World of Warships – Top Secret

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  1. 0:24 : is it a crocodile?

  2. Storms battle ?

  3. Night fighting, combined with cyclone?

  4. korath Ko no content account

    Mhh maybe weather that interacts directly with the ship
    Like pushes you or even damages the ship
    Night maps and ship illumination
    Or Just more cyclones but that still boring

  5. What about bottom secret?

  6. Waves that are higher than 1foot ?

  7. submarines

  8. English Aircraft Carrier , the one of the video is like the illustrious class

  9. Shut up and take my money!

  10. uuuuhrrraaaaa

  11. test

  12. I just want my night battles, and beautifull ship lighting

  13. Yeah Night Battles Hype !!!

  14. zarko bogosavljevic


  15. HD Ships? :O

  16. fog blind or limited visual system? oh yeah no more smokes please

  17. a ship in form of an island…

  18. ZEUS ULTI!

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