World of Warships- Top 5 Sleeper Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over five ships that you shouldn’t sleep on! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:15 5. Gneis
4:26 4. Monarch
8:15 3. Florida
11:54 2. Mutsu
14:20 1. Zieten


  1. The Zieten performs remarkably well in operations too (PVE player perspective here). Compared to other German bbs, the only main disadvantage of Zieten is that the armour is not as good as the other tier 8s but the rest is either as good as or straight better than the other tier 8 ships. She’s uglier too, but that’s kinda subjective 😂

    • I haven’t played her, but isn’t she disliked because of the gun layout making her subpar bow in, a bit like Roon.

    • @Joshua Mh the gun layout surely is let’s say more unique to Zieten compared to the other bbs and bcs of the German family, but to me it has never been an hindrance as much as the fact that your bow is only 25 mm (or was it 26?). Again i mostly play operations and there your main opponents (as in most of the enemy ships) are cruisers and dds which shoot mostly HE. There are bbs that can overmatch Zieten bow, but are limited to a couple of instances… Four perhaps: Musashi in Newport, Tirpitz, Bayern (at least 2) and Gneisenau in the escort the Ruan operation (don’t recall the name) and the Missouri in Narai and another operation whose name I of course have forgotten.

    • @Paul The Bored Fair enough. I was only trying to say that it might be a reason why people don’t like her, since not everyone can adjust their playstyle. I’m still on Heinrich so am not an authority.

  2. HMS Mongrel has always suffered from Hipper syndrome in being only really able to shine when the red team so underestimates her that they ignore you until you can get into good positions. If OTOH they see you as a damage pinata? Well… you’re gonna be mega struggling with the low HP, low punish and bad firing arcs.

    I despised the ship in my first playthrough unlike any other BB in the game. In my regrind however I did get ignored quite a bit and was able to get a number of good game since yes, even the Mongrel can wreck when you can’t angle against it anymore. Somewhat Ironically the KGV was my struggle ship that regrind since SinOP existed by then and hard counters KGV since if they aren’t breaking your quad turret they’re just bow citadeling you and putting out any fires until their DCP finally runs out.

  3. Zieten and Gneisenau… Fully agree and play them regularly. Stopped at King George V and prioritised other BB’s, German and US. Will eventually get to Monarch as well. Disapointed in the the British so far. Also have Rooke and Hawke. Also stopped there.

    • KGV and Monarch and Lion had a big nerf to her citadel size a while ago, but KGV is still and Lion are still decent.

      Queen Elizabeth and below are all solid BBs.

      Monarch is really frustratingly Inaccurate and the hull is fragile, Lions hull feels nice and the guns hit hard but they’re still inaccurate and Conqueror is strong, but it’s not super OP like it used to be.

      I like playing Conqueror with the legendary Mod, but without it it’s not fun. The standard rudder shift, citadel size and HE lead to quite boring gameplay. The mod almost makes her play like Vanguard.

      As a whole, the line is not the most fun and legendary mods cost RB points these days.

    • They eat damage but burn down the enemy pretty consistently…

      I prefer Germans too, full secondary build and guns blazing is awesome fun

    • The British battle cruisers are great. A lot better overall than the German ones. At least for random battles anyways. German bcs are fun in brawls

    • ​​@p_nillybrawling is no longer META in randoms. You will find the going tough at high tiers with full secondary build unless you happen to land in airship escort.

    • @Samarth Raizada Oh, I know brawling isn’t meta. Doesn’t mean I won’t try anyways. Timing is everything!

  4. When i play Zieten… i always get focused down on whatever side i go… Cuz if u play full secondaries u just melt cruiser/dds in just a few seconds, its crazy… but mostly u just get burned down first 😀

    • I think he attitude is….Zieten, gonna be a 2ndry build. Kill it with fire before it gets anywhere near me.

      So you are a priority target to some extent.

  5. I think the ppl who dump Zieten in the trash can does so because of her looks, not her abilities. A solid battlecruiser for sure and good at what she does.

