World of Warships- Top 5 Underrated Premium Ships

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Hey guys, today I have five premium ships that I feel are a bit underrated, enjoy!

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  1. I want to see indom on this list!!! Its the only CV that can still slingshot drop!…. also incase you’re wondering… this is Mr_Muppet_ trying to justify his purchase of that horrible CV 😭

  2. I know, it’s a niche thing, but the KIROV is actually the perfect ship for “Citadel Directives”. Jump into a Co-Op match and have easily 10 Citadel Hits every match on cruisers driving by.

    • Shame nobody knows how to use it….. Personally i think the Kirov is a noobs calling card because the amount of people that have it and use it so ineffectively is hilarious.

    • @Fluffy Slippers we are talking specifically about citadel directives. When you gotta do 80 citadels you don’t care about playing effectively…

    • @tamas lapsanszki Most kirov players i see aint about that life. Tbh most are dead under the 5 minute mark besides you can citadel in anything if you’re close enough at that tier.

    • @Fluffy Slippers that is true, but Kirov is more efficient at that. It has the speed and survivability do get into drive-by range. Omaha and Emerald for instance can be deleted before they can get into range. Kirov feels like a tier 6 ship, except the reload. Having played through the German CLs, Kirov certainly feels like a Nurnberg with slower reload. I was baffled first time I played Kirov, I was honestly expecting another Omaha experience, but actually the guns have a good punch, fine arcs and brutal accuracy at range

    • @tamas lapsanszki I dont even remember my experience playing it haha but my profile says i’ve had it so i’ll have to take your word on it. I know when i got it after the tree rework i sold it again because i knew i wasn’t going to play it XD All i do know is the games over the last couple of days and a Kirov has been in attendance they’ve been awful.

  3. Would have liked to see the Irian, only because it’s my favorite ship 🙂

    • Question regarding Irian: do you have to use a single Captain just for her (IFHE?) or can you just use a Pan-Asian DD one?

    • @ThePeperich DD Captain will work but you waste the “Last Stand” skill since it’s rarely needed in a CL. The deepwater torps are awesome at 13.5km and 69 knots but you’ve got to get close enough to use them without getting nuked. Just like the Kutuzov, it’s a light cruiser with paper armor and the torp range is right around your detection range. Unless a player is accommodating enough to be sailing in a nice straight line it can be challenging to get torp hits. That’s why I prefer the Kutuzov with it’s smoke and extra 1.6km gun range.

    • @Darryl R. Yup on all that. I really enjoy mine! But the absolute best is putting yourself on the flank where enemy bbs are pushing. Kite away and use the torp reload booster to throw 16 at em and as long as they continue to push, the booster makes up for some of their maneuvering. I usually land a few and if you can div with a d d player, they can spot for you and no risk of friendly torping.

    • Thanx all

  4. Tier VII Russian Cruiser Lazo is another sleeper, I love her.

  5. The first and only premium I bought was the Mutsu. I knew absolutely NOTHING about the game, and wanted the cheapest ship with the mostest guns. I sucked in her, of course, and stopped playing her before my captain reached 4 points. Then, a year later I put my 17 point Izumo captain in her, and I kicked ass. Of course I’d also learned to play a bit. So now the Mutsu is in the rotation.
    When I bought her I also got a 200% rebate coupon, and with that I got the Atago, which was and is still one of my favorite cruisers.

  6. My son has the Mutsu and I agree it’s a pretty decent and fun ship for tier VI and those torps which are quite long range can be surprisingly useful as with that fast reload you can keep spamming them at unsuspecting opponents. The Prinz Eugen is also pretty good and only really suffers when up against tier 10s but is certainly better than the Hipper because that heal keeps you in the game. The mighty Odin has become my favourite ship in the game and I’m so glad I managed to get her. Because the armour is so good the lack of HP isn’t much of an issue and surprisingly the guns though smaller are much more effective than the larger 380s on the Tirpitz/Bismark. And as it’s more manoeuvrable than a Tirpiz you get to use the torps much more often and with those excellent secondaries it’s about the most fun ship in the game. 

    One thing you don’t mention is that the Prinz Eugen and Odin are two of the strongest ships to play in Co-op where you can rack up ridiculous scores and credits whilst having a huge amount of fun whist avoiding the toxicity and frustration of ranked and random battles.

