World of Warships Top Five Commander Skills

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Today we are going to take a look at the top five commander skills in World of Warships and the four you should always take without fail as a newer player or a player looking to get better. There may be some debate with this, and you might get away with a couple differences, but for the most part you will always find yourself choosing these, or you should in theory.


  1. Václav Posledník

    Expert marksman on tier 2? Isn’t Adrenalin rush better in every way? Especialy in Gascogne with quite fast-turning turrets… Also this is only true for some ships. You won’t be running CE on Tirpitz.

  2. I have to disagree with you Zoup, for t2 I allways recomend Adrenaline Rush over EM, even for slow turning turrets BBs. Being able to turn damage taken into dishing out more damage is way more important, imo.

  3. Won’t this video be a bit outdated in a few weeks? With 8.0 they’re reworking the commander skills, and not just those for carriers.

    • +jsm666 3 of the 4 skills he took at this built are gonna change.

    • Yeah, gives him a reason to do an update vid, lol

    • +jsm666 Concealment is getting nerfed……..especially for BBs……………

    • jsm666, nope, after the CV rework, it becomes debatable to choose concealment for BBs as you will get constantly spotted by planes anyway. It will make more sense to select the firePreventionl. Also, there are BBs and cruisers that have excellent turret traverse speed and do not need the Expert Marksman skill. Roma definitively does not need EXpert Marksman but German BBs do not need the skill until tier 9.

    • +VuHien2011 you should always have FP on a BB anyway.

  4. I love the timing for this, just before they are changed with the CV update. Great timing.

  5. Concealment Expert on BB’s? Why, when more often than not they sit back at Extreme range and lob rounds.

  6. Misaka -Railgun- Mikoto the ace of Tokiwadai

    you are wrong for the first skill, Preventive maintenance is MENDATORY on a DD, you shouldnt be detected in the first place (minus russian gunboat dds), you should only focus on evading if that happens, and if your engine or rudder get knocked down, you are dead

    • Well it is good to know if you get in a suprise gun fight with a enemy dd how many people are shooting at you. Then you know if you can press the attack or hold back

    • i take it as first on DDs, but PT or IFA can be useful too…its a matter of preference.

    • the reason is simple:
      if you get into a gun fight, you can actually evaluate your winchances (ofc, not really necessary for the IJN DDs expect if you are a Shima or Yugumo and your enemy is a Z46 or Z52 (because these ships actually have about the same HE-DPM))
      if you are a Hybrid or a Gunboat, it can give you a lot of info about you chances of winning a gunfight, the enemy DDs is very likely to shoot you, but how about is teammates?

    • Except that with last stand that becomes almost completely irrelevant. PT gives more information, which is always useful.

    • Exactly the fucking opposite. If a normal DD you want to know how many ships are targeting you so you know if it’s worth popping your smoke. In russian gunboat DD you are spotted all the time and it doesn’t fucking matter how many people are shooting at you, you are bound to take hits far more than standard DD and that’s why you take PM. PM won’t help normal DDs because if you get yourself in a situation where PM is useful you have severly fucked up.

  7. Another video filled with misinformation and lies. When will someone from WG finally take away your CC status?! You are not helping the community, you are not helping new players. You are spreading false information and blatant lies and you get away with it. Please stop!

    Not to mention you are putting this up week or so before most commander skills get changed. Impeccable timing 10/10

    • timing was horrid…skill advice is bad. i dont agree with him on all but T4 skills, and even that is gonna be questionable soon anyway.
      the skill he recommended are USEFUL but are DEFINITLY not always the best choice. it depends on the ship parameters and the personal preference.

  8. Agree with others about preventative maintenance over priority target for
    DDs. If you are spotted, you are being shot at in a DD.

    • If you are in khab, you can handle 1 or 2 ships shooting at you. If there are more, you are in trouble and should fall back.

  9. I will in many cases take “adrenalin rush” (AR) over “expert marksman” (EM) as a first pick for both battleships and cruisers. Then going back to take EM later.
    For a new player, I can see EM being a good first choice, because you might not have the experience to plan ahead and turn your turrets in advance. But when you get to know the game, learn how to read the minimap, you will in most cases know where or what direction enemy ships are, and where you need to point your guns. If your planning is good, then AR will give you a lot more DPM than if you choose EM.

  10. Davinelson Vasconcelos

    Concealment Expert will be nerfed for some classes in 0.8, and will be very expensive to spend 4 points in many BBs.

