World of Warships- Top 5 Ships To Avoid Like The Plague

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Hey guys! Today we go over five tech lines that I highly recommend avoiding until you must! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:24 5. IJN CAs
4:28 4. German CAs
7:50 3. German BBs
11:40 2. Dutch CAs
14:14 1. Italian BBs


  1. Heya sealord, I’d be interested to see a video about ships you should avoid in game whilst playing certain ships. For example Austin doesn’t want to go near yamato because of the overmatchable citadel. Just a thought I had after reading the title.
    love the channel, keep up the great work

  2. Shows you how this games been powercrept cause at one time I thought the German CA line was great.

    • German cruisers are still my main. Hipper is my favorite t8 cruiser. Difficult to hurt, great armor, great guns and deadly close range torps.

    • @oneangrycanadian6205

      This was the first line I ground through and still love it

    • At least up through tier 8 they are. Roon(9) and Hindenburg(10) are pretty bad.

    • U guys smokin someth8n here clearly fact is they suck all except t9 roon and 10 hindenburg rest are trash thx to no heal

    • @@mertc8050 Roon? Up until this latest patch, it actually had *less* damage on its AP than the Hipper, along with two less torpedo banks. I hate to break this to you, but almost all of the cruiser tech lines lack heal.

  3. Bro the Italian bbs are the best, I just got Columbo, and the Doria and the v.v is so fun, all my ranked battles records are in it.

  4. the preussen is an amazing ship

  5. @ashleighelizabeth5916

    Lines I wish that I didn’t have to play and never want to grind again:

    1. Italian DDs. OMG lack of range, slow loading guns, very middle of the pack concealment and bizarre reload boost makes these things a pill to play.
    2. Italian BBs, honestly I could include all three Italian tech lines but the battleships are far worse than the cruisers. Dispersion and range are such a joke and the smoke is worthless if you use your guns because of bloom but if you don’t your secondaries can’t pen shit even if you take IFHE. Oh and the armor is soft too.
    3. Pan Am cruisers, lack of HE makes it nearly impossible to damage anything heavier than a light cruiser and even those can be a challenge if the captain knows how to angle, larger than normal heal doesn’t make up for the smoke gen that the Brit light cruisers get (the only other all AP cruisers in the game).
    4.British BBs, make this list because of two ships in particular Monarch and Lion two of the most frustrating battleships in the game with their lack of armor, lack of range and lack of AP pen these ships are useless as anything but a second line support battleship.
    5. European DDs, up until the tier 9 and 10 these ships are hot garbage. Lack of torp damage, lack of smoke, lack of quick firing guns and DPM and the tiny little sliver of heal they get doesn’t make up for any of that. There’s a reason we don’t see a mountain of these in ranked and random battles until you get to the tier 9… maybe tier 8 level.

    • 1) They are meant to be played like mini Paolo Emilios. Get close to the enemy > Speed Boost + Smoke > Torp from point blank range > If enemy not dead use your guns to finish him off > Wait for cooldown to reset and do it all over again.
      2) Because they are mid range battleships and should be played accordingly. Trying to hit stuff at max range with that dispersion is indeed a pain, but you’re not supposed to do that. Also, smoke is for either closing the distance or for running away. You are NOT supposed to fire your main guns while in smoke (secondaries are ok though) or you will waste it.
      3) From my experience you can still do pretty decent damage as long as you aim for superstructure above deck.
      4) Because they are second line support battleships. They lack the armor and the secondary power to brawl, so close range engagements are a no go. Just sit on the back and spam HE until your enemy burns.
      5) On this one, i can’t say anything. Haven’t played them much yet.

    • This one is more accurate than that in the video…

    • @@SirAlric82 you can’t do that to BB’s because you don’t have Paolo Emilio torp power, so good luck finishing off a 20k BB with guns when you are next to him.

    • I disagree with the British Battleships, I do hate the Monarch buts that’s mainly because it’s arguably a downgrade from the KG, but it still gets the job done. Just nothing spectacular. Lion is also good enough for the job, but like many tier 9s suffers from up tiered cvs and subs

    • Most of the ships you mentioned just got significant Buffs. Italian BBs are deadly now, you just can’t play them from the back of the map. Italian DDs hot a lot of range and are now comfortable farmers with their sap. I do agree completely about the British BBs… That grind was hot garbage, but the t10 is super nice.

