World of Warships- Top 5 Tips For New Players

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Hey guys! Today I bring you guys my top 5 tips for new players, enjoy!

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  1. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    My tip Is to aim for the tip. You’ll most often hit something, especially if it’s a broadside

  2. Could you make a video on how to properly grind steel to buy Stalingrad or steel based ships, please?

    • so you want him to make a 20 sec video??? steel can ONLY be gained from ranked and clan battles

    • @woody4077 I need a better answer. Recommendations and personal experiences. That could take ten minutes if properly explained. Sorry, but Im not the “go ranked and done” type.

    • @Manuel Fxcwc i get that but honestly the only way to get steel is to play ranked and clan battles and hes alreadsy done video about those things plus ALL of the other CC’s have done them as well… which why i say do want him to do a video where all hes says is check out my other videos on this topic, is what might happen

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      The only way to get steel is to join a clan and play clan wars (and win) or play ranked (and win) or the snowflake event at the end of the year, those are the only ways to earn steel

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Thank you, Sir. Cheers from another secondary school teacher playing Wows!!! Thank you again, woody4077!!!

  3. Brindisi at least made sure that damn island was dead.

  4. Sons of Odin World of warships

    My top tip would be “PICK SOVIET SHIP COMRADE”

  5. Coop has friendly fire. Only scenarios don’t.

  6. Good Stuff! On the communication aspect I think there is a lot of room left to explain how to communicate properly. Ex. Bringing attention to a certain area of the map as compared to asking for support or focus on one particular ship. Trying to practice on this stuff during a match serves only to offer poor information to the team even in a co-op. So I’ve avoided it for the most part. Communication etiquette is a fine line as well. Too much communication can be deemed worse than some.

    • you make very good points. in high tier games, where most Players should be assumed to be more experienced and knowledgeable, someone pinging a Quadrant to bring attention to it will likely give most Players an idea of what could be going on. Beginners will likely just be confused and have no idea what the person doing the pinging is trying to communicate – unless it’s already very obvious. also annoying: People who may have a plan for the team, hand out orders in chat and then get mad when teammates don’t comply – forgetting that we are all equal and no one has an obligation to follow orders from anyone. try asking instead and accept if your teammates have their own ideas on what they should do 🙂

    • But at the same time dont spam this.

  7. Teams don’t communicate… my daily karma man. Good tips.

  8. I am really getting sick of this game. I got pissed at someone for sitting in the back of the map, and then I got chat banned for it. Now I’m sitting here, solo carrying the team with idiots screwing around

  9. I loved your advise……have fun… many angry people in the game sometimes…weekend warrior…child…and so on….

  10. Friendly damage is MUCH nicer now. Prior to about 2 years ago, team damage was 100% and there was no damage return (enough team damage to take the damage yourself).
    Also, team damage is in full effect in Co-Op. I play it more often because Randoms are full of teams that don’t even try to win then toxic the team for their OWN incompetence.

  11. My tip dont Get a tir 8-10 premium but learn the game and work your Way up to lever 10.

  12. Couple other random ones in no particular order. 1. Make your Mini-Map bigger. Ctrl + i think? Then look at it, allot. 2. Turn on Alternative Interface Mode in the settings, and turn off collision avoidance. 3. Save your Free-XP. It’s better to save for a good premium, or to skip a bad stock-hull, than to just save a few hours of play on tech-tree ships. 4. If you decide to toss a coin to your WeeGee, Premium Time is a good bet. Solid investment with returns every game, and low cost. Save buying an expensive premium ship for when you know more about the game, what ships you like, and what would benefit you the most. 5. Try always to focus on positioning. Where you sail your ship is honestly 70% of this game. Just simply being in the right spot at the right time will improve your gameplay more than anything else. When your team wins or loses big, ask why? Look at the mini map, look at where you are, and ask what worked/didn’t work. And if none of that works, just play something Russian or a CV.

    • regarding premium ships I’d add the advice to watch a few reviews of the ship on YouTube before deciding to buy them. Hearing about strengths, weaknesses, optimal playstyle/role of the ship and stuff like that beforehand, can keep you from wasting money on a ship that might have “performance issues” or might not fit your preferred playstyle.

  13. Totally agree with having fun, way to many nut jobs in this game so just ignore them!!!!

  14. Remember, its just a video game, its not going to visit you in your care home. Being good or bad it will have little, to no impact on your life. Having said that, if you want protect your stats early on, play all of the tutorial games (until the point when Ship Commanders unlock) in CO-OP, rather than switching to Random Battles. If you are switching ships often, try using Crosshairs that give you a lead timer.

  15. My tip: At this point, don’t.

  16. 1. Drink vodka
    2. Russian bias always protect
    3. Russian ships have stronk stalinium armor!
    4. Everything is balans

  17. I like tip #1 the best 🙂

  18. My tips
    1) Go be spaghetti or communist
    2) Move up the line
    3) Get Smolensk
    4) Get Stalingrad
    5) Get enlisted into the US Navy

  19. 13:20 oof that enemy DD got quite a lot of torps landed.

  20. i was the vlad in that first clip! so weird to see your username pop up.

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