World of Warships- Top 5 Ships For Ranked

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With ranked being pushed to Tier VII, I bring you guys my choices for this upcoming ranked season, again this is all my opinion, enjoy! (And no they are not in any specific order).

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  1. Flint doesn’t get smoke and radar. Just the smoke.

  2. Antoine Duhautois

    The most consistent choices to have a good winrate will be sinOp and Belfast

  3. Can you make a non-premium List too, because a lot of the mentioned ships were premium.

    • @Evangeline Anovilis i see your point now. I haven’t gotten much into ranked myself due it being mainly in T10 the last few months so I wasn’t looking at it that way.

      I’m not entirely sure whether the Schors really needs the IFHE skill after the rework though. Tested my Chappy earlier tonight and it still did fine without the IFHE skill.

      But yeah, if you want a cruiser that can tank and take some beatings, I’d guess the best choice would be the Yorck.

      Myoko is good, but it feels more like a kiting ship than a tanking one. But that might just be a feeling I get with her.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      @noob4life1981 Chapayev is a T8 cruiser and gets 30 mm base pen, Shchors gets 25 mm. Shchors will not hurt any T7 BB except for fires and hit on the superstructure. Given in T7 ranked half the team is BBs, trying to just farm fires is pretty iffy, because at that point you really have the lowest influence on winning the match possible.

    • @Evangeline Anovilis aren’t the guns of the Chappy and the Schors of the same caliber? Thought that didn’t change until the Moskva?

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      @noob4life1981 Same caliber, but wG with IFHE rework made it so 152-155 at T7 and lower pen 1/6th of their caliber, at high tiers they pen 1/5th.

    • @Evangeline Anovilis ah I see… well, that truly sucks for anything below T8… Guess I don’t have to rebuy the Schors for a while if that’s the case.

      Thanks for clearing it out!

  4. Nelson gonna be mine best friend this ranked =)

  5. I think we’ll see a few Haidas and Z-39s as well. They both have that carry potential. Maybe Akatsuki? The 3×3 10km launchers with a pretty fast reload are nice, even with 6.4km maximum concealment. There’s also Indianapolis. 10km radar at tier 7 plus accurate 8 inch American guns. I think that will be the Belfast counter right there.

  6. Hood might be a bit of a dark horse; she’s good when equal tier, has some nasty guns and decent armour.

    Plus, speed is armour right?

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      Hood is solid. Would rate higher than Nagato and Colorado, but unlike Gneisenau it has to mind its distance and thus can less into high impact play where you might just blitzkrieg into an enemy force. The Hood for a BB is ok, but it needs time to work. Time it might not have. But same is for Nagato and Colorado.

    • Matthew Ovens ye, she is my go-to tier 7 (even when I have Nelson, Sharnhorst.)

    • Prisoner of the Highway

      Hoods Armor and speed make her one of the best kiting BBs in the game. Lolorado is more of an ambush predator. I’ve got 2/3 of my First Blood/Dev Strike awards from her.

  7. Why do people keep saying Helena gets radar? The other day I got made fun off because I ‘forgot’ to use my radar! SHE DOESN’T HAVE ANY! Maybe people are thinking of her T8 sister the Cleveland? Or because she does have hydro?

  8. Moving on now to number 4, errrrrrrrr that’s 3. Flint doesn’t have radar either, it has hydro.
    Omfg Helena doesn’t have radar either. The only tier 7 ships with radar are the Atlanta and Indianapolis and Belfast.
    Also here is the correct information in regards to Nikolay Kuznetzov:
    The Concealed Reserves talent grants +1 charge to each mounted consumable upon earning the “First Blood” achievement.

    Will to Victory talent: Once per battle, if his ship’s HP drops below 10%, the following activate for 30 seconds:
    “Damage control party” effect is applied
    (no consumable charge expended)
    “Repair party” regenerates up to 7.5% HP
    (no consumable charge expended)
    Dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at his ship increases by 20%.

  9. Nice vid Sea Lord. I will be using my Indianapolis and Nueve De Julio.

  10. Belfast doesn’t have 127s man, it’s got 152s…

  11. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Flint and Helena do not get radar, my apologies, like I said, I do not know my cruisers that well :p

  12. May I introduce you to that nasty thing which comes with the name of “Ashitaka”, sporting 10 16″ guns long range, badass HC, 30 knots, big heath pool and which limits are largely mitigated when not uptiered (and with no Carriers too!)

  13. Not to worry, even without IFHE, Belfast and Flint pack enough DPM to burn everything, even the mighty Sinop. What I’ve seen, especially when top tiered, Flint and Belfast due to their reputation have this thing on making ships not pushing the cap zone, with enemies rather abandoning and trying their best in running, I’m 85% sure that the same thing will happen in ranked. T7 ships can’t do much to a smoke spammer, especially if he has good spotting.

  14. Anyone else confused with this T7 ranked when the 0.93 patch notes says Ranked is going to be on T9 and T10 with Arms Race in 12 v 12???

  15. HEL’ eh—neh, not He- LAY’- neh. Like the name Helen. Like Des Moines and Worcester, follow the city pronunciations (we Montanans are sensitive creatures).

  16. The Nelson is a baby Thunderer. The Nelson’s HE has a 48% chance of starting a fire and will penetrate 101 mm of armor. While it was still allowed, I played the Nelson with a commander with the IFHE skill, so the chance of starting a fire was still 46%, but the pen was 131 mm. Those days are over, but the Nelson is still able to start a fire on a cruiser, with a citadel hit.

    I do not expect there to be any European DDs in ranked battles, as the tier VII Skane only excels at shooting down aircraft. The simplest way to describe the Euro DDs from tier V and up is take the French DD of the same tier, improve the AA by a lot, while reducing survivability, artillery, and torpedo strength. I really wanted to like the new Euro DDs, and they are an interesting challenge to play, but they cannot be both competitive and aggressive. The Skane might get a modicum of success by using the long range of its torpedoes (7.2 km against a 30 knot ship running directly away from the launcher), the number of hits needed to sink anything will make this an exercise for the very patient. The big problem with the Skane is that even an Atlanta can still be afloat after being hit with only 4 torpedoes from the Skane and no BB is going to be sunk with less than eight hits. The French tier VII DD Vauquelin, can come round a headland, send three torpedoes at a cruiser, six torpedoes at the BB that was with the cruiser, and sink BOTH. The DDs of other nations can surprise a pair of cruisers. The Skane can stealth torpedo cripples.

    [tangent] One of the fun things about the French ships is that there may be an odd distinction between ships that served in the Mediterranean Sea and those that were intended for Atlantic service– park benches! Many, but not all, french ships have pleasant looking benches on the main deck where an off-duty crewman might have a pleasant sit down.[/tangent]

  17. OR you could troll the potatoes that’ll be in a T7 ranked and take Lazo. Railgun enemies from the moon and likely put up top dmg while listening to your clueless team mates tell you to play the ship in a way it wasn’t designed and be closer so you can die as swiftly as they will by their own poor decisions.

  18. Do not sleep on the Z-39 (serious cap bully), TRB Shiratsuyu (torp spammer, massive area denial) or Fiji (almost as good as belfast) or Haida (best concealment)…..

  19. Here’s me getting ready with my Sims and Haida 😀

  20. when saying gneisenau you dont need to emphasize the G, just like in gnaw..You dont say G naw.

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