World of Warships- Top 5 Worst Ships 3

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Hey guys, given the determination of one particular viewer, here are my ships int he game, again this is all my opinion.

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  1. Lets be honest, Yudachi was hyped because of POI!

  2. You pronounce it “CHEH” (with a hard CH like chocolate) “SHURE”

  3. emerald was pretty good for me i enjoyed it,it has smoke right ?

  4. I couldn’t take the Emerald, I Free-Exp’d my way to Leander and loved that ship.

  5. Pronounced it: shesher

    Every Brit:

  6. I’d take the Genova as my worst ship. Like 8 guns but with 20 seconds of reload, I cry every time I miss my volley. Along with no smoke and a flat citadel, honestly I just can’t make it work

  7. Ironically in the Colorado clip you were the northern most ship.

  8. At least you get a Leander to reward you for the pain of the Emerald..

    • Leander is a great ship for being active and playing objectives. It kites superbly. Fiji (Tier VII) is considered to be the best cruiser at its tier, so yes the line does improve.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @deaks25 oh thank god

    • Yep. The whole line after Emerald is very good, although imo it does have a high learning curve. Neptune, Mino and Fiji are probably my favorite ships in the game.

    • @deaks25 I love the Edinburgh at tier 8 it is surprisingly tanky, if you use the lessons from the Fiji and Leander and you have the option to ditch the smoke and have a radar hydro combo build as with its great stealth if a ship can detect you and you can’t see it then its a DD and it has stupidly sailed into your radar range and is about to get a very rude awakening due to your rate of fire and to be honest at tier 8+ smoke is not very effective

    • @Jon south I tend not to use a radar Edin in Random, but in Ranked or Clan I find it’s radar can be really effective with its concealment. No-one expects the British radar mwahahaha

  9. Honestly the emerald was grinded before i knew it, the good torps and functional smoke actually made it rather pleasant if a bit painful when you even think about screwing up.

  10. Cheshire = “T-yeah-shear” 😛 (hard c at the start)

  11. I have had great games in the Cheshire it makes up for the lack of guns by having bigger guns and it has good AA. Its no way a bad ship and when you get those guns going they do alot of damage. One thing that Annoys the shit out of me is being tiered up and you just don’t have the range to compete with higher tier ships. You try and get in range then boom your dead as soon as you open up Warspite is bad for that with only 16km range it’s just bullshit getting out ranged by cruisers

  12. as someone stuck at the colorado, i definitely agree

    • Rush to NC and then enjoy it 😊

    • @Bhargav Vamsi well, i would if i could, i wanted the NC from the beginning

    • @Chad Walker – You’ll get there. Hell, I played the Colorado in co-op and now I have the NC with me. Even then, the Colorado may be slow, but she’s definitely tough.

    • Hammer Narai in the Colorado..with flags and camo you can esily get 6 – 7 K xp each outing. I’m only 2-3 battles away from the NC now but it has been a long stuggle…stopped playng the ship for awhile to concentrate on the RN crusier lines.

    • @Kevin Tatum just get the NC NOWWWWWW

  13. Where’s the Krispy Kreme? I actually don’t mind the Emerald. I have a 68% w/r in her after 30+ games played.

  14. No shame, Mounty. The british pronunciacion of “-shire”, “-burgh” or “-cester” is just strange 😀

  15. I love the Emerald. Of course I’m usually in my Konigsberg, so it is almost free damage and citadels.

  16. Hms Cheshire. As awful as the people that live there

  17. The Emerald, is where US DDs load AP in the guns for some shooting, and citadels.

  18. Sudeshna Das Sarma

    The worst ship for everyone is smolensk on the receiving end of it

  19. “with premium ships, you lose physical money”
    well if you actually grinded to an old iteration of the izumo, you lose physical will to live

  20. Emerald is my very favourite ship.when I’m in my Warspite aiming a it..

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