World of Warships- Top 5 WORST Mistakes New Players Make

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Hey guys! Today we go over 5 huge mistakes that new players often fall into, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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0:00 Video Intro
1:03 5. Rushing up Tech Trees
5:14 4. ignoring chat
7:40 3. Not selling old modules
11:02 2.Not joining a clan
13:10 1.Buying a high tier premium


  1. Fun fact you can redo the campaign missions for the stars rather than having to do each individual one

    • @Doppio Milos yep.

      When you repeat a campaign mission you no longer get the single reward (flags or credits usually) but you do get the star.

      The only reason to do every campaign mission is that once you have finished all of them there are some achievements for getting 100%, but these give nothing other than a virtual “well done”.

    • This is a really good tips because i once was doing such campaign missions on find some to be really difficult to do. It’s only a few months mater someone told me i could just repeat the missions and thats how i finished all the campaigns lol

    • Yeah doing campaigns for the t9 eco bonus is quite important, even if they reduced the value of the bonus with the eco update.

    • Yes, by redoing the credit and xp grinds, again and again, it is possible to complete the campaigns to get both Halsey and Yamamoto entirely in coop mode.

  2. Most established clans have a lot of bonuses for members, it is a lot easier to play while in an established clan as the rewards materially affect the economics of playing the game (many clans don’t have any obligations for members, they just recruit new members because the clan gets 10 oil for each container opened by clan members… oil the is the currency clans use for upgrading member bonuses and buying containers for clan members)…
    I don’t usually advertise… but as it is on topic… for anyone on the WOWs Asian server my clan MYTH has a few spots left for anyone with a 50%+ win rate in randoms, we don’t have all the super ship clan bonuses yet, but we have all the others (bonuses to the coal (10%), steel (10%) and research points (5%) received, and type of xp earned (5% ship, 15% commander, 50% free)… researchable ships cost less in credits (-15%) and the post battle service cost is less (-15%)). Prefer people who want to play in divisions / participate in the weekend NAVAL BATTLE event (clan gets more oil from that as well), but no real obligations, we are not hyper competitive (we do not take ourselves seriously, and frankly I am a very very average player myself) and don’t generally do clan battles but hopefully that will change over time.

  3. The biggest noob mistake I used to make was that I had no idea about angling your armour so I thought that the nose was a big weakspot due to the armour being more thin. so I used to always show flat broadside since I thought that’s how I would make the most of my armour.

    • @Jesse G It’s so hard to not do that on the few times I play as a BB. I’m like, I’m crossing the T, it’s Jutland all over again, except, I won’t blow it like Jellicoe!

    • @Jesse G yeah but unless you’re in german BB you never show broadside against anything

  4. I like how politely worded you were when describing the stock modules.
    “Less, um, powerful” instead of just saying they suck ass lol.

  5. The second point is kinda big. When I started playing actively, a year or so ago, i played a very close game where we only had to cap and we would’ve won but i was a noob and didn’t know what to do and kept shooting and getting shot at thus resetting the flag. Naturally i was flamed, even after the game. After i told him I had no idea what happened, why he was mad at me and that i was new, first t6 probably, he actually explained and was nice. Communication is key. Many are nice people after all but expect people to be at their level.

  6. Michelle Bernson -QueenJuliana

    I have only been playing the game since early last summer, but my hubby has played for 6 years and was the one to get me into the game. When you said that I could sell the stock modules, this was new information. He did not tell me this. I am very excited to have about 5 mil credits back. Thank you!

  7. my 2 cents:
    Don’t start with a BB Line, start small and learn the DDs first
    Never ever skip a ship with freeXP

  8. Another good thing about playing a second class is, you learn the problems as well as the threats of the class. A recent game, I was in a DD with a sub ahead of me, sub was spotted by the CV and fighters dropped on top. I proceeded to charge and dropped depth charges on his head when he pinged at probably 30m down, he died.

