World of Warships- Top 5 Worst Premiums

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys an updated Top 5 Worst Premium Ships list, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 List Intro
0:48 5. FR25
4:17 4. Canarias
6:53 3. Yudachi
8:57 2. Graf Zeppelin
12:34 1. Tiger ’59


  1. jn a way these ships will challenge you to do well in them which in turn can make you a better player when you jump into your tech tree ships.
    Canarias – does good in the operation scenarios.
    Yudachi – you got to be sneaky and ambush whenever possible. It is a workable DD, just a bit of a learning curve.
    The other 3,,i don’t have any of them, so no comments.

  2. Graf Zeppelin is so fun at Co-op with full secondary build.

  3. stalkingtiger777

    My personal struggle bus premium is the leone I got in a container. Sure you can citadel light cruisers at short range, but it’s reload and accuracy are so bad that you’re not going to one shot it or anything. Then you get murdered while waiting for your long reload. It also feels like driving a brick and is not very maneuverable.

  4. Got Tiger ’59 in a supercontainer. Played it once and now it’ll sit in my port with 100% win rate for all eternity. Had i paid for it, it would definitely my #1. But instead this place for me goes to the Tone. The only purchase in wows i honestly regret. And that’s saying something. The tragic thing about her is that there is a working concept for a scout cruiser hidden in there somewhere. But it feels like it was drafted n 2017 but then finalized when it was completely outdated.

  5. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    Notice a pattern , ” if it got double uptiered ” , well there’s one of the biggest issue with the spec of any ships but specifically those op ship and the objects on hand, the terribly performing guns. They are already op or just being bad already performing against own peer at own tier but the gap just magnified folds apart when placed against enemy up/ down tiered

    • All premiums of tier 7 and below should have preferential (+2/-1) matchmaking. Then WG can also change Cesare to T6 as nothing would change for it except the enemy getting a T6 BB against it instead of a T5 BB (as a T5 it already doesn’t see tier 3)

  6. Kind of disagree with the Canarias. Haven’t played her much but the guns seem to hit what you aim at and the speed boost can get you places you need to be and away from danger when required. She was also an event ship and not for sale so I’d give her the benefit for now. California is probably a ship for the list as it sucks regardless if you’re against same or higher tiers… Boise is another I don’t see any point with. I don’t think I’ve come across the FR35 even once in the game, strange introduction to the tree by WG.

  7. Good picks. The only I’d disagree with us Canarias. In ops, she is a stupidly good citadel farmer. Though I do agree she struggles against tier VIII pretty hard. She needs torpedoes.

    I’m honestly surprised Yahagi is not here. That cruiser is my worst premium in the game. Slow and inaccurate guns and the worst torpedo angles possible… on a cruiser who’s feature was supposed to be its torpedoes lol – RA –

  8. The Graf Zeppelin ? Try the Saipan !! The Saipan got all the downgrade, reload planes hourly and got 0 secondary !

  9. Just a little tip I wanted to share with you and your viewers here; If you find yourself in need of spotting damage and you are in a ship with radar, you can pop your radar even when the ship is spotted by someone else on your team (as long as you dont have line of sight to the ship) you will also get spotting damage for any damage he takes the entire time your radar is on. The six second thing doesnt apply for some reason and the only catch is that it cant be a ship you would be able to see anyway.

  10. TheGuardianofAzarath

    I almost picked up the GZ back during the RTS days when it was first released, but i didn’t. I almost never play CVs anyway so probably saved myself some money there. I have the Canaries, already have both belfasts, london and exeter, so didn’t care about the dido. Also don’t really care about the tiger, there are far better british prem cruisers, most of which i have. And i have almost no interest in the italian DDs, i may get the leone when i complete that collection, but i’ll only play it for coal during the snowflake events.

  11. I should also point out that the actual worst ship is still missing: the Krasny Krym. She’s a T4 ship (Svetlana) that struggles to citadel itself that’s been bumped to T5 so can be up-tiered to face T7’s! It has absolutely awful concealment, it’s also a floating citadel and is slow and sluggish in turns. Sure it’s got lots of guns, but they amount to spud-guns that do basically nothing except annoy other ships.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s hilarious to play; derping around in trying not to get one-shot-ed is a laugh and I do play it with a smile, but it is for me literally the worst ship in the game (Outside of T1-4). It’s cheap though so there is that. But don’t buy it, it’s terrible!

  12. Cruickshank Outdoors

    I’ve actually had a blast in Canarias. She plays well when you’re WOT and bouncing in and around islands. She’s a speedy heavy hitter, and other cruisers should avoid her. Being double uptiered though, I don’t agree completely with that being a legit downside. Being double uptiered, by design, is a downside for ALL ships short of the economic boost.

  13. I got the Tiger 59 in a Santa Crate and I feel I got taken. I agree, it is so bad, a sharp stick in the eye is a more pleasant experience.

  14. HMS Prince of Wales 1941

    The Tiger ’59 in Blitz is an absolute blast. Although it is considered by most to be a bad ship, I actually love it. Once got over 100k in it. Keep in mind that damage in Blitz is harder to get the same amount than in PC.

  15. Hey SLM,
    I disagree on Canarias.
    It can smack cruisers and dds pretty hard with the short fuse AP shells. Battleships are also damagable by aiming at the superstructure.
    Dispersion is better than even Budyonny, which translates to multiple citadels in a single salvo.

    I like to play her at 12 kms+ away. So not having torpedoes is not a huge drawback.
    One other reason playing her from that far is that her deck armor is 38 mms, making her resilient to arcing shells.
    The turret traverse speed is really good, so having a 36 degree rear turret angle is not a huge deal.

    She’s well armored enough to not take dev strikes at range if you keep moving.

  16. I actually like the Canarias. She’s pretty good with what she has! AP does good consistent damage against most ships and the shells are not floaty either. Speed boost is helpful too. AA sucks though, but everything else is quite good.

  17. I personally refer the Tiger as the half Minotaur. It is like somebody cut off the middle half the boat and tried to stick the ends together.

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