World of Warships – Torp boat, Gun boat, Scout, Killer, Carryer

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Fantastic, crazy, filled with nail-biting moments game.

When a torp boat has to do everything and play all roles in the same time.

When you realize that doing everything might not even be enough xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. old bull and young bull in a field. young bull lets run across there and bonk some of those cows. old bull lets walk across and bonk them all!!!!

  2. WG pls buff benham where are the subs homing torpedos!!!???

  3. The 3 BBs in the south where so useful in this match.

  4. the benham seems so stupid with its good gun power and crazy torp power, its got way better torp power than a torp specced gearing and only loses two guns and some health for it, but also goes down a tier

  5. 124 torpedoes launched !!! nice reload .

  6. Torpedoes launched *124* thats pretty insane.
    Imagine reloading this DD in port.

    • A couple of days ago i saw a German Submarine Doc. They left port for a exercise and all there torpedo tubes where filled with beer bottles…. LOL

      • IIISentorIII well did you know that the Leopard 2 series has a unspecified rack/opening in the turret basket that has exactly the size of a beercrate for 24 bottles

    • @Schnittertm1 they will help you float… and if you trigger the propellers, you might get 55 up to 55 kts

    • @IIISentorIII a much better use of torpedo launchers, indeed

    • My shima is having torpedo envy

    • The Benham ABSOLUTELY should have it’s torp reload nerfed 50%. At 85s, it’s WAAAY less than other 4-torp laucnhers, and ludicrously lower than the torpedo-boat IJN stuff (even a Yugumo has 112 sec reload). The reload on the torps should be a MINIMUM of 120s. It’s fucking ridiculous that this is like this, when WG cries about the IJN “torp spam”. As far as I’m concerned, the WG Devs are some of the most idiotic hypocrites on the planet.

  7. What a well balanced ship.

  8. god bless BBs ….what a op dd !

  9. Benham – another Russian bias?

  10. Might as well put 50 torps on each side with a reload of 20 sek. And increase the range to to 50km and the torp speed to 80kts to make it even more realistic…

  11. Ymir the Primordial

    “Just fired torpedoes in the wrong direction”
    -Meanwhile, torpedo hit flags keep popping up off to the side.

  12. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    K, u play a lot of ships, so whynaut try out the Aigle? One of the most fun t6 dd’s in my book

  13. taking a piss of Akatsuki that runs away… while running away 😀

  14. try the asian server, this wont ever happen!!

  15. “When a torp boat has to do everything and play all roles in the same time.”

    Well then it’s a good thing the ship is OP and _can_ do everything…

  16. Lmao and the kitakami was too “strong” to be in the game.

  17. After watching this video, it is quite obvious that War Gaming must immediately NERF Flambass.

  18. “I say; damn you sir…” — That Jutland.

  19. That perfect “sinking chime” lined up with the music moment at 9:59…. the epitome of satisfaction

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