  9. Sea Lord, that tip about reversing a DD into a cap really works! However, of course, after capping and running I still manage to get sunk sometimes!

  10. You should have mentioned that there are some modules you may want to keep. Some American torpedo modules are useful to have both. Also the guns on the big German battleships you may want to have both.

  11. One addition I would include is make sure that when you’re getting a new ship to at least buy a 6pt commander to go in it @900k credits this is worth it. My early days I didn’t buy a commander so I have a few ships that have like 4pt commanders and the skills I put on them are not good. For example the ammo switching skill is not needed on any ship because if you have HE loaded, press 2 key then fire a volley when the guns have reloaded you will have AP.

    • > For example the ammo switching skill is not needed on any ship because if you have HE loaded, press 2 key then fire a volley when the guns have reloaded you will have AP.

      confidently incorrect

    • @Random dude Well rebutted there. Really convincing reasoning why it’s incorrect buddy.

  12. I did the first one and quickly realized it was pointless because I didn’t even have enough money to buy the next ship lol. Sometimes you just gotta learn things the hard way. I think I am just gonna save them cause on legends they sell Eugan for xp. I like Hipper and Eugan is Hipper but with a heal which is nice.

  13. Tip: You don’t have to do all the missions of Campaigns, you can repeat the easiest missions to get stars and progess to Expert Commanders. (Yamamoto or Halsey)

  14. Broccan Mac Ronain

    Some might want to keep old modules if you are going to redo a line once they reach tier 10 and do not want to have to by them all over again.

  15. When I get a new ship I watch video reviews/replays and I take the ship out in Co-op mode to develop a feel fro it. By doing so, I avoid having my random wr from being totally destroyed while I learn about the strength and weakness of the ship. I wish i had done that earlier, Good Video as always SLM!

  16. Good to know that as a just under three month player I have been pretty much doing it right. One thing I know I did not do right is use of flags and economic bonuses. I wasted them early on not knowing how much I would want to keep them for later. Don’t put them on your tier IV ship and go and do co-op’s all day!

    Also I would say to look out for any freebie you can find. I have managed to play for nearly three months all on premium time due to this. Combination of campaigns, containers, online offers (steam, twitch etc) and the big one was Verizon giving me 4 months.

    The one premium I bought with $ was the Perth which steam had on sale for $4.12. I used up the last bit of a gift card for that one.

  17. Read the patch notes! Not only will you be updated on what’s going on each game update but they always put a day of premium time in there.

  18. That 3rd tip is very helpful for pretty much everyone, the game NEVER tells you about that. Although it doesn’t get you much money (pay over a million credits for a hull, sells for like 200k) but its something. Like wise, unless you like a particular camo, SELL ALL OF THEM! It is literally FREE MONEY. Joining a Clan is always a nice bonus, so feel free to ask. Heck they will probably ask you.

    Speaking from XP, most people don’t even USE the chat at times. Statistically speaking, if you actually use the chat HELPFULLY your going to win more. But no, for whatever reason alot of games people NEVER type and only use quick commands. And if they DO type, its the usual “raging Idiot” stuff.

  19. Stock modules are not always that bad, they boost stats in some extreme examples by just 100HP or torpedo dmg similar way. But when real upgrade, they can improve HP alot, decrease rudder shift time significantly, improve AA guns and can even change number of turrets or gun caliber and reload, number of torps.

    As I have some credits left to buy some already grinded of few last T10s, I keep early modules on some ships.
    It is nice to watch armament/squadron difference say on CVs T8 or AA suite on some cruiser.

    What devs sck in are submarine modules. Have you ever noticed any single change in design when going from hull A to B? If you change torpedoes on some DDs you get even color changed on torpedo warhead, here you get fast design nothing.
    Historically there were conning tower changes, radar upgrade or deck gun or AA gun. Yeah, most subs AA would be even less usefull than deck gun, but it was there.
    Probably dev intention not to harrass their another favourite CV class.

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