World of Warships – Torpedo Dodging Minigame

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That warships ad about torpedo dodging minigame is true 😛 I finally played it last night!


  1. Glorious video!

    Can you”re Next *Know your Ship* Episode be on the Wyoming or Nevada?

  2. I foresaw this.
    Their wish fulfilled, though with a plot twist.

  3. Alejandro Ochagavía

    That was really well played, I think I’d have been too greedy and died hehe

  4. I remember that ad world of warships did about dodging torps it was one the things that made want to play world of warships lol

  5. That was interesting to watch, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before.
    (Never heared about that ad though.)

  6. Nice Vid!
    But its totally possible to attack both targets without losing the option to shoot the shima^^
    You aim in front a bit right of the bow and start forcing the rear guns to turn in your favor for the hindenburg then simply switch view and targets and shoot before the frontguns turn to wide….dada problem solved bro 😉 Sry for my bad english….its not my native as german 🙂
    Sincerly Lagoon0815

    • yep, what he said.

    • Agreed but say the shima decides to pop up part way through that transition, you are royally screwed. SO do you turn into ship narrowing your profile or do yo turn away to get guns on target risking an easier hit on yourself?

    • Warner Moczulski not really, he’s rotating is front guns to the right of his ship, that means while aiming his tears quickly at the other target, his front turrets would actually be returning to perfect position to shoot the Shima, unless he took like 10+ seconds to shoot his rear guns. He was also very late in the repair parties imo, especially at first.

      With that on note, their Shima should have rode the edge of the cap to the opposite side of the Montana to torpedo his opposite side in expectation that the Monty would idle behind that island. Yes there was enough room for him to edge the cap without being detected. Was about 6.1-6.3 km from edge

    • Agree with the torpedo part, tricky to do but doable, I still think the gun turning and aim would be rather risky, I don’t know how fast his guns turn though I’m just going of my experience with generally slow BB guns an having to move my entire ship to get 3 degrees of turn in quickly, which isn’t a big deal at range and in open water.

  7. yeah chase the quote your looking for is “Play a survival Minigame”

  8. Torpedobeat intensifies

  9. Here’s an idea for a mini game.
    Battleship Golf It.
    Drop a 1+ ton shell in somebody’s backyard swimming pool over 30 km away.

  10. I am still upset about One salvo on me took my 11000 HP out 🙁

  11. Might wanna take a quick look at your end card there bro, a little, stock

  12. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    dont forget to play some Eurobeat as the BGM…


  13. You know chase in that turret situation you could aim at 1 or 2 degrees at the starboard side so your front guns are still relatively facing front while your back turrets will try to turn