia Server. :v

  4. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    Sea Lord Mountbatten: *Is about to end his vid*
    This 639 hp brindisi about to ricochet a 51cm shell with its 4th turret: Imma stop you right here

  5. Mountbatten wondering how Kusnetzov is pronounced, while murdering every German name 😉 Russian bias confirmed!!

  6. Being Kleber’s sistership, Is Marceau recommend too for Ranked? its basically a kleber with better conceal has def AA fire and colbert guns.

    • i wont play kleber and marceau in ranked, its strong in random but easy dead in ranked because CV everywhere….
      marceau DFAA not gonna help you because your AA is not in same level like as gearing who got +100% continous damage buff and Halland …..

  7. Swedish DD’s because of the good AA and with buffs in reload you will get out torps very fast.
    Gearing: very good consealment, particularly with legendary upgrade and long torps with good damage. Not many players think on the 16.5km torps of the Gearing and she is capable of defend itsself against other destroyers.

  8. Honorable mention for the Halland (AA) and the Des Moines (the ship that can do everything)?

  9. I’ve kinda enjoyed Asymmetrical, it can be hit or miss tho, I’ve had a game where I was bottom slot and we won defeated all the higher slot without losing a single ship on our side.

    That was fun, playing at top can be fun as well tho I feel like we are kinda seal clubbing due to overmatch. Top slot CV’s are pretty much unchallenged and snipe the enemy CV at the start nothing can prevent that.

    I think the least enjoyable match making tho is as top slot (pretty much always BB’s) and the lower slot is flooded with DD’s those games tend to go in their favor as the DD’s are pretty capable of herding all the battleships into a ball than dumping toros from all directions tho the map tends to play a big role in these situations.

    I enjoy it but it tends to be a rather one sided victory one way or another lol. I think the funnest game was like 1 random BB, me, than just Massachusetts.

    I have some complaints in regards to both sides in generally but they are pretty even so I feel it’s somewhat balanced to a degree.

    • I played 1 asymmetrical so far
      picked my kaga and ended up being the only real human player on my team of bots vs 9 real players

  10. Having a blast with asymmetrical battles, eh? I assume you play with lower tier ships, as they are guaranteed to win. Playing t8 is just awful, you get rekt soo quick

    • 18 games with Tirpitz,14 won

    • Nicholas Przeslawski

      @ANUBHAV SHARMA yeah, its not as lopsided. You just need a decent team and not bots.

    • @Nicholas Przeslawski well I carried most on my own getting over five kills
      But then there are games where you do the dmg and team is like nope and takes the kill. I mean I don’t have a problem with that but not being able to defend themselves and taking some other guy’s kill is annoying but not disastrous. Then the four games I lost, which were ironically the ones I had at the beginning becoz of 1000 tokens, I was roffelstomped. My team was quite shit. I also played the Gneisenau and Lyon and a bit of nagato to cool myself down and in tier 6 only things that made me win is warspite, London, T-61, Graf spee, Bayern, Mutsu and Aoba (surprisingly).
      P.S So confirmed, teams always don’t matter, ship, and individual skill does. Let this year end and I’m out for now from WoWs for now

    • Certainly not a guaranteed win but my win rate is a lot high with the lower tier, this makes it more fun for me in the higher tier and more rewarding to win.

  11. Hey Mountbatten, I’ve been watching your videos for a bit and appreciate the work you put into them for the community. Love the new intro but would suggest not using a font that looks like, or is, comic sans! Make it match the tone/theme of warships! Just a suggestion though so do whatever you want man

  12. “Interesting” is a polite way of putting it; probably not even going to try this season (I suck anyway so it’s no big loss to anyone).

  13. SizzleChest McMurphy

    I almost wish I’d spent my coal on the German special captain rather than the Thunderer… Almost.

  14. I disagree with Kleb, she is very powerful but her lack of aa along with awful air detection means its going to be awful playing against cvs

  15. Done playing ranked at CV tiers.

  16. This season gonna be a HE spam party .

  17. Wouldn’t it be grand if there was a Ranked Season that excluded paper ships?

  18. After one month break I opened my Warships account. There was new introducing trailer with battleship and aircraft model. This aircraft was Vought F4 Corsair – famous naval fighter. I just finish assambling of plastic model of this aircraft , ordered in Facebook just for three dollars.

  19. The reason why MvR hasn’t been nerfed yet is because it’s not OP. Disappointing to see you’re another “HUR DUR CVS R OP” CC. Thought you were more nuanced than that..
    The Hak has way more utility than MvR and is far easier to use with much better accuracy and much better plane health. Every skilled CV main I’ve talked to understands this.
    I for one welcome the MvR as it directly shits on the one thing that’s dominated ranked since the dawn of time. Russian ships.
    also wtf you’re recommending the GK and the Stalin right after the recommending the MvR
    nice meme

    • Only reason MvR works is bc Random players dont turn into rockets etc. I hope in higher ranks t10 they do know to turn in, focus AA and stay in groups for a bubble

    • Well it IS an OP ship against russian ship(except petro cuz low profile, but that thing isnt gonna be doing well in competitive anyways) so i guess he’s half right.

  20. What is this :hawk: he keeps referring to in the first part?

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