World of Warships- Top 5 Ships That Aged Like Milk

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Hey guys! Today we go over 5 ships that have aged like absolute milk, enjoy!

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0:00 Intro
0:50 5. Japanese Cruisers
4:43 4. Graf Spee
8:22 3. Missouri
12:25 2. California
14:46 1. Graf Zeppelin


  1. I have experienced the pain playing the California as I have the Japanese and pan-Asian Cruiser lines. An absolutely horrid grind to say the least. The Missouri, Graf spee and the Zeppelin I have not yet had the pleasure to play, but they are on my to-do list.

  2. I was hoping you would say Blyskawica, as it was one of the first premium ships. It has been long forgotten, so long in fact that even you failed to mention it 🙁

  3. wait wait graf spee? Graf Spee is amazing, it even gets put on the permanent ban list before tier 6 brawls or cbs etc. It can overmatch & citadel most cruisers at its tier through the nose.

  4. Completely off this topic. An evaluation of La Argentina would be nice. I find this a great ship T tier V. Heal, 8km torps, audio, flight with depth charges and decent guns. I sometimes play this ship in random the way I do in coop and that sometimes works nicely as it surprises the other players.

  5. Per Hentze Petersen

    I agree with the California. That ship is so hard to play that it is beyond imagination: She is SLOW in any sense of the word. (The reload take´s ages…..) Probably the most difficult ship to play in the game. If they buffed her a lot, she would be more than a handful for any opponent.

  6. The anti-air monster Kutusov? 🤔🤔
    Now a flight control tower on an average cruiser

  7. kyle pennypacker

    To fix the Japanese cruisers, I would give every ship from Myoko up a british light cruiser heal, maybe a tad nerfed but they would benefit from specialized repair teams. Next, wiggle torps, with the Japanese light cruisers getting the wiggle torp mechanic, the heavies really need them. A slight range buff could benefit them, but I’m not too sold on that, but a reload buff would be nice, maybe down to like 13 seconds base would benefit them greatly.

    • IJN heavies don’t need all that BS gimmick stuff. What they could use are better torp and gun angles, maybe slightly better turret traverse and a bit more range, and that’s it

    • @Stefano Crosazzo also either up the thickness of the armor belt to 32mm so that it can kite 457mm BBs without getting overmatched from every single angle, or up the citadel armor to des moines level to compensate for it, as it is, zao is overmatchable everywhere and the citadel armor is a joke, Des Moines is also overmatchable but at least has some citadel armor thickness to compensate, plus des moines can hug islands to eliminate that weakness, Zao doesn’t have that luxury

    • @Tykne yep, back in the day Zao was special due to 30mm that was untouchable for any BB but Yammy. Making it 32 would bring back that tanky flavour. Honestly though I think what Zao desperately needs is HP pool in line with the rest of T10 CAs and especially better turret angles. It’s so easy to get clapped if you want to use all your turrets.

  8. James Boot-Marshall

    The Graf Spee was the first ship I ever bought with money on this game, I loved the idea of having battleship guns on a cruiser. I agree with what you’re saying; I do however still enjoy rolling her out when playing with some of my friends who are not as spend heavy as I am! great vid as always 🙂

  9. You nailed most of these ships my friend good job. The Graff should be parked at Montevideo lol. It would help all German CVs if WG would issue a couple of Unique or Seasoned commanders which beef up the plane health. I can recall playing against the Zao in the early days and it was a terror to play against. I thought even as a player who seldom plays cruisers, i must get that ship but i never did as there were too many others i wanted first. The Missouri i always wanted but WG protects access to that ship like its gold. If they really want to make money sometimes their thinking mystifies me. Hello WG what about the Wisconsin and New Jersey!!

  10. I was hoping for Texas. From untouchable AA to they never fire because of range mod being removed

  11. Zao also had the stealth firing which was rough to deal with in the beginning. What fun that was to deal with.

    • strategicperson95

      Stealth firing was soo fun/s

      Loved getting chased down by a DD firing its main guns at you buy couldn’t see.

  12. TheGuardianofAzarath

    The Atlanta and flint definitely belong on this list. Can’t remember the last time i saw an Atlanta that wasn’t a bot. And yes, Blyska, with the removal of stealth-firing, that ship lost it’s main selling point.

  13. …been saying it for a long time, the poor Graf Spee got hammered with the Meta and is still getting pummeled with all the new ships coming out, it def needs a lot of help. I think if they boosted the reload times and tightened the dispersion a little it would help a ton and a slight speed increase. Especially since it sees tier 8’s where it has a slim chance to do much to anyone…

  14. I swear that the OG Missouri economy was nerfed. I have an OG MO and it’s not the credit printer it once was. KII with the kobyoshi camo is a better option.

  15. The thing with IJN cruisers is that most people have never understood to play them to their strengths, ever.
    They are made to be hunted. Kiting away from enemies pushing I while spamming he and backwards angeled torps going in and out of detection.

    The mindset “I have to show my entire broadside to shoot the torps” alone speaks volumes.

    • For the Ibuki that is true. However the Zao’s torpedo angles are truly bad, as they don’t extend as far back as the Ibuki’s.

    • @David the torps on Zao are a nice gimmick but u should play around them. I play both Zao and Yodo with an range and roudershift build and it works the best on 12 to 20 km at least for me.

  16. When they put the german battlecruiser BB line into the game, they “fixed” Graf Spees dispersion by mistake, for over a month it had a dispersion like Siegfried at 16km. But no one noticed it because no one played and i had games with 2-3 deathstrikes because of 3-4 citas on cruisers and an average dmg of 150k. Those were good times.

  17. I love the Zao, but god forbid you forget to turn, like, constantly – one salvo and you’re at half health or worse.

  18. f u google no real name

    I think zao was my first tier 10 ship back in 2016. I loved it. I went on hiatus for four years and come back to the shell of its former glory😂

  19. Give Zao the same deck armor as Atago (40mm) and improve the rear angles for the torps and she’d be g2g IMO.

    Buffing the deck armor on Ibuki to 32mm or more would help as well.

  20. Broccan Mac Ronain

    I think one thing they need to add to the Spee is a spotting aircraft like the real one did. She is a commerce raider so she needed her spotter to find targets. And whatever happened to the idea that she was supposed to outrun anything she could not outfight and outfight everything she could not outrun. Not in this game. The Blyskawica has not aged well either.

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