World of Warships – Top Cat

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In which TCFreer shows that the Italian Destroyer the FR25 isn’t nearly as bad as its’ reputation would suggest. Let’s see who among you is old enough to catch the reference in the video title. 😉

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  2. Yes Jingles, boats and killer trains are cool and all, but do you remember there is Brother Dreadnought whose story we would like to continue?

  3. Everytime my team have an Italian DD…90% of the time they either die first or being reduce to such a low hp that they couldn’t contribute much

    If the enemy DD who contest cap have just 1 cruiser escort, you better run cause they will murder you

    • I have Paolo Emilio & I have unlocked Ita DD line , and I enjoyed to grind T8&T9 Ita dd , I jusr went for mix torpedo & gun boat and it work for me and I have opposite experience with Ita DD on my team … but Paolo Emilio that is other story many commanders who get her die quickly because they are dumb I saw several times Paolo Yolo yolo German bb … that have 6km hydro , but worse it to come end of the year , because many weekend warriors buy battle pass , and after 1 year and all battle pass round they will have enought RP to get one ship from RB … so Germans will go for Sigfreak , and rest will have choice save RP for T10 or get Hector cruiser … no noob will ever grab cruiser , so next ship will be Paolo Emilio , and Xmas 2023 you will see 2-3 Paolo Yolo on your team … that will die quickly .

  4. Jingles really takes a lot more satisfaction from pretending being a speeding torpedo machine than normal.

  5. That PV though…The most busted T5 tech tree BB in the game, a ship well suited to fight in T7 matches thx to its BS armor and guns, not AFK and yet just gets 87 base EP despite staying alive? WTF??? How? How is this even possible? This goes beyond criminally misplaying! This should be impossible! JC i’ld be raging at this player…

  6. Anyone else here baffled at the Pyotr Velikiy on his team managing to only get 87 base XP on a victory?

    • AFK with some secondariies hits?

    • Or… fired one salvo, got one overpen, and then disconnected?

    • @Slav Kovalsky That’s the thing though. They were not AFK. If you check the mini-map you see they moved around the map throughout the match. Granted they stayed in the back most of the time but did eventually move up into the cap circle on the enemies side of the map. I’d have thought even 1 overpen or just secondary hits alone would at least have put them above 100 base xp. Guess not.

  7. I love the IJN torp line. More than half of my kills are gun kills. A few things to remember with their guns. The turrets are like battleship turrets. Pre-aim them. Don’t miss. You need first round hits and every volley after it has to hit. Finish off the wounded. They do hit hard but you won’t win against a full health gun boat.

    • Liberal sock puppet

      I was surprised to learn that those guns slap when they manage to hit. Enjoying my mid tier J DDs in ranked.

    • did you go for the 8km or 20km torps on the yugumo?
      cause I have the 8s equipped and am thinking if I should even bother researching the others

  8. It’s okay Jingles. It’s the Italian Ship interface option, showing only friendly ships, with added “switch sides” option half way through……

  9. Thanks Boss, and everyone here. Loved playing this game, it was a lot of fun. Cheers for the kind words as well sir, massively appreciated. Hope you all enjoyed it and had a giggle.

  10. The real question here: WTF was the player in the Piotr Veliky doing all game??? He survived until the end, he wasn’t afk, and yet throughout the entire match, he managed to score 87 points only. HOW????

  11. Finally, new episode of butchering ship names, today it’s Lazo once again, turning into Italian ”Latso” all of a sudden

  12. The italians where in charge of the “remains” of the french fleet in Toulon, after the occupation of southern france. That may be the source of this “Background story”!

  13. As to what the Italians are doing with a French ship, while the Germans were the ones to try and seize the fleet at Toulon, it was the Italians who salvaged what could be recovered and began to refit them. The destroyer Lion which was part of the Guepard class was one of the few vessels seized intact and was handed over to the Italians and served as the FR 21 before the Italians scuttled it to prevent capture by the Germans in 1943. I believe that is what the FR 25 is supposed to represent

    • We actually had a second french Guepard class too, renamed FR24, but it was still refitting at the time of the Armistice, since it was one of the successfully scuttled ships at Toulon. I guess Wargaming though “what if they had a third one?”

    • So that ship got scuttled two times to not be captured in its career?

  14. Jingles commentary made good gameplay more fun to watch!

  15. Sebastian Domagala

    Could have known where the KG5 was all the time. Only 3 enemies left, cap was running, two ships spottet outside cap circle. So, where could the KG5 possibly be???

  16. Jingles, I just want to say that your joking and laughter has given me such a boost of energy today. The past couple of weeks haven’t been the best, and I’ve been taking refuge in your uploads. Today is already a not-so-great day, but your cheerful laughter has improved it tenfold. You may not see this, but I just wanted to say thank you for that. Thank you, old man!

  17. Halsford The Great

    You could tell as soon as the King George’s spotter plane was seen where he was off to. When I was a more active player the rule of thumb I followed for finding battleships was look for a spotter plane

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