World of Warships- Top Ten Premium Ships

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My 10 favorite premium ships.


  1. What Skyrim mod is this?

  2. Hey give Roma some love. The most underestimated yet sexiest Tank of T8 ranked season. If you’re used to German BB dispersion, you’ll do better in it. It’s not bad as they say, gotta get used to it. I can confidently hit DDs with it’s gun. the reward you get are high alpha damage and uber tankiness. Took me abt 30 games in Roma to Rank10. Slap on your fireproof and invisible cloak and laugh at your enemies trying so hard to set fires while you’re bouncing ap shells everywhere. I dubbed mine the mini yamato of T8. Like the yamato, don’t show your sides tho. ? Cheers!

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Well, my problem with Roma is that against other T8s, it will do fine, but when you get up-tiered to T10…oof
      18.1km range does not do well, along with the insane dispersion.I’d be fine with the range and overpens if they would just buff the dispersion some, I’ve played ALOT of German BBs and I’ve come to accept their dispersion as the norm, but the Roma is infuriating with the dispersion/overpen combo.

      That being said, I love its speed/maneuverability, its a proper tanky battleship, I’ve bounced Yammy shells in it just to sail by their broadside and laugh as I obliterate their citadel. And it’s concealment is fantastic, you can get right up next to another BB and you’re on them before they can swing their turrets around.

      But just the dispersion really kills it for me. When you land shots on cruisers, they’ll overpen 9/10 times. Which would be fine, if I could consistently land shots on them, but I can’t cause the dispersion is all over the place. Against other BBs at medium to close range, its great. But when you get uptiered to T10 and are at such a range disadvantage since most of the T9 and T10s BBs are gonna be sitting back at 20+KM for over half the match. That leaves you with the cruisers to chew through before you can get to the BBs, and you just can’t cause you’re gonna overpen their broadside and bounce on their bow since the guns are only 15 inch.

      Don’t get me wrong I want to like the ship, I really do, my first really successful video was on the Roma. So I have a special relationship with it. Anyway, I’m glad you’re finding success in it, keep it up!

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten Yes I totally agreed with everything you’ve said. I too faced that problem when facing high tiers. It truly shines in ranked becaause it’s tier for tier but not so much in randoms, gotta be sneaky using concealment to land ninja shots to higher tiered ships then disappear to reposition elsewhere. But still it’s a fun ship to sail with it’s slot-machine-like RNG. She’s definitely my top 3 among other BBs!

    • Roma is the most garbage premium at tier 8, man. I could deal with wildly inaccurate guns. I could deal with miserably bad AA and extreme vulnerability to AP bombs. I could deal with a ship that suffers brutal citadel damage from everyone. I can’t deal that I’m stuck with all three cons on the same ship. She has per perks like high shell velocity, good concealment, and good protection against HE spam … and of course that she is one of the sexiest looking ships in game. But a ship should either be a glass megacannon like the Yamato, or an uber tanky but unreliable gunship like Hood. But the fact that she is so ridiculously easy to take down AND exceedingly trollish with her guns has made it the single worst investment for me in this game to date.

      Roma needs either a big boost to her sigma OR her citadel lowered to the waterline. Fix one and you’ve fixed the ship.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I agree that she needs a tweak to her sigma, especially with an 18.1km range. But with how she is now, you can get by in Tier 8 matches but if (and when) you get uptiered, she’s outmatched by everything and I think Wargaming is aware of this since they pulled her from the store so fast, like I blinked and then she was gone. Hopefully they’ll give her the fix she needs.

  3. Emeraldking208 Bosshydra Momentore

    here is my list of top 10 favorite premiums
    10 Scharnhorst
    9 Scharnhorst
    8 Scharnhorst
    7 Scharnhorst
    6 Scharnhorst
    5 Scharnhorst
    4 Scharnhorst
    3 Scharnhorst
    2 Scharnhorst
    1 This is surprising, but it is Scharnhorst. Shocker, am I right?

  4. I used to love the Arizona too.. but the constant tier 8 matchmaking killed it. 2/3 of my games in it are tier 8.
    Some ships can do good even at bottom tier, but that combo 21 knot + AA + easy pen from any t8 BB is… rough.
    So the Scharnhost is my favorite premium BB now, thanks to its speed, rof and torpeduuuus 🙂

  5. The roma is my favourite ship but i think it could use a secondary buff meaning a range increase to about 10 km and maybe be able to switch ammunition on them as a gimmick. Ps the roma has a total of 4 120mm secondary guns which just do nothing in game , this needs a fix as well

  6. Misouri is teh best and probaly the belfast the second best

  7. andreas pedersen

    “The only remaining pre-dreadnaught”… weeeeeell.. It’s a super dreadnaught, and the only remaining. If we talk about pre-dreadnaught, i believe the Mikasa (Premium T2) is the only remaining from its era 🙂

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Yeah I meant to say “The only remaining Dreadnaught era” but I already had to re-record my script five times due to other mistakes, so I just stuck with it lol

  8. The Texas is the last remaining *dreadnought* battleship, not *pre-dreadnought* battleship. Also, it’s 375k FXP to get the Nelson, not 325k, though you can throw a credit card to get it if you have enough convertible XP.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Yeah I meant to say “Last remaining dreadnought” but I already had to rerecord the script 5 times due to other mistakes so it just slipped through, along with the price of Nelson.

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