World of Warships- Top 5 WORST Techlines To Grind

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Hey guys! Today we go over my five worst techline grinds! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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1:18 5. British CLs
3:58 4. German BBs
7:25 3. Dutch CAs
11:01 2. IJN CAs
14:11 1. Italian BBs


  1. In the Dutch cruiser line from the T8, Haarlem, upwards I’m starting to enjoy them much more, just unsure whether it’s worth really building into the airstrike side of things. Thanks for all of your ship videos, muchly appreciated.

    • Oh airstrikes are super worth it. These ships are all about starting permanent fires. You need to get good at counting. Basically light a ship on fire with your main guns, watch him hit the DC, wait it out, the drop and airstrike on him.

  2. The IJN Heavy Cruisers and German BBs are victims of power-creep
    Italian BBs and Dutch Cruiser are victims of over-gimmicks

    Slight mention : Pan-Asia DDs and German 150mm DDs also slightly suffer from gimmicks but they got a few buff to make them slightly more fun and relevant

  3. I can see why the UK CL’s are on here, despite them being my favourite line. The ships are excellent: Leander, Fiji, Edinburgh and Minotaur are superb ships at their tier (Heck, Leander gets restricted during T6 Clan Battles, she’s THAT good), but it is probably still one of the hardest lines in the game; not just because the squishy nature of the ships, but also the AP-only guns.
    However, the line will definitely teach players highly transferable skills; for one, the AP-only ammo means you HAVE to learn to aim; targeting superstructure, upper belt, bow/stern etc rather than just hurling shells are the main belt and how to actually kite; not just avoiding most hits, you have to learn how to dodge whole salvos because any hit can be a proper vibe check.
    So while I do want to disagree because the ships are actually great, I can’t.
    The Japanese CA’s I actually play as a HE-spamming, constantly kiting light cruiser, basically how most people play Atago. At that point, they are quite fun. Plus, Furutaka is a beast at T5, I think she still holds up really well and I would say is still better than any of the other T5 heavy cruisers that exist.
    One line I pretty much hated the whole way up was the British Heavy Cruiser line. Goliath is the only really good ship in there, the rest are a best ‘meh’. Abermarle is garbage. I can’t think of a reason why I’d play that line over the US or Soviet, or even Japanese line aside from being able to hum “Rule Britannia”.
    I don’t dare touch the Italian BBs; being a Cruiser Main, I’m used to accuracy and decent rpm. A line of slow reloading, inaccurate guns sounds utterly infuriating.

    • Are you considering the recent nerf with the Leander? It probably pushes out of the restriction worthy category imo. It was a good reward after suffering with the emerald so it is quite sad.

  4. The pain of inaccurate BB’s is real. The horrible irony of WG, German naval ships had pretty good main gun accuracy based on their engagements of WW1 & 2 but they decided on gimmicks that are worthless over actual rewarding to play 😅😢

  5. I managed to fastgrind the Fat Freddy during the Asymetrics event, ditto the Buffalo, so that was possible. As to the the Italian BBs, I’ve had some surprisingly pleasant games now with the Caracciolo, but indeed I’m waiting for the hammer to fall. And I haven’t girded my loins yet for the Ibuki after the citadel fest that was the Mogami…
    On a different note, I must say I’m very pleasantly surprised by the Panasian DD line, once getting the hang of the Fushun I had very interesting games even if my team lost and the Ghadja Madha had a very promising start. I had been dreading that line, but so far they are really nice…
    Now I got all the BB, CC and DD lines up to T7 complete…

  6. I think the difference between 5 through 2 is that if you do everything right with these lines they’re super fun and rewarding to play.

    The problem with the Italian BBs is that you could be doing everything right just like with the other lines and _still_ get fucked over by the game because the shots you absolutely need to land just miss.

    Yes this is also a problem with the German battleships but I’d argue it’s manageable in close quarters where it belongs. I’ve whiffed so many shots in the Italian line and I only ever feel like I deserved 1 out of every 10 whiffs I end up with.

  7. As an Italian BB main I’m both offended and slightly in agreement

  8. It’s ironic Italian gunnery is so wonky. In an after action report during WW2 Admiral Cunningham remarked on the excellent Italian marksmanship. He told subordinates it was better than his own ships capabilities.

    • problem is weegee built the lines around SAP, sansonetti, and dead eye but when dead eye was removed there wasn’t anything else the ships had going for them and unless you have a shit ton of gold laying around its a pain moving sansonetti back and forth between regolio, columbo, and venezia.