  11. Priority Target is a waste of time. The number of ships aiming at you doesn’t matter, only the fact that you’re spotted. If you’re spotted, presume heavy fire is inbound and run away, Expert Marksman is only for battleships and cruisers with slow turning turrets. Some battleships get by without it, almost all cruisers can do without it, and only some destroyers benefit from it. Superintendent shouldn’t be your first Tier 3 pick for most ships, especially since you should probably be using full premium consumables anyway. Go for Basic Firing Training instead. Concealment Expert is not a battleship skill except for British and American battleships, every other nation’s battleships do just fine without it.

    • William Kruger well it is good to know if you are spotted and no one is targeting you they must be shooting someone else. So it tells you you are safe to keep firing or make a maneuver to turn away or into the enemy.

    • I agree. All captain skills have some use to a greater or lesser extent based on the ship and preferences of the player. However, I possess a very powerful skill that has served me well over the years. Paranoia. Everyone wants to shoot me and kill me, even in battles I’m not even playing.

    • Priority target will let you know if a DD is sending torps to you. Also, if you are in a gunboat, if you see the counter going up, it is time to run away. 1 or 2 ships aiming at you is OK.

  12. Augustuvi Primce dea.V.

    preventative maintenance > priority target

  13. I have to disagree with 3 Points, 1st. EM for Cruisers and BBs, this completely depends on the ship in question, there are enough Capital ships in this game that have turrets that will turn fast enough to never need EM at all.
    2nd. SI on DDs, I know you mentioned this later in the video, but the HP any DD will get from SE is much more valuable than SI to go first, SI is entirely up to player choice and not mandatory.
    and last. Yes, CE is OP and should be the first Tier 4 for almost all ships, except CLs, any CL should get IFHE as soon as humanly possible, and then take CE with 14 Points.

  14. why u make this video now?

  15. you should make this video on the end of Jan,,, after the CV rework the commander skill will change too

    • The captain perks haven’t changed for the last year or so and the genius does a video on them literally a week before the update.

  16. Priority Target? Why?

    Maybe its my CV abilities talking here, but I generally know who is shooting at me and who isn’t (or can’t) by position on the map and gun turret direction. Being able to tell if a DD has launched torps is such a situational skill…and in most cases can be assessed using other information (last spotted location, timer since last torp launch, my position vs his position, etc.)

    For level 1: I find preventive maintenance MORE useful for ships with bad turret armor or modules impacted that aren’t well protected.

  17. Way too many of these are wrong.
    Expert Marksman is one of my favorite skills, but it is NEVER the first Tier 2 skill. That will always be either Adrenaline Rush or Last Stand.
    Superintendent, while a great skill, is useless on many ships. Ships with a heal is very powerful, but how is Superintendent better for a Chung Mu than Surviveability Expert? Sure 7 short duration smokes is better than 6, but it’s already rare that you run out of any consumables as a Chung Mu. While 3,150 more health is ALWAYS nice. Even a DD that has a heal should take SE over SI, because it gives you more health. There are no low level DDs with a heal.
    Concealment is entirely based on how you play your ship. Expending 4 points can be great if you are sneaking around and repositioning your ship, but ships that are constantly firing gain nothing by concealment expert. Literally, there is zero benefit when you are under gun bloom, so if your play style is such that 90% of the time you are under gun bloom, then 90%+ of those 4 points is wasted.
    I’ve had games in a DD where I have more floods than gun hits, and spent most of the match at <7K away from the enemy, so Concealment can be critical depending on play style, but it is not as universal as you are stating.

    • Atm, your points are valid except for concealment expert. The only real reason to not spec concealment expert is if you need the points for a secondary build or something.
      Even on rapid fire cruisers, concealment expert lets you get closer to hit more shots or get to a better position to shoot from, and helps you get away if things are going badly. The only reason I don’t take concealment expert first on all cruisers is if they need IFHE to do damage. Perhaps something like a harugumo that already has reasonable (though not exceptional) stealth would be something where you might pass on concealment expert, too. Overwhelmingly, though, concealment expert is mandatory for nearly all ships.

  18. “…if you can even use 6 spotting aircraft…” ?!?!?!?? whaaaaaaaaaaa??????? how about “if you can even use 2………….” 🙂

  19. Zoup, this is way too generalized. I have many captains that completely skip SI for example.

  20. i have to disagree about your 1st tier 1 pick. i find Preventive maintenance of more use than knowing that people are going to shoot me. i have tried it out on the test server and i know it can be useful if a DD is stalking you , it’s just that is much more rare than taking fire and having your guns or torps knocked out.

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