World of Warships – TORP magnet

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Just count the torps
Also the end is….kinda…..flambaFISH xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. This will aid my Sunday morning recovery!

  2. _Titty_The_Animal_

    Hans for Captain
    attempt #3

  3. it’s ok Flambass we all have Derpiz moments …….. lol .. Flambahug

  4. I think Flambass you need to sit down in a dark corner and take a breathe……too many games…….too many ships……what was I just doing lol

  5. This is for your Commander

  6. omg the potato tirpitz at the end…

  7. Flambass, stop sailing and drink!

  8. that Tirpitz tho, oh my lord.

    • At least load AP, if you shoot HE at a broadside target at <10km you should be taken outside and beaten to death with a stupid stick.

    • Hehe, nothing that you didn’t already say in the video. The level of play just shows why they call it the Derpitz.

    • Players we always end up playing with who people rage at and they don’t get why!

    • Someone's Youtube Username

      He must have been collecting footage for a “How NOT to play Tirpitz” video. Surely!

  9. FlambaFish 😜

  10. Henriks Ļevčenkovs

    Hans for kindest crazy bloke! My whole family is cheering you on!

  11. Don’t understand why the MA’s secondaries need line of sight to start firing.

    If you can brawl with it, it is indeed fun. But that is not often, had to reduce sec range to get the main guns to somewhat of a normal range.

    And that last BB, just wow. That is why I wish for more PVE stuff.

  12. Your very own Jingles moment?

  13. 20:10 flamba pulled a jongles Kappa. And yeah 20:52 , 33 torps spotted

  14. Hans derping around your stream, I suppose

  15. Speshialll , task complete lol

  16. If you ever want to learn how NOT to play, watch a Tirpitz.

  17. And here I thought I was getting featured on Flambass channel, what a disappointment.

  18. Always great to see a video from you Flambass keep up the good work

  19. HE’s already having jingles moments?
    hes that old????????????

  20. Jourdan Fernandez

    Observe a Derpitz, become a Derpitz! #CautionaryTale

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