World of warships – Top tier Kutuzov

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Remember that ship that’s no longer available in premium shop??? No? You already forgot???


  1. Hey stop making so many awesome vids…..I need to get yard work done!!! Dammit. Thumbs up as always. X-)

  2. ARRRGHHH remind me?? you HAD to bring back the Cancerov into my thoughts and mind

  3. Almost as cancerous as the Belfast. Almost.

  4. Nice one Flambass well played .. hows you back after all that carrying ?

  5. Fake! T8 is never Top Tier kappa

  6. TheCompulsiveWinner

    Kutuzov is an absolute monster when top-tier. I feel bad for anyone who sold the ship back to WG…

  7. after years not playing this ship,i was thinking its time to use it again.
    i start 1 coop game,got oneshottet by a bismark 17km away.
    = byebye kutusow!

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