World of Warships Top Five Premium Ships of 2016

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is here and I’ve decided to look back at what we got as far as premium during . Better yet, I decided to rank what I felt were the top five premium ships.

I did not count premium ships that’s were reward ships and available by completing certain feats. That is why you won’t see the Flint or the Missouri. These are ships that became available for purchase by everyone.

The top 5 ships were fairly easy to pick, however, there placement was a little tougher within the top five. I still don’t know if I got number one and two correct, and I switch back and forth on them.

Also, I included what I felt were the worst two premium ships of the year. One was so utterly useless its only been played 20,000 rounds in North America since its release.

Anyhow, what do you all think? Do you agree with my selections? Was I off a bit? Let me know your thoughts. I’m interested to hear them.


  1. Arizona is a beast. I have her and I have set my Highest damage and most
    kills in her also. you can citadel Nagato class Battleship and even
    Amagi’s. If you enjoyed the New Mexico then the Arizona is a recommended
    ship to get.

  2. fun part… the recap say Dunkerque as nr 5 instead of 4 and Arizona as 4
    instead of 5 xD

  3. My only clear sky award is with the hosho 😀 The next will come with the
    Tier 10 Japanese CV. Focus on fighters ^^

  4. No love for Leningrad?

  5. Fingers crossed for Haida and Enterprise this year

  6. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    Does the Belfast have the special British AP shells with short fuses and
    good overmatching angles?

  7. Mine is Blyskawica, because it is the only premium ship in my port XD

  8. your summary was mistaken…arizona was place 5 and dunkirk was 4.
    also i think the indianapolis isnt bad…as its similar to new orleans, and
    i would like to have her.
    however i never played it so…i dont really know what u dont like about it
    so much

  9. Where would you rate the Murmansk? I really enjoy that ship.

  10. i really can’t rate the kutuzov high, i know its a good ship but those low
    caliber guns really let you down in a lot of circumstances, considering
    their not even that rapid fire for how low caliber they are.

  11. I got a Kutuzov out of a $3 santa crate and holy hell is it amazing. It’s
    an absolute joy to play and I almost ALWAYS do well in it.

  12. Picked up the Texas last night for 2500 doubloons a blast to play and the
    guns hit like a train ?

  13. What about USS Saipan?

  14. little sad the blyska did not get in there it is a fantastic DD for T7 :)

  15. you mixed up dunkirk and Arizona in your compilasion at the end ,-))

  16. It’s funny. I got the Krispy Kreme just a couple of days ago, and I’m
    already falling in love with it.

  17. hey baddy, you forgot the Leningrad, which is the best tier7 prem atm, it
    shows that you need easy to play ships to have fun

  18. Leningrad is so good!

  19. Mine is molotov

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