World of Warships Top Five Myths of 0 6 0

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Seems like everyone has an opinion and there is still a lot of doom and gloom being spread around regarding 0.6.0 for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

I’m going to take the top five myths regarding this patch being spread right now. Things that pry into the deepest fear of players, regarding the game itself, harm to DDs and Buffs to BBs and the overall playability of the game.

Let me know your thoughts and if you agree or disagree. I’ll pick one NA or EU commenter to win a ship.



  1. My experience in high tiers is that destroyers plays more and more

  2. RPF (radio position finder) is either a blessing or a curse. I’ve not
    decided yet. I know in a few battles today, I was ‘located’ at the start of
    the battle. I mean located the moment the battle went live. That, in my
    opinion, is a bit much and shouldn’t happen until a player gets into at
    visual range, not from the moment the battle begins.

    As for the changes to the ‘survivability skills,’ yeah that was a major
    nerf to battleships Zoup. Making Basic Survivability a tier 3 skill, then
    making Fire Prevention tier 4. Then dropping the flight time from 360
    seconds to 90 for battleships? Yeah, that’s a direct action to placate
    those special snowflake DD captains that whine and QQ. Let us not forget
    that nerfed the Bismarck’s hydro under the guise of ‘balance’ too. Along
    with the short duration fighter, reduced hydro, and the second worst
    torpedo protection of any BB from tier 8 up, they’ve gone out of their way
    to make it easier to kill BBs, especially the Bismarck.

    Oh SEA it doesn’t matter what you’re sailing in, everybody spams HE. Death
    comes from being set on fire, again, and again, and again, and again ad
    nauseum. The game has become on EZ-mode where skill requirement for
    shooting is just put the piper at a lead and fire. HE does all the work for
    you. AP? Who needs it. In the words of one player, “HE just makes it easier
    for me to do damage and kill shit.” As Business6 state, “the developers
    have dumb down the game with these mechanics.”

    WG’s changes to these skill tree was to make it more difficult for captains
    to spec out so they can survive longer. This game is quickly becoming
    destroyer and cruiser centric with battleships and carriers (if you see
    them) credit/XP cows for those special snowflakes and their EZ-mode HE

  3. i agree. i’ve only run into one or two people using RPF, and they tend to
    be the people you don’t really have to worry about during matches if you
    know what i mean.

    the only thing i really see it being useful on is high tier DDs that don’t
    require AFT…which is basically none. anyone that takes RPF will be
    reducing their own combat effectiveness AND telling you that they’ve done

  4. priority target is sooooo overpowered. it allows you to see if your
    focused. you can push way harder with it because you know if you have their
    attention or not. there are tons of good things to say about it. its 1
    point and gives you a lot of important info

  5. amen dude everyone just needs to calm down a bit… it’s only game

  6. I feel to many people are missing the point of these new skills and new
    features. There is a counter to everything created and if something seems
    wrong such as this radio position finding, there is a work around. However
    where they dropped the ball with it is that it is active even when the ship
    they are detecting is not actively using a radio. They missed the boat with
    it because it should be a counter for ships that are actively using radar
    or hydro ONLY, since those are the things that in REAL LIFE can be
    detected. The actual use of this was used in the later part of WWI and all
    of WWII, but it was used to detect a ship that was actively using a radio
    system. According to the game mechanics it works on all ships and if that
    is the case then lets get down to the brass tacks of it and give the ships
    real world electronics. Such that radar is not something that could only be
    used for a minute or less, hydro on the other hand takes system resources
    and generated high heat and therefor could not be used all the time.

    Another point of radio detection is that back then it could also detect
    range. So damn if they put that in the game, it would really destroy the
    game play for the butt hurt players that think it is now causing issues.
    Look on it this way, if you are detected, you have the blessing of knowing
    someone is close to you without the expenditure of capt skills. Sure you
    dont have a fixed general location but still, it is not costing you
    anything to know this.

    Now lets get down to what is REALLY destroying this game, and it is
    something that is becoming more and more of a problem. That is the total
    lack of team play and the total ignorance of many capt to know good
    tactics. More and more I am in games with players that are totally clueless
    and are constantly doing some of the stupidest, most ludicrous things. This
    is a team game, and without team play there is very little chance of
    winning. Because of this one fact in the current state of the game the way
    it is being played, it is really not even that much fun to play anymore.
    The only time I enjoy it is when I am playing with a team that works
    together, communicates and understands the true mechanics of the game. I
    dont play anywhere near as much as I used to and it is for this one fact.
    The updates are new and sure we dont know them and have to learn tactics to
    defend against some of them. However the biggest problem with the game is
    not the game itself, but rather the players lack of understanding that it
    is a team game! If that part cant be fixed the game is doomed to be just
    another pay to play mediocre game going no where!

  7. I would like to see one small change to RDF. Allow me to turn off the
    notifications i get from other people wasting points using it. I dont care
    if im the closest ship to someone, its just more crap on my screen that
    doesnt need to be there.

