World of Warships- Top 5 Ships That Need Buffs

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys a list of 5 ships that sorely need a little bit of love and attention from WG. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Totally agree and for the Texas she should be the no fly zone I believe she was. In fact, there should be more ships like that, that when you get fed up getting dumped by CV’s you should be able to select a ship that is immune to strikes and make CV’s avoid completely. All other classes have that. You don’t go near a radar cruiser in a DD. You don’t go near an angry Smolensk smoke screen in a BB, as a cruiser you run away from a charging Schlieffen. CV’s should have the wquivalent ships that they simply don’t go near if they want to have planes left. Not even Kidd or Halland are immune to strikes and they should be.

    • Remember Hood. She needs her air mines back. Yes you couldn’t help your team, but any CV striking you whilst you have de AA available regretted it.

    • Yeah, thats thing though, the current AA system is HIGHLY Flawed. If most of your AA is “short range” (for example alot of the US AA is short ranged and mid ranged, while their long range does LESS then 100 damage) your AA is USELESS unless your getting dive bombed or level bombed. The AA zones that matter (to most people) are LONG RANGE and MID RANGE. Also the Hit percentage stat REALLY is just a “fuck you” stat cus it lowers your already LOW aa damage by a % (IE if you have 50% hit rate you only deal HALF your displayed AA damage).

      Specing into AA and taking DEF AA helps but unless you have decent damage across all your AA zones OR GOOD FLAK and NUMBER OF FLAK , don’t expect miracles.

  2. Yukikaze, she should be given great maneuverability, or French damage saturation. She was the only ship of her class to survive the war, and one of 3 destroyer built before the war that survived. She participated in almost every major engagement the Japanese navy did.

    • All I am saying is what the guy is saying is what everyone said before CV and Subs. But now they realized they were more balanced and hate those classes now lol

  3. What I want to see is some more scenarios, so I can play my tier 7s more and one or 2 for my tier 8’s

  4. Bismarck is one of the most well known ships in history yet it remains one of the most neglected ones in the game.
    It is easy to fuck over when you sit in a T10 BB.
    It has barely any redeeming qualities since 90% of the time you get uptiered, all i want for this thing is a BIG buff in accuracy because despite the “buff” it got some year back the dispersion is still so so so so so freaking garbage…

    • My brother in christ. Every well known ship in history is neglected. All stuck in fkn tier 8. And with the shitty matchmaking they get blapped into oblivion. Specially enterprise. Good fucking luck having planes if you land in t10 games.

  5. im currently taking a break from the game, one reason is the sniper bb meta. i really really liked to play BBs with a lot of shells coming out at once.
    I liked to play the French and the italians because the great number of barrels, but they are hard to play in a sniper meta. You are countered bevor you can even get to the point where skill comes into play and then it feels like its lost in selection.

  6. I use to love the pre nerf GZ after the rework Rocket/DB was utter trash still back then but if you built around the TB’s you had some useful planes to go along with the lol secondary meme builds. I do not see why WG was like time to nerf her in to the ground time and time again when she was the worst T8 CV it felt like every nerf was just done to target the GZ dispite all the other T8’s been a lot better.

  7. I think Marlborough needs some love. Whether it’s a super heal, better accuracy or better firing angles. It just needs something.

    • Wargaming would sooner make a sister ship to Marlboro with better firing angles rather that re-edit an existing model.

  8. Hmmm, my list:

    Tiger ’59 (absolute garbage)
    Graf Zeppelin (has been nerfed into the ground, even after it had stopped being broken)
    Pommern (the dispersion and sigma need to be tweaked upward when I can miss 11/12 shots at a broad siding cruiser at 5km)
    Flint (commander rework gutted her range with a pittance put back, plus she has less range than her sister Atlanta with identical guns on the identical hull)
    Viribus Unitus (there is literally nothing good about this ship, the dispersion and sigma are garbage especially considering how undersized they are for T5, and her armor/HP are a joke, even with the 1/4 icebreaker bow)

    Aaaand, 2/5, I’ll take ut

  9. Actually Tiger59 has the special German heavy DD line accuracy, unlike the minotaur.
    This absolutely makes up for the rest of the missing firepower /s

  10. Bismarck should definitely have a quicker reload rate because in game its a second slower than it was actually in real life

  11. A lot of these tweaks could be unnecessary if they simply did +-1 mm like console has had since launch. Would solve so so many issues

  12. woutervanheusden

    I really like tiger and find it quite effective so seeing people call it underpowered is nice, hope it will be buffed so it can become even more effective

  13. I think it would be cool to have a video (or several) going over something like 5 ships from each tier which need buffs

  14. Back in the day, as she was what she was, i loved Texas! She was literally a No-Fly-Zone!
    Along with all other US BBs up from T8.

  15. If I remember correctly, I read some document few years ago, before WW2 Nagato is the most accurate ship in Japanese navy, she has a 8 guns salvo 93meter dispersion at a certain ranger while Bismarck in test has a single gun dispersion of 103 meters at similar range, so in accuracy Bismarck is not much behind the world famous accurate Japanese gunnery.

  16. Not to mention its aa is all short range and has no range. Texas needs a buff to its aa range so it is actually useable over new york again.

  17. Gascan needs love. It was hurting by the armor pen of secondaries being nerfed, but now with Flandre there’s no reason to play the old guy. Also agree with ships listed.

  18. stalkingtiger777

    My Atlanta would like to get it’s AA back as well. Also the Alpha strike and overmatch in this game has gotten to a point where Atlanta’s HP is a real problem as well. San Diego will basically be almost useless at tier 8.

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