World of Warships- Top 5 Ships That Aged Like Fine Wine

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Hey guys! Today we go over five ships that have aged much more gracefully than most others! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:02 5. Hindenburg
4:22 4. Montana
8:23 3. Izumo
11:28 2. Fletcher (Black Stand in)
13:29 1. Warspite


  1. Agree 100% on the Hindy! Still a ton of fun

  2. I’d have put the Atago #1, which I don’t think has received any specific buffs or nerfs in far longer than even ships like the Izumo or Monty but still more than holds her own while also never being oppressive and needing nerfs / removal.

  3. Moon Cricket Stinks

    I would only add Atago to the list. One of the first premium ships, and replacement to Kitakami, yet still remains as a near perfect high risk/reward cruiser.

    • High risk? You have excellent concealment and heal, what risk are you referring to? Overmatch? Then every, cruiser would be a high ri….Nevermind 😂

    • Yeah I dont understand how you got high risk from considering shes got a very good armor scheme + decent range + heal. High risk ship at t8 would be like radar Edinburgh or radar Hsienyang, any ship that trades smoke for radar.

    • agreed! Atago is still one of best buys in the game. still very relevant. can hold its own and handles most situations very well.

  4. As a Montana main, I approve of her placement here.

    Also, that Cachalot’s name at 14:38 had me dying 😂

  5. I would add Leander to this list. She’s quite old now, although no where near as old as some on this list, but she manages to stay relevant no matter how much the game moves along. Not only that, but she resists power creep despite WG constantly bonking her with the Nerf Hammer and whenever Clan Battles involved T6, she is always on the restricted list, which is usually a list containing ships that are excessively powerful.

  6. I’ve always liked your stuff, Mountbatton, but this list was so right on! Warspite is a gem at tier 6!

  7. I played DM and Monty yesterday, and thy both are so fun to play, both solid ships that feel really good.

  8. The Arkansas and Nikolai are definitely up there if tier/premium aren’t a factor.

  9. With regard to the Fletcher class, my complaint is on the black in that they replace those horribly slow torpedoes to the standard Fletcher class torpedo. The black even though she has radar, many ships have radar now so it’s not the enigma that it once was. Nowadays those torpedoes are pretty useless even though they do hit very hard when you get a luck shot once in a while.

  10. Norca, Iowa, Monty are excellent BBs. Their AP slaps harrrrd, their HE is better than most BB HE and viable due to the caliber, they can be ridicolously tanky with the right build, very consistent and thx to their 10km ASW they are a very relaxed midrange, high impact BB pack. Love them!

  11. I love the warspite the only thing I wish they would’ve done with the ship is seeing as it has the world record for the longest artillery hit on a moving vessel at 24km it would’ve been cool if they had made her a long range sniper with like a 20+ kilometre range but oh well it’s a great ship regardless

  12. I was guessing that Yamato would have been on here, along with Atago. Both have been in game forever, and still are quite good.

  13. It took me forever to finally grind up to fletcher, and I have to say it is a great all around boat.

  14. 5: Hindenburg. Solid ship from the jump.
    4: Kitakazi. Just plain mean.
    3: Atago. Fights when and if it wants to fight.
    2: Warspite. As Sea Lord commented.
    1: Kamakazi,(Fujin). Stilll the most OP torp boat you can possibly have in your fleet.
    Thanks for the Video Sea Lord! they are a daily staple.

  15. Izumo was horrendous when I first played it during the closed beta, but successive buffs have turned it into what is probably the best T9 tech line battleship. It is a very fun ship to play now, and the guns are exceptionally good.

  16. Agree with you on the Izumo. I was grinding through her and got to the Yamamoto just as they buffed her. She was an enormous drag to grind.

  17. I’m so happy you mentioned the USS Johnston.
    That really needed to be a premium destroyer ever since people somewhat recently found the shipwreck and stories began to spread more what she was known for.
    Is it necessary for Wargaming to add since we already have several Fletcher variants in the game? Not really, but it would be a beautiful thing if Wargaming did it.

  18. Warspite was one of the first premiums. She came out in beta.

  19. I think I would say my five that have stayed good (in no particular order): Kongo, Atago, Yamato, Hindi and Fletcher.

  20. Nathan the Commissar

    Good list! I would add Amagi, Grozovoi, Seattle, and Moskva to the list among some others. I love the inclusion of Warspite at tier 6.

    Also apparently, I was the Worcester in the game during the Izumo segment

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