World of Warships- Top 5 Ships You SHOULD Grind

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Hey guys! Today we go over five ships I highly encourage you guys to grind out! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
0:46 5. North Carolina
5:36 4. Kleber
9:45 3. Marseille
13:38 2. Bungo
16:31 1. Montana


  1. @kurumitokisaki7361

    Honestly imo grinding out Preussen is also soo rewarding, german accuracy though so dispersion isn´t the greatest all the time but when they catch your broadside it´s gonna hurt a lot BUT due to its massive structure etc. it can get farmed down very easy like a Kremlin but otherwise as I mentioned. Very good ship and would recommend it.

    • It’s one of my few tier X’s, basically that and the Shimakaze, and absolutely it’s a beast. Great at brawling, still has that amazing turtleback armor config, and there’s a solid cruiser’s-worth of secondary guns on either side of the ship. XD
      And you know what? The AA isn’t all that bad, either! HUGE health pool, as well.
      It’s definitely still an old-school German BB, so it’s been power crept on by a lot of newer ships, but I’d be willing to take it in a 1v1 brawl against almost any other boat and feel comfortable with my chances, especially once we’ve closed range.

    • Nah i had preussen since release and kremlin is a better ship… grind that instead

    • Preussen is just rewarding for beginners, the whole line in fact, because of HP advantage and the so called tankyness. But the line is very easy to farm by anyone who knows what are they doing because of their massive superstructure, and turtleback, while you are not taking citadel hits, you are taking a lot of full pen damage.

    • @CrocodilianVelocity

      Preussens firerate is what makes it good imo. You can just blast so many shells into the enemy. Accuracy isn’t the best, but you can still get a 30k salvo on a broadside, or maybe even two. Secondaries just work when they do

    • @@CrocodilianVelocity nah preussen is litteraly a worse republique. Republique has same reload but better guns, better accuracy, better range, better secondary angles and its smaller, faster, more agile aaand it also cant get citadelled although its coated with 32mm and can get overmatch by 460mm it doesnt have stage 5 tumor like superstructure to farm. And honestly just guns being better and ship being smaller alone makes it better.

  2. Wow no love for st Vincent. Easily one of the best ships in the game.

  3. @williamneitzel2249

    The NC has another drawback that has to do with her torpedo damage reduction; also due to treaty restrictions. The ‘all-or-nothing’ design and construction mode the US Navy was doing at the time ment planners were seeing the NC and her sister in a battle line.
    In game this is reflected in her having ONLY a 19% base torp damage reduction. Screening ships need to keep anything with torpedoes away from her.

  4. Montana, the Broadside of Death, Throne of the Judge, Bully of Bullys 😅 my favorit BB of all Tech-Tree-BBs…the one to judge them all. I’m a fairly average player, but with the Montana, I’ve maintained a 70% win rate in Ranked for years.

  5. Thanks, Sea Lord. I have been playing a fair bit of asymmetric mode over the festive break. Have been enjoying spamming torps. The Jinan and Halland have been fun to grind

  6. With the french gunboats I stopped at Mog and went straight to Marceau, after getting used to the run and gun play style. Mog hits really hard and is blazingly fast, but still maintains the tier 9 economy.

  7. I had a hard time with Montana when I first got her. As a matter of fact, my win rate still isn’t that great in it but my current highest damage was done with it. I enjoy playing Montana and Yamato equally well and I’m going to grind out Bungo and Vermont soon.
    Also, at 19:45 don’t be that guy in chat, people… I’m sorry you’re having a bad game, but not everyone can play the game the way you want them to.

  8. i would put St Vincent above any of these. The Kleber is a great ship but you need to be a very good player to get the best out of it, anyone relatively new to the game is going to really struggle in her.

  9. @bensundermann6553

    The first two lines I grinded were the Des Moines and Iowa lines, I recognized those two. Now with the dm and montana, I realize that it was an amazing choice to do those two first. It is two fun lines that really teach the game.

  10. @sealordmountbatten


    Marseille has 330s, not 305s

    North Carolina has 2.05 sigma, not 2.1

    I still would obviously recommend both!

    • and bongo is a battlecruiser not a battleship 😀

    • That is wrong list , proper list look like that :
      1. Schlieffen – just fun to play
      2. Yamato – Classic , and there is Nagato on the way !!!
      3. Shimakaze – best free torp thrower
      4. Republique , there are Lyon & Richelieu on the way , and that is fast line !
      5. Yodo , HE monsters
      … lines not to go for
      5. Kleber – ush , those are not destroyer more like light cruisers !
      4. Colorado , any ship that require you to play even one battle on that slow crap , is not worth it !
      3. and USSR ships , comies are crap and evil !
      2. any submarie
      1. any CV

    • And bungo doesn’t have 457mm shells, just guns, I believe shells characteristics match ijn 410

  11. If you can get the Ohio, that pretty much closes the BB line, it’s OP over all American BB

  12. I haven’t got the BUNGO yet but the Adatara is the most inconsistent BB I have ever played with. Playing with this line is a real struggle and pain.

  13. We have to remember this is Sealord list.
    I wouldnt recomend grinding orginal US BB line. Its one of those line that is still super powercrept in todays wows. Its almost never played in competetive (the Monty) or clan battles cause its a ship that doesnt bring any strenghts into the battle and is mainly looking for those perfect broadsides from the enemy that if he is paying attention has a lot of time to dodge those shells. Bungo…. a ship whose shells can be called the biggest disapointment of 2023 in wows – high caliber almost no pen, they shatter on most enemy BB belts on range. Yes they punish broadside cruiser when you have the plane running but for most time – like against angled enemies… you want to just shoot HE.

    Also no mention of British battlecruiser line… thats the staple of all competetive modes and really fun to play in randoms.

  14. Venezia , that Italian cruiser line is a newb friendly rewarding grind, should have been on the list imo.

  15. As a new player myself, another big reason I chose the montana/vermont lines because of their AA. It’s very satisfying to have a tier 10 carrier give up air striking you after you chew through his first few waves of attack planes with little damage to show for it.

  16. i got cherbourg and brest back during the french cb event. dropped the game for a while, picked it back up recently, and finally grabbed marseille. been loving her so far (even if i’m running a meme-y secondary build) – fantastic guns, love the speed, and so much more usable than brest!

  17. “To grind for” could provide a good series with separate videos of their own:
    Tech tree
    Research points
    Dubs: when not spending IRL money, but grinding and saving up

    Ships that used to be available would also be interesting to watch be at as part of the main series or a spin off series, too, like musashi ships that used to be FXP, premium ships from events (that may or may not still be avaliable for dubs or etc), and previous dockyard ships that didnt require you to spend IRL money if you already have the dubs that you earned from else where like rank

  18. I am almost to the Montana now. I got the Vermont first and was debating but wish I had gotten the MT first. The VT is so slow and if you misss….ugh the reload. Hope to get my MT in a day or so.

  19. One thing I hate about the modern game is the temptation to reset a line once you have ground through it.Yes the reward for doing so is pretty good but it often puts you in a position of having to regrind a ship line over and over again even though you may really like a particular ship.

    • I do it with the German DD line and the Japanese gunship DD line. Simply because this will make their captains even more effective over time and the whole gets more enjoyable 🙂 Most captains of my German DD line are now at least 16 pts, Tier 7 to 10 are already 21pts

  20. Can you think about doing Top 5 terrible Tech tree ships to sell immediately after the grind? @ my number 1 would be the tier IX Japanese BB Adatara!

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