  7. I think the tier VIII Kii is also underrated. Because moste Japanese premiums have a bad reputation so no one is even really looking at the few that are actually good.
    I have Kii myself and it’s a pretty good ship. It has really good AA (rare for Japanese BBs), decent armor, 10 410mm guns with 19km range with spotter 23km.
    Also she has 3 torpedos on each side.

    • @Tsuru No. The T9 premiums make a little less, and Yamato’s Kobayashi is just cosmetically different from her perma camo- no credit boosting.

    • @The Pyro Jawsome Huh. I did not know that. Then why do people play T9 premiums? Is it because they earn more experience?

    • @Tsuru The Kii’s armor isn’t as good as Amagi’s in some way. Amagi’s turtleback is way better at closer ranges. But I do like my Kii a lot.

    • @The Pyro Jawsome I just made 435K credit profit in a loss where I did 85K damage with the Kii with the Kobayashi camo. It is a fun ship to play and I like it for lots of reasons. Not the least of which is, in that same game I got an “it’s just a flesh wound” for sinking a Tirpitz with torpedoes 🙂

    • @Tsuru Almost all T9 premiums are available for either free XP(Alaska, Agir, Azuma, Friesland) or coal(Georgia, Pommern) so you can get a very good credit farmer without spending a single cent on the game. Add to that how OP certain T9 ships(Georgia and Alaska easily, potentially Siegfried) are as well as many being fun to play, and it’s very easy to see why lots of people have some T9 premiums. I myself have Georgia and Alaska, and I highly recommend both of them.

  8. You have Azuma and Yoshino’s development reversed. Azuma was originally implemented at tier 10 – without torps – but downtiered because she struggled and then WG made Yoshino afterwards:

    • He also gets the credit earning thing mixed up: Azuma’s a better credit farmer because she’s a T9 premium while Yoshino is a T10 ‘special’ or whatever, which gives her a better base credit multiplier than Yoshino.

  9. i love the Perth, fun little ship

  10. If I was to pick an underrated ship that is perfectly fine but constantly overlooked, I’d say the Loyang. Cheapest T8 premium IIRC. It’s basically a Benson with very good hydro instead of Defensive AA. American smoke plus German style hydro with normal American torps is a nice mix. She’s a nice flexible DD with a good toolkit, a fairly cheap taste of higher tier DD play and a good credit farmer for her price.

  11. I must confess, when my brother suggested the Australian/Commonwealth tier VI Perth I was quite surprised. At first it seemed like a fragile little cruiser that anyone could instakill. However, it’s quite the agile ship. It comes with British HE and AP shells, it has torpedos with good range and also very good angles, it has the scouting plane available, it comes with smoke generator as well. It’s like a bigger destroyer with the same capabilities. In fact, Perth could be better than the Swedish tier VI destroyers because the Perth has smoke. It’s limited smoke though, as it only lasts 10 seconds before it vanishes again, but the consumable lasts quite long though. Fast firerate, good concealment. Whenever I’m playing a tier VI battle and I’m not using Graf Spee or Dunkerque, I’m in the Perth.

  12. Odin is a beast, and if people want to underestimate her all the better for those odin players. Many times have I broke through lines with her and surprised the reds plus she’s a good dd hunter with her hydro and secondaries.

  13. Not to forget about Azuma: At T9, she is a Premium ship and gets a credits multiplier. Yoshino at T10 is a special ship (Or whatever those things are called), so she doesnt get that bonus.

  14. It is really satisfying when you watch a charging DD eat the Mutsu Metal Fish of Death.

  15. Just loving the Agir, she’s probably my favorite ride other than my Bismark, Odin, Pommerin, Massachusetts

  16. Ashitaka. Yes, her armor is weak, her AA is weak, and she has nothing but heals. But … she has ten 410mm guns that hit like a truck, no matter what tier she gets placed against. It’s so refreshing to play a T7 that can actually _hit_, as opposed to all the the others that don’t have the gun count, accuracy, or power.

  17. Shoutout to the Graf Spee, not a world beater by any means but when you figure out how to play it you can have some ridiculously fun games in that ship

    • If it wasn’t for it’s awful gun configuration and the fact it’s not high tier which I value more, I’d totally say Graf Spee is an insanely fun ship.

  18. American Cruiser Prinz Eugen* . History is weird sometimes.

  19. Spicy take: indomitable is a good cv that is misunderstood

    Also, everyone forgets about vanguard and hood, which are both solid ships

  20. Are you sure, that Odins secondaries got nerfed, and you are not talking about Ägir?

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