World of Warships: Top Damage In The Hindenburg, EU (398k)

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A random battle played by OK_FLEET in the Hindenburg. This is the highest dmg for the Hindenburg on the EU server right now. Also the game is pretty exciting.


  1. Too many potatoes to carry..

  2. That conqerer!! Grrrrrr

  3. He has rdf. Do you have his build?
    I am thinking that stealth is alittle over rated.

    • I assume rdf might be for clan battles. I don’t have the build but I will write him a mail and ask.

    • Aetam that would be great.
      Do you think stealth is over rated sometimes. Take the NO. At least for now 9 somthing km but if I am firing every 15 sec stealth does me no good. The Pency will be seen from every corner of the map. Do you think saving thoughs points for say the skill that puts out fire and flood faster?
      Just thoughts I have.

    • Aetam your Awsom thanks for doing that!

  4. Very exciting game, great fun, very well played by OK_FLEET, shame about his friendly Conqueror though right!

  5. thegreekfirepower[WG-CC]

    And of course defeat

  6. Error 404
    Team Not found

  7. One hell of a game, well played OK Fleet!

  8. valiant effort…nice

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