World of Warships- Top 5 Ships For Ranked

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Hey guys, today I go over my Top 5 picks for this round of ranked, enjoy!

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  1. Amadeo Komnenus

    Just keep rinsing and repeating this formula. No need for anything fancy
    Bronze: Sinop
    Qualifier: Kitakaze

  2. Atlanta all the way. But kinda too sweaty

  3. Having a blast with Hyuga

  4. for T7 I will go with the Fiji, always an overpeformer in T7 ranked.

  5. Finally qualified for silver league and did it all in nagato, finally realized how many different angles I can get citadelled from

    • I kinda went through this with hipper/ roon
      Sometimes you’ll stop Yamato shells in their tracks, others you wrecked by a French bb shooting your nose

    • Brave soul. I think like one out of 8 times I won with the Negato. Had to switch to Myoko and Shia.

  6. Got to rank 1 with Nelson. Saved like 5 or 6 stars with her. With some Indianapolis for DD bullying for relax on “unloseable ranks” ranked with missu for qualifier. And we will see in silver what’s up.

  7. Sinop, Belfast, Haida at t7 are just too good

  8. Just finished Bronze with Scharnhorst and it worked really well for me. Haida worked out well as well.

  9. I found the Ashitaka to be very strong in these smaller ranked maps.

    • Yeah so true the ashitaka is just chief kiss for rank I think its better than the hyuga but I can be wrong my opinion of course

    • @Harry Tyson plus the guns are so dam inaccurate. It has good armor and torps but my god is it frustrating to shoot with.

    • @Robert Andrews you might be thinking of the kii ashitaka has no torps… aim at the upper belt instead of the waterline for better chances of pens/citadels

    • @Harry Tyson no the gneiseneu

    • @Robert Andrews oh yeah my bad… and the armor isn’t even that great against sinop/ashitaka

  10. Even tho im not yet able to rank up to silver league, I really do have decent battles in my T-61

  11. I would also add Nagato. It hits like a truck, has good accuracy and can brutally blap any ship on t7.
    Same goes for Lyon. 25k dmg volley was not that rare thing. Or deleting t6 dd with HE with one salvo.

  12. Sriram Bharadhwaj

    I personally find King George V to be very Effective in ranked too, except for questionable Armor, its he is too good to pass

  13. What was the Atlanta doing in that first game? He has 4km torps & I assumed he was going for a torp drop but no torps??

    • He probably already launched from that side and didnt check they were reloaded before making the run. I’ve definitely never done that myself ever.

  14. You should have put out a vid today for T6-7 recommendations, tomorrow a T8-9 and day after tomorrow a T10 ones.

    I agree that Gneisenau is one the best T7 BBs out there along with Sinop, and KGV

  15. This is a bit messy, mixing all the tiers. I would have liked to see a top 5 for each league separately. Also, no Alaska or Musashi? They are basically T10 ships with T9 labels.

  16. “Quirks and features”

    Doug Demuro style reviews on ships when?

  17. Sardauker Legion

    I’m not at your level, but for me the Gneisenau is a specialized BB hunter. Scharnhorst is more multi role, able to devastate cruisers and destroyers with less overpens/ricos

  18. My ship picks for this season has been Boise, Nelson, Sims, Algerié, and occasionally Lyon and Strasbourg.

  19. AA on any ship, currently in the game:

  20. I thought this was gonna be all t7 ships because let’s be real, everyone knows about pommern and petro. Except this one nc player in random who didn’t know it had fish.

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