World of Warships- Top 5 WORST Premium Ships of 2021

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the year and go over some of the WORST premium ships of 2021! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Thanks for the video Sea Lord!

    I have the Yukon only because I received it in a Santa Crate. I will be getting the Marlborough because I always do the dockyard events.

  2. Marlborough aint bad if you avoid the typical bb playing style.

  3. Leone has legit no ASW =[ like bruh it only has 4 Torpedos no ASW is already hurting.

  4. Purple Speckled Apple Eater

    I watched 2 Marlborough’s suicide and run around like chickens with their head cut off in open water. It was bad to watch and they were complaining about the ship. Next game I took my own Marlborough out and had a lot of fun. She is a good ship if you play her like a high tier British BB and not like a Kurfurst. Sixteen barrels. Imagine the possibilities…

  5. Marlborough is a BB? I blapped one the other day; I thought it was a cruiser.

  6. My take on this list: Marlborough, yeah it’s a paper boat and seems kind of goofy. Schonberg, what a meh piece of shit. Leone, no SAP, no thanks. Missouri 2, a Missouri without the credit printer is pretty pointless, I guess if you love radar on a BB go for it. Lastly the Yukon, what a piece of shit ship; a worse tier VII Monarch and the Monarch is garbage, that is the easiest hard pass I’ve ever seen.

    • I usually spend most of my time proving people wrong about ships that people say are bad and try to carry in them. Usually its successful, but there is 1 ship in the game that i never wanted to touch until i got it in a supercontainer.. the yukon. Even though i love all of the odd ships everyone hates, the yukon is so bad even I hate it lol

  7. I heard what you were saying about Marlborough and skipped that part due to my issues with your original video about it. Maybe people need to start reviewing the ships in the context they should be used ie, Marlborough may be a little under scored in certain areas when considered stand-alone but they aren’t are they? they are in a fleet to begin with with between 7 and 12 ships per team. Like I keep saying we are not playing COD. Most of the problems come from the fact that hardly anyone ever plays the ships the way they should be played, IN FLEETS where the negatives of a ship are mitigated by capabilities and advantages of the other ships on the team that are supposed to WORK TOGETHER. People bitch about cv’s being this and that and subs being a big problem, not if you play the game how it is supposed to be played and not just played the way lots seems to. It seems that people have gotten into a mindset of how you warship and stick to that like a limpet to the bottom of the ship. This is why things like KOTS and high level clan battles are as good as they are, because the ships in the teams compliment each other and the teams work together. This is also why they shouldn’t have given every ship ASW capabilities, unless all the ships in game actually had it. BTW Leon is pronounced Leon, Leone is pronounced Le-own I think. All the best for the new year SLM, to you and yours.

    • In theory you are right, but realistically getting 12 strangers to work together like this is exceptionally rare/difficult to achieve, exacerbated by language problems on some servers.

    • Well yes but actually no. In WoWS you don’t have two teams of 12 players, you have 24 people playing for themselves. That’s why the best ships for random are the ones that you can do well without any assistance from other players. And KoTS doesn’t feature CVs or subs… yet, that’s why it’s so fun to watch. But clan battles with CVs are an utterly miserable experience, and clan battles are a mode where team play is heavily involved.

  8. tiger 59 deserves a spot for being unable to do damage in any kind of timely manner

    • I have Tiger and it’s somewhat fun to surprise T6 DDs with the radar up until you realize that the T6 DDs have 18 times the dpm you do and simply murder you. It can’t damage cruisers or BBs, can barely handle DDs, and has a 4km range at which it’s barely effective. It’s literally harmless to everything and desperately needs buffs to everything. Thanks for being the first person I’ve seen to actually bring this up so I don’t feel alone in my disappointment in this ship

    • Tiger 59 the bruhvessel

    • Although you cant do damage it allows you to make a big impact on the game. Getting 100k is difficult but aa long as you live longer than 5 minutes you always het top 3 xp

  9. I love your videos, and I love how they have become a routine for my day. I watch your videos before a working day, after or even during a shift, I just love your content. Thank you for doing what you do!

  10. I’ve found Leone to be both fun and powerful. The high alpha is very good, as are long range torps. You just need to play smart. If you can play and enjoy Paolo seriously and not YOLO, you should enjoy Leone.

    • No asw just kills this ship for me. It’s a DD for cripes sake

    • @Devon Ellis I’ve not seen a sub in it, but t6 DDs Vs subs isn’t easy at the best of times. Getting in position for depth charging is only possible if the DD messes up anyway. BBs are main counter.

  11. Happy Christmas to all, thank you for this review. I have the old Missouri so I will have to play her a lot more i think. I never get very far in the dock yard event and won’t buy any more gold or ships.

  12. The K S is an AA dd at Tier 6. Which is very strange

  13. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    you got it about the over population of 18in guns at T10, and that really is why we are seeing less and less active Cruisers on queue and even less BB without those big guns …. Radar and CV do not just made Stealth BB concept irrelevant on Yukon, the whole meta ruin the stealth game play on all type of ships and the ability to over-match disregard yet still range put others without those big guns out of ability to match up ; basically create this stale ranged meta and that basically pin down the mobile nature Cruisers, DD can had

    • Basically, Wargaming needs to move a lot of ships from T10 to a new T11 ( in my opinion ). T10 has so much OP ships, that any T9T/8 ship that gets slightly uptiered is in a world of hurt. As a result, people do not play those tiers as much, as just jumping in T10s.

    • Mech Franka T. Lieu

      @Ben Jiro Or as many old hands do, refuse to play high tier anymore , they had the skill and can put in the effort to just had fun at mid tiers

  14. Forester Logs on Trucks

    Z-39 way outperforms K. Sch as tier 7 KG 150 mm DD. 150s, smoke, hydro, and low detect.

  15. I solved my Missouri second class problem by getting a Georgia from a Santa Crate.

  16. none. Don’t buy anything by WG. they’re a shit company. Why support them?

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