    • Here is the reason for the Italian trait of Inaccuracy but high pen guns which originally come from Roma way BEFORE the Italian tech tree BB “The guns were the most powerful weapons of their caliber, comparable to those of much greater caliber. This was largely due to their exceptional muzzle velocity, although this came at a cost. The high velocity and energies in the firing chamber lead to a much faster rate of barrel wear compared to other naval guns, and also resulted in excessive dispersion at long range.” Cannone da 381/50 Ansaldo M1934 from wiki

  9. I grinder towards the German bb Gsnesenau and Bismarck and honestly, I don’t regret it. Yes there were many battles where it was just a miserable experience but when you get into those brawling moments, especially in tier 8 brawls, it’s such a fun experience and one of the best bb gameplay I’ve ever had. Top tier bb gameplay really isn’t my play because the engagement play is mostly long range. Managing to torpedo an Iowa in the gnesenau and performing the best in a uptier tier 9 game. That was the best. But I do agree with you sealord that the German bbs definitely shouldn’t be the first bb online to grind. Surprise, I though you were going to bring up the French bb cause I’m currently grinding it and yeah it can be quite miserable at time.

  10. Dutch T5-T7 was a breeze. They are super nice to play and got a really fun rear armor belt for kiting. Tier 8 seems to be the problem. It tries to be a Mini-Scharnhorst, but has tiny guns, no range mod yet and is generally just awful to play.

    • Yea pre tier 7 Dutch cruisers were great with insane AA but once you get to Haarlem, you’re just a slow clumsy punching bag with mediocre guns

  11. I feel like tier 6 and up every British light is really strong and the reason people struggle is mostly a skill issue.

  12. The Voices Told Me To Again

    Im working up German BBs lately. On the battlecruisers right now, building them all for secondaries. Going to build the other line for main guns and tankiness.

    Not a big BB player either but trying to get some secondary brawlers, ive realized the battlecruisers are pretty fun compared to the Colorado line.

    • The Voices Told Me To Again

      Colorado line left a bad taste in my mouth for BBs

    • @The Voices Told Me To Again It was years ago when I did the US BB line, back when Montana was the only T10. I thought Colorado was a great ship honestly. Slow, yes, but it was very tanky when angled, more so than most BB’s at the tier, at that time and the guns were pretty accurate and consistent for a BB. I hated it speed at first but it helped me a lot as I was a newer player then and its slow speed meant I was paying more attention to the minimap and positioning better as a result. I ended up with a 67% WR in it by time I unlocked the NC.

  13. The only ship I’d say skip with free XP in the British light cruiser line is Neptune. Every other ship is really good, Fiji for example is a beast!

  14. Exception to German Battleships: Gneisenau. It’s functions like a Pommern at T7, with- admittedly- a shorter range. For a techline ship, it’s just nuts. I’d say it’s main weakness is T9 BBs. But then, that’s true for most T7s. And if you get to be the top tier… (Insert bear roaring)
    Oh, and on British light CAs… People complain about subs and CVs being op while Edgar exists.

  15. That wasn’t how Deadeye worked. With Deadeye, your accuracy was increased if there were no enemy ships spotted within your base detection range. _That’s_ why ships sat at the back of the map; so no enemy ships would be close enough to them to stop Deadeye from working.

  16. Interesting video. The big thing to note, I think, is that the take includes stock components. Stock ships are pretty rarely better than their fully upgraded version that you just got out of a tier below and you obviously have to play them one tier higher. I was so frustrated with this game mechanic, I’ll call it, that I refuse to use stock ships anymore. Any line grind I do, first thing is to upgrade the stock ship with free XP. Best use of free XP there is, if only to keep your sanity and keep enjoying the game. I’ve grinded the IJN heavy cruiser line twice. First time going through the stock ships and the second time without (and also with premium time and being a more experience player). The first time was awful. The second time was quite good. I’ll take the Aoba over pretty much any other T6 cruiser if given a chance. Myoko, maybe not, and I’ll admit the first time I did grind the line that’s where I stopped and then had to grind it through in coop. The issue is IJN cruisers tend to lack a flexible play style. You kite, or you die, and that’s about it. But they do what they do really well.

  17. Just finished grinding the British Light Cruisers. Yes you do get deleted very often. Just have to work out how to deal with it. Just like the slowing down thing.

  18. Personally I love love love the British light cruiser line but ye they are a bit hard to get used to coming from other cruiser lines

  19. Do certain characteristics get better on ships you re-grind? I thought I heard that somewhere.

  20. As I recall, I didn’t really feel like I suffered as much with the British light cruisers as I currently am with the UK heavies. But let that go, as I did the lights years ago. I think my biggest pain point in all the years I’ve played is the US battleship line. Actually turned me off from BBs for a long time, until I eventually got the N. Carolina. The T1-7s are just SO SLOW! Which is why I’ll probably never attempt the new ones (Kansas, Minnesota, and Vermont). But I admit: my favorite BB is the USS Massachusetts (but then, I’m local to the real ship).

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