World of Warships- Top 5 Ships For Ranked

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Hey guys! Today we go over my suggestions for ships for the current ranked season, enjoy!

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  1. In the spirit of Mountbatten, I use full secondary Bismarck, Tirpitz and got to the silver league already.

    • @Wolf Rawrrr try to remain concealed as long as you can, kite through AP fire and try to dodge most HE shells when possible. I know its a hard style to play, but once you do get in range of those secondaries, I promise its a ton of fun!!

    • @Wolf Rawrrr Use the island, they are your best friends

    • Henrik Gerner Hansen

      I dropped bismarck, just because I do not like to sit and wait. Cruisers no waiting time for battle.

    • @Henrik Gerner Hansen sit and wait with a Bismarck or any German BB? You must be doing something wrong then…

    • Henrik Gerner Hansen

      @noob4life1981 i wait for the matchmaker. There are lots of BBs and almost nothing else on the EU server, so i don’t wait and play a cruiser.

  2. “Enterprise is the mos broken premium in the game”
    -Roosvelt: *coughs loudly*

    • Roosevelt is not a premium though so technicaly he is correct, after all its a Reward ship wich only get some of the benefits a full on premium ship gets

    • @Davy Jones Yeah, that must be a work for the Kraken eh?

    • how is anchorage

    • Wg saw colorado and made vermont. Then they saw enterprise and made FDR

    • @landochabod7 But she can permaspot DDs all game long. You simply have a really hard time to get rid of the squadrons spotting you evn in a halland. Midway is better against DDs but less efficient against everthing else. Some top tiers clans like Rain use FDR because it allows them to bully DDs with the spotting, then to take the caps and win.

  3. Your final suggestion to play what you feel comfortable in is rock solid. Honestly, a player who feels at ease in their ship rather than out of sorts because it’s just not a ship they enjoy or play much (but it’s meta) will be a far greater asset simply because their mind will be on the match rather than distracted by little things they aren’t use to with the ship (the guns feel off, the buttons aren’t intuitive for them, the movement’s more sluggish or twitchy than their usual choice, whatever).

    The ship that you do well in and you can focus in will be your best ship.

    • Yes, when I got a rented Massa. I feel this ship wasn’t fit for me (Eventhough i really want this ship badly), its doesnt have quite good armor for tanking (Not like Tirpitz/Bismarck), but damn her Secondaries are satisfying to watch.

    • Indeed. I did quite well for a while in the Richelieu not because it’s meta, but because I’m confident in it and know how to use it. Currently just playing Odin, same reasons, though I miss the 10k HP WG took away before it even released every time I have to fight a Mass!

    • I’m the mad lad who brings a Mogami 155mm with ifhe and I haven’t lost a round in it yet

    • @Azra valencia the Massa gives up a little of that tanking armor to get those laser accurate secondaries compared to the Germans. Just don’t underestimate the Massa though, through her faster reload on both repair and healing parties, it can truly be a force to be reckoned with.

      P.S.: I have Bismarck, Odin, Derpitz and Massa, so I can compare the lot of them 😁

    • @noob4life1981 Well, to be fair i really love her. I mean she’s one of my fav premiums. But her playsyle still ehhh, maybe im still not used to it.

  4. I feel good in Orkan and Odin and this is what I bring.

  5. I ranked out with only 1 loss in Cleveland and Le Fantastique.😃

  6. I feel good in Lexington and Cleveland

  7. Bismarck and Oland are quite good

  8. “It’s like a hipper but good”. Best quote of the video.

  9. Cant agree more with number 1 – WOW is great in the fact we all perform differently in different ships as we all have our own playstyles and tactics!

  10. I like the “Bring It!!!” attitude, well done.

    To Everyone: Bring It!

  11. Merry Christmas! Nice suggestions.

  12. My favourite is”Friendship”, beats all other at any tier 😉

  13. Thanks for this years uploads, they’ve been great. Have a fab holiday, stay safe, I look forward to you’re future content. Merry Christmas.

  14. When you’re comfortable in Prinz Eugen

  15. IFHE mogami, DPM monster with 0 AA though.

  16. I’m ok with the Big E being a monster considering her service history IRL. great content all year sea lord. Happy holidays

  17. Imagine recommending Parseval over Lex and Shok in a format that is all about DD murder

  18. BreadMan with coffee

    Everyone gangster until a krasny krym shows up gun blazing

  19. I think the word you were looking for is “convoluted”

  20. The fact that WG decided to release a ship called “Lenin” is insane.

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