[World of Warships] TOP SHIPS OF 2017

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Which ships were in the most popular in 2017? Who are the newcomers and who lost their popularity? Find out in our new video series ‘Chart Off”! Say hi to series’ host — Alena Ermolaeva!

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  1. What did you do with Dasha?

  2. Is this the part where we pretend to be surprised that the Top5 is all BBs?

  3. “It’s not popularity, it’s love!”

    No it’s not love, it’s called being stuck in a tier and having to grind on hours to get the next ship in line. I’m sure many players would prefer to play Interwar/WW2 era battleships rather than Great War era dreadnougths

    • Selçuk Kaynak if you know how to play and the ship his history dreadnought are very fun they have good armor decent aa lots of guns and they’re slow and steady and a lot of dreadnought served into ww1 and ww2 most of them were blown up at the nuke testing near bikini islands like the uss Nevada uss arkansas

    • Wyoming is a great ship and only takes a few battles to get past. These numbers are absolutely not because of awful grind as she’s really easy to get through in a few battles

    • Wyoming does not take long to get though i still have mine but i prefer the Arkansas beta

    • id really like to play pre dreadnought era ships but with either more health or less hard hitting shots longer life basically and less fires

    • 6 guns with 4 facing backwards is always a huge advantage in BB gameplay. You can effectively hide your profile while sending a devastating blow to the enemy. This is a good tactic in the Fuso, run while slinging 12 shells 16km away. Really difficult to pen a Fuso doing this.

  4. Where’s DASHAAAAA???

  5. “Shokaku set a record for biggest decline in popularity.”
    Y E A R O F T H E C A R R I E R

    • No, Wargaming warned us when they declared 2017 the “Year (we cause the death) of the Carrier” just a small translation error

    • Yeah wargaming screwed up badly, their Year of the Carrier did the most damage to the line of anything and they still have no idea how to fix them so that cv’s aren’t horrific anti-fun monsters when handled by great players, and laughing stock lodestones for their team when handled by bad to average players. The skill gap is just too extreme.

    • For sure and by extension they weaken the whole American line because their primary focus is raw AA power.

    • They need to allow more than 2 carriers per team. This limit on carriers makes it difficult to find a match, and you are typically dead meat if you use a Japanese Carrier.

  6. Bayern has an accuracy of a manure spreader.

  7. Give Dasha back. Now.

  8. I actually think Alana is hotter, Dasha tho was a better presenter

  9. Top 5 most played are all battleships
    Y E A R O F T H E A I R C R A F T C A R R I E R

  10. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about new series? Do you like our new host? We are waiting for your comments!

    • Where’s Dasha???

    • * I’d much, MUCH have preferred to see the TOP10, instead of only top 5; both 2016 & 2017.

      * What a massive SHOCK I’m in, BB’s most popular/most played in 2017? Who would have thought??
      Maybe nerf IJN DD’s a bit more, torpedo concealment now at 3 km, and -5 knot speed, but in return, they get higher flood chance, that’ll stem the BB tide!
      (/s, because without it you lot probably wouldn’t realize)

      * How about stop with the fucked up gimmick/broken ships, like Graf Zep, Asashio,.. and instead buffing a few ships like the IJN DD’s, and imo, Zao, .. poor Izumo..
      Oh, whilst we’re at it.. rebalancing (reworking) the RN BB line and their built-in cloak device + nanobot construction devices. Bonus points for their Plasma shells.
      AND: the MM.. FUCK the current MM.

      * Frankly speaking, you could have put all that, in a post that I’d have been able to read in less than a minute, instead of a 5 min video..
      Bonus points: it would have taken far less effort too from your part.

    • World of Warships Official Channel Better than Dasha

    • Hope dasha is still around and not being replaced. but YES she’s CUTE!!!!!

    • it is for 2017. French BBs are not born yet.

  11. 3 of the top 5 are German BBs. Woop-woop!

  12. *World of Battleships*

    • Gale Wings Jordan

      Lee Hong Hui. Do you border hug? She is a great ship the fuso. Lots of inaccurate guns. Get close and citadel the ship out of citidelable ships. So not dds or German battleships.

    • Lee Hong Hui Fuso is a massive shotgun ship for people who cannot aim properly

    • Just more targets for your DDs to kill hehe

    • Fuso is great. dont go just for citadels…make sure u hit with more shells so u get more pen dmg. u cant always expect to easily citadel BBs but u can try…especially when close.
      Wyoming is great too!
      dont care about kills, they are meaningless.

  13. Everyone is like “WHEA IZ DASHA?!?!”
    How about “Hi Alena! Nice to meet you!” 😀

  14. Wyoming? Love? Popularity? LOL. Its just people Suffering to grind, when they do they need more battles. ANYONE that has a higher tier US BB would play that. Maybe NewMexico or Indeed NorthCarolina. For not mentioning Bismarck that was free given and is the most viable ship of its line. Forgot to mention Minekaze the most stupidly nerfed ship ever!

    • ThorimFlammenbart

      So much this…battles fought alone can not be tortured into a “popularity” measure when you have to grind through them. That is just bad statistics. Just call them “most played”. 😀

    • If you’re suffering playing a video game then stop playing it and get a new one.

    • You do know every tier 5,6,7,8,9, and even some tier 10s have longer grinds than the Wyoming right? Took me half the battles to finish the Wyoming than the New York. It people were only playing it for the grind then the New Mex would be higher. Also that would mean the people who did the American BB line prior to 2017, which would be a fuck ton of players and majority of players with access to the ship, would have no reason to play it. So yes, seeing this tier 4 get more played than other higher tiered ships does say that people like to sealclub with it because of tier 4 matchmaking.

    • Alefy Music this is quiet an essay

  15. She is cute and all and can do the job. BUT WHERE IS DASHA!? DASHA OR RIOT!

  16. Look at how she enjoyed talking about the destruction of IJN in the game… The powercreep is real

  17. Adobe Photoshop CS6

    Give Dasha back now. We like Dasha not Alena…………..

  18. Andres Montenegro

    What a beauty is Alena!

  19. Cat With Bag on Head

    Minekaze was hit with a giant nerf bat, that’s why she fell, which sucks because I loved my Minnie.

  20. Александр Никитин

    найс гёрл)))))))))

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