World of Warships- Top 5 Stupid & Dumb Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over my Top 5 Stupid, dumb, & fun ships! Enjoy!
Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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1:20 5. Paolo Emilio
4:18 4. Marseille
6:56 3. St. Vincent
10:19 2. Austin
12:47 1. Incomparable


  1. When Nelson and Dunkerque have a baby, you get the Marseille. Such a good ship!!

    • i love those ships, only downside is the slow reload that don t allow for many shot with the reload ( often just one mor shot) and very fragile but that to be expected.

  2. I agree with your Number 1, the other 4 can be debated. The Incomparable is a Montana Deleter. I could be having a good game, playing safe, having a good time , chillin, and then Blam I take 21,000 damage out of nowhere. Worst part is, there is usually two of them in a div.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      Do you have Paolo Emilio ? , I have one with 21p commander , and I must say is super overpowered , my dmg record is 292k dmg , and is super easy to get 150k battle , as you hunt bb and those have loot of hp and are slow , easy picking.

  3. Incomparable is definitely one of my favourite ships in game. I love the moments where I just out-spot cruisers and wait for them to panic and give me broadside. She also has the British short fuse AP on those 20in guns, which is just hilarious. Top it all off with a good reload time for the caliber and it’s just a glorious meme.

    • what do you mean with british short fuse? she has standard fuse, 0.033s, the one and the same time american bbs use.

    • @reinald jansen Oh really? I’m going to have to double check that now. It definitely feels like it’s short fuse, especially in relation to other T10 BBs I’ve played with smaller caliber guns that overpen everything.

  4. Adam Marcinkowski

    1. Paolo Emilio is great destroyer is “stalker killer” , I love to play it , that was my first RB ship , I wanted Ohio but I was tired by grinding , so I taken Paolo Yolo and I have no regrets .
    2. Marsile is very good ship I had so much fun on her .
    3. St.Vincent , I had great games on her .
    4. I dont own Austin .
    5. Incomparable , I got her on Xmas , and is fun ship to play .
    … I think you are wrongly call Marsille , ST.Vincent & Incomparable , Battleships , yes I know first is “cruiser” and other two are classified as Battleships , but in reality those are battlecruisers , I think WG should adress that issue , because some players see BB play like BB , but in reality you need to play it like “kiteing” cruiser , I think is time to introduce new line Battlecruisers.

  5. During weekend Naval Battles, my PE is my goto for Italian DDs, even if I get hosed and start in the middle of the map.

  6. I just got into world of warships, I’m all for this video on the basis that I know nothing about these ships, so anything that has a troll factor….I want it

  7. I just want to point out, you can stealth torp with the Schlieffen and the Iwami (thanks to much longer torp range).

    • Arizona Anime-Fan

      the schlieffen is something special if you get a dd with a smoke laying down cover. appart from that the long range HE meta plus it’s low hps really limits it’s use.

  8. I have all but the Austin. Most recent acquisition is the Incomparable. There is a learning curve to this ship. Also the super heal prints back a declining % of the ship. That factor can be difficult to track in active battle.

  9. Honorable mention for the Neustrashimy. DD with a super heal and better stealth than a Shima.

  10. deja vu, Sea Lord did you use this footage of the yolo emilio the other day, that was an epic kill on that Yamato and Pobeda.

  11. The Illinois should be an honorable mention. I think that ship is crazy.

  12. Yeah, I love my Inco too. As for me, it brings a lot of fun even in unfortunate battles. Own also Ragnar, which is very effective, but not that fun.

  13. I have an odd fondness for all of the ‘DDs with citadels’. The Austin is on my list of ships to get, as I already have Atlanta, Flint, Smolensk, Dido, Colbert, and up to the Harbin in the Pan-Asian tech tree line of ‘DDs with citadels’

  14. every time ive gotten a dev strike + 1st blood at the same time has been in an incomp, and its hilarious every time

  15. the Yolo Emilio is the most ridiculous ships in the game. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen one live through an entire battle. 😀

  16. First time I ran into the T10 Austin I was in my T8 Monarch. Did not end well!!!

  17. When i am up in my CV next i will target these ships lol.

  18. Paolo is maximum danger ship to meet.

    I remember Incomparable meet in T10 1vs1 brawl I tooky GK. I went directly into cap just meet heavy train with 510mm siren let me know bigger danger is comming. It was absolutely no way to avoid meeting at combined 70knot speed. Take all his 4x16K torps from one side and its not much left from my big GK. I has also icebreaker so its hard hit hit from front.
    But I have some solution to deal this beast. Get 2vs2 or 3vs3 brawl, have 2 decoy-bait allied cruisers, best light ones without torps and watch Incomparable charge them with GK at some 10km. I rewarded him for 50K hillarious broadside salvo. That ship is literally Titanium nose with wooded side plating.

    Speaking about brittish battle cruisers.

    I remember enemy team St.Vincent come at CBs at side we had no BB, he placed his ugly big nasty ship provocative broadside at maybe 15km to us, I had DM, but nothing worked well, neither HE spam only to increase his temperament, or AP which bounced, given my DM caliber anyway whatever damage I was able to do, he was able return or heal.
    Our heavy cruiser company felt down like couple of archers under barbarian heavy axe, slow blows, but chopping every limb and head we had there.

    Only fun I had, it was lower tier brittish battle cruiser in enemy team, who was already down to 30K HP and
    probably forgot his ship vulnerability in scared moment, stopped zero angled to my BB. I pointed his nose and it brought 2cits salvo through his 25mm front paper with enough damage to finish his 30K.

    So where Incomparable is strong, I would say researchable tree ships require rather kiting at decent distance using also speed change to avoid fatal blows.
    Not a russian battleship icebreaker tanking. So their concealment, high speed, ok rudder, engine boost, good or even super heals from T9.
    I had fun already with Duncan.

    Marseille? Oh, that was alot of fun. If you don’t get catched by either incoming shells or torpedoes, salvo can’t disappoint, had 150K random match, which was very satisfying for me.

    I have almost forgot to mention Marseille secondaries. While it is not worthy built into them, they are given the caliber and count terrifying. If I would say 3x Kleber you get the idea. While no reload booster, accuracy or that range on them, the number and damage per shell is there. It is something definitely to take into account when already hurt ships get that close.

  19. @Richard Bell I love my Atlanta, so I get it.

  20. Put the mad lad build on the St. Vincent. Just try it 🙂

  21. Everyone and their grandmother is telling me that I should get the Burgogne as my first steel ship, but I’ve been secretly fantasizing about the Austin. Should I get it before the French BB?

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