    • I fully admit, I never said she is a bad ship, just that she is ugly and doesn’t fit the rest of the mid and high tiers in the line, as in (using RN terms) A-B-X-Y turret layouts

    • But zieten is not a good ship to be fair.
      It eats tons of damage by the nose, but the actual meta are not for brawling ships, thanks to submarines and tons of planes. Otherwise it is a great ship, when the best conditions are met.

    • I hate how she looks only real bad thing is the 1 cannon front

    • I think part of the problem is that she’s by herself in terms of the sudden change in turret arrangement; least with the German CA line you at least get some practice with Konigsberg/Nurnberg before Roon pops up by comparison.

  6. Mutsu finally getting the recognition it deserves

  7. Hm, gotta try the Mutsu now. I’ve been skipping her since she is very squishy and has pretty much shotgun accuracy when shooting at long range

  8. Have played against the Zieten many times in UK BBs or Cruisers and can confirm that it is remarkably annoying to knock over.

  9. Zieten is honestly a solid Battlecruiser. Yes the downsides are her odd turret arrangement and she doesn’t feel as tanky compared to other german BCs. However her guns reload faster than any tier 8 bb, has overmatch advantage thanks to the caliber, nice torps, and of course her secondaries shred everyone to pieces who get in range

  10. That’s a good list SLM. I personally love the Florida (home state bias). It has amazing gunnery for tier 7 but it’s so easy to citadel through the nose if it has to get point-blank with other battleships. I jokingly dubbed the Zieten “Die Zikkurat” due to its “structure”, but it’s a solid battlecruiser when used appropriately.

  11. I vote for the T-22 German DD. She got some buffs a couple of patches ago so I started playing her more and have had some of my funnest games.

  12. The fact that you had a battleship BROADSIDE to you for ages and you didn’t switch to AP shows that you know and understand exactly why the Monarch is held in such low regard. Pretty much every other battleship, you would switch to AP and DELETE the broadside BB at that range.

  13. Mutsu is the only IJN BB I went full secondary build on. The maps at tier 6 can still get you into a good brawl fight. Fun fun fun.

  14. Rabid Tazmanian Chihuahua

    I have a secondary Mutsu and I love it. DDs don’t expect the secondaries, and most everyone doesn’t know about the torpedoes.

  15. I think Mutu is still alright but only in T6 battle.

  16. Schroder is the ultimate sleeper. not a ton of them out there. my absolute favorite ship in the game. stealthy, fast, most secondaries in game, 305 mm guns with good reload, hydros, good armor. ship eats agirs for breakfast, can go toe to toe with any cruiser at tier and even most tier 10s. love love love her!

  17. The Mutsu has lost some of it’s fun as power crept effects has made it more difficult to play. The biggest issue is her soft hull when she gets shoved into T7 and T8 games. The MM has a huge impact on this ship because of the hull. One thing that may help is in T7 and T8 games use her spotter and play further back, not forgetting to zigzag (when your spotted) in case some BB has homed in on you. If your in a T5-T6 game play closer in and stay close to your division.

  18. I still consider Gneisenau the most fun to play of entire line. At T5-6 you have to deal with low accuracy (or dispersion, or sigma, cant remeber which one makes your salvo miss the target at all cardinal directions at the same time) and low speed while at high tiers you have to deal with low accuracy (etc,etc,etc…) and fairly low caliber compared to other nations. And at all tiers you have bulbous thick ship thats hard to citadel, but strangely easy to pen from pretty much any angle, who also loves catching fires. The only exception is Gneisen – fairly sleek, fast, maneuverable, has still very decent caliber on her tier and suprise torpedoes.

  19. I unlocked the tier 9 Battlecruiser above Zeiten long ago, but i enjoy Zeiten so much, i havent bothered buying it yet. My Zeiten has over 640k xp sitting on it. I did 99% of that in operations.

  20. I got the Florida a while ago. Didn’t know about the dispersion gimmick. Played it like a regular BB and thought it sucked. So after watching your video played it again kept it at range and did 130k dmg. Ok I get it now.

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