  8. I have been detected by RPF a total of 3 times since release and I havent
    been bothered by it. Wow they know roughly in what direction there is a
    hidden ship but they dont know its me :D

  9. Okay, so i noticed something while playing yesterday. I was in my Langley
    (US CV) and my fighters engaged an enemy Langley. Both out fighters had
    full health because it was at the very start of the match. He engaged my
    fighters, and took ALL of them out without losing a single one of his
    fighters. Then, once i had my fighters resupplied, i sent them out again
    and it happened again. Hell, he even took out all of another CV’s fighters
    that was on my team as well… I don’t know, but i think he had some
    commander skill that made his fighters 3 times better or something. (Also,
    i had the upgraded fighter squadron)

  10. I’m sorry Zoup, but I disagree with the radio thing. I have played 16
    matches in my kagero since the update, and I have not been able to score a
    single torpedo hit. in all 16 matches I got the white arrow on my screen
    notifying me that I’ve been located. it even happened when I was the last
    one alive a couple times. shit man, I’ve been located from 20km out and I
    don’t even know who is detecting me. I have all the concealment and cammo,
    so my detection range is 5.4km, but doesn’t stop the fact that I can’t cap
    because I am always located. then I get sunk and my team complains that I
    didn’t cap. in 100% of the matches that I have played the radio location
    has had a negative effect. I was even detected in my Montana from a 1v1
    opponent who was on the opposite side of the map from me. I speak from
    experience, not from speculation. it just sucks. 10km torpedoes but I get
    detected at 20km…..yeah big buff for destroyers. not even close Zoup.

  11. You do not play the same game as I do it seems (ok I am EU and you are NA
    but anyway). DD buff ? You have the argument backwards:

    1. Lower DPS to start with …. previously 3 points got me 10% gun DPS and
    10% torpedo DPS. Now ? I am less effective until I have at least 9 points
    (Or I take at least 50% damage).
    2. Radio location is a nerf for DDS: To get full concealment benefit, I
    need to take CE and RL, so I need 14 points. The one point difference is
    meaningless in this case. Playing against RL is hard as you do NOT know who
    has it. It is hard to eliminate the one who is spotting you. It was much
    easier previously. Take CE as comparison. You get the benefit of stealth,
    but if broken you are far more vulnerable because you are much closer to
    the enemy. RL has no such drawback. In fact it has NO drawback for the buff
    to information it gives.
    3. BB buff: definitely: Adrenaline Rush, Fire Prevention … Do I need to
    start ? There are much more options available to BBs now with more
    efficiency available.

  12. WG even said RDF was put in the game to stop solo destroyer play.

  13. Have you ever played a destroyer only to get deleted by a High tier CV in
    one shot? I have, heck I’ve been near friendly ships with good AA
    protection and its happened. Its not very fun and its the leading reason I
    call CVs sky cancer. But back to topic, last week in my Fletcher I was
    approaching and empty cap when I got lit by RPF/RL, only to see all the T10
    CVs strike aircraft make a hard turn off their original baring and start my
    way. I can only assume an ship with RPF/RL got my baring, contacted their
    CV and I was on the kill list. I turned stern and ran back to my camping
    team mates. Thankfully my CV intercepted the planes before I was found.
    This skill is an annoyance most of the time but in the right hands is more
    OP than a 3 Nicolai division.

  14. I love the way the new skills are set up. You can have way more fun with
    lower tier ships, it makes them much more versatile and usable when

  15. All I can say for those who like the fact WG changed one game into another,
    is you’ll get screwed sooner or later when they remove the things you liked
    about the game. So enjoy it while you can, but don’t spend any money,
    because you don’t know what you are buying.

  16. no, destroyers are not buffed by lower concealment points. everybody who
    uses concealment build like USN BB and cruisers benefits from it. DD got
    nerf on their DMP because Basic firing training now require 3 points.

  17. I still hate radio.

  18. I absolutely LOVE Inertia Fuse – since the update I’ve gotten 2 Arsonist
    badges with my Belfast. And I use Priority Target in my Belfast as well – I
    don’t use my smoke all the time (unless you’re running with a few other
    ships you get focused as soon as you pop it) and it’s nice to know when I
    need to be more attentive to my surroundings instead of using zoom to make
    sure I have the right aim on my shells at range. If there’s only 1 ship (or
    none) targeting me I can go about my business, but if I see 2 or more, it’s
    time to start evasive maneuvers.
    I have RDF on a couple lines but so far I haven’t used them that much, so I
    don’t have a fully formed opinion on it yet. The trick, with me at least,
    is to get used to what it looks like when you are using it versus when the
    other person is – I’ve gotten a few notifications with the little white
    arrow, but it didn’t seem to be all that accurate anyway. Today it pointed
    to the upper left corner of my screen but after a few seconds the arrow
    disappeared and a ship appeared in the top center of my screen – I assumed
    that was the ship I was being warned about, but it wasn’t where the arrow
    said it was. Still, it was a decent generalization of where I should focus
    my attention.
    I’ve actually been playing my Japanese DDs a little MORE than usual lately,
    and it doesn’t seem that anything has really changed. The biggest problem
    I’m running into is still Radar, not RDF. And there are still plenty of
    flatliners out there who seem to be just as WASD-ignorant as ever.
    I wasn’t sure this update would be as nightmarish as it was made out to be
    – I was overwhelmed with numbers so I figured since there was nothing to do
    anyway, I just waited till it came out. I had done the first PTS round but
    not the second (Christmas convoys) and wasn’t sure what might have been
    changed anyway. And frankly it doesn’t seem to me as if the changes are
    nearly as earth-shattering as was expected. I sail ships ranging from tiers
    5 – 9 and gameplay seems to be the same overall.

  19. I was one of the people really REALLY worried about RDF. I tried it. It was
    useless 99% of the time. Playing Teir V to X I rarely even see myself
    “detected” once ever 20 games or less. The real OP skills are Adrenaline
    Rush and the double fighter one for BBs IMO. It seems fine to me

  20. Relic Hunting Denmark

    Give the new 060 a chance. you will just might like it.

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