  6. The italian and german bb’s are my best tech tree.

  7. I always regrind battleship lines because I’m not particularly good at the other classes and don’t enjoy them. I know it’s more xp and credits, but if I’m not having fun, what’s the point? I actually don’t think the Italian battleships are that bad.

  8. I finished Jpn CAs last, because they have good high tier premiums: Atago, Azuma, Yoshino.
    Italian BBs: Take the Lauria, and you don’t need Colombo.

    • Because they are old ,standard CA and did not have much gimmick

      But I suggest grind through for those very standard 203mm gun CA which teach lots of basic things

      Then play those mega cruiser / ship with funny button

    • Imagine calling Azuma and Yoshino good ships LOL

    • @@Zeka_GGWP Years ago. And still better then Izumo or Zao.

    • ​@@sardaukerlegion that all depends on the player. Zao is an absolute fragile beast. My Zao with 92 games has a 75% WR and 113k average dmg and 2.2k PR. Yoshino on the other hand I struggle to break 53% WR.

  9. Hey, the Nuremberg is a fantastic ship… as long as you’re not being shot at.

  10. Italian BBs arr awesome. With the recent buffs aswell the damage you can do with the SAP is insane. And not to mention the AP also hurts like hell if you decide to use it.

    • I still find them fairly underwhelming. I play them mostly with AP and get really good results, but it’s still not too great. I get the occasional 20+k salvo with SAP, but that happens so rarely and the follow up salvos are usually nothing close to that. Another thing is, i can easily get 10-20k salvos on bow in targets with my Montana AP. And its way more consistent than Colombos SAP.

  11. I can agree with the rest of them but the Italian bbs are actually pretty op, especially the tier9-10. Their smoke screen is really op most of the times and it has saved my ass a lot

    • I feel like most people try to play italian BBs as if they were japanese, in other words they try to hit stuff at max range and get frustrated by bad dispersion. But italian BBs are designed for mid range, not max range, so they are to be played accordingly.

  12. videos suggestions top 5 a s s ships T8 to 10 chips

  13. Can’t really argue with what you said. FDG was a painful grind as a noob, even back in the “good ol days” – and the German BB line was my first one to get tier 10. I loved the GK, but I hated the FDG. I blame all of that for my current suicidal brawler play style. Dutch cruisers you really hit hard – yeah, it’s a painful grind. I spent a lot of free XP trying to get through some of them. But I think the GL is worth it, especially now with the unique upgrade… 3 airdrops at once is hilarious when it works right. Div up and go in with 2 or 3 of them and it gets disgusting.

    But yeah, all these OP gimmick ships, while some of them are fun to play sometimes, have really made it hard to play these old and forgotten ships. I’ve still had some great games in the old powercrept ships, but it’s damn hard to get a good game out of it. And the players can be pretty toxic as well, to the point where it’s barely worth playing if I can’t div up with people from my clan, and when enough people are on we try to sync drop and get as many people into the same match as possible. Really makes for a much better game that way.

  14. The Italian BB aren’t that bad as you say. Cavour, Caracciolo and Lepanto are among my favorite BB, and they are doing (very) fine. When looking at the German BB Gneisenau is an ok ship, and I love both Bismarck and Preussen. What you said about the different cruiser lines I would agree on.

  15. Oddly, I had good luck with the T7 Italian BBQ, mainly using AP from mid to close range, and angling aggressively. The rest of the line was pretty joyless.

  16. I still love playing my Zao, Hindy, Pomm, and especially the Leeuw with added legmod. I cant get enough of the non-stop air strikes!

  17. I agree in that it’s a shame the main German BB line is fairly miserable to get through. I feel if they tightened up the dispersion of those guns just a bit, it’d improve their game play quite a bit. Especially Bismarck, I feel it being such an iconic ship, it should play a bit better than it currently does.

  18. When i played a few of the Dutch CAs i thought to myself this is where they send jailed soldiers (Dirty Dozen) to one way missions.

  19. @broccanmacronain457

    I definitely agree with the Dutch Cruisers (and I had such high hopes for them) and the Italian Battleship line (though you forgot the shining star which is not in the line itself the GC, the first of the “spaghetti” wagons).

  20. Left this game over 2 years ago, kind of surprised to see a video on it, it was dying pretty badly back then. Doesn’t seem like I am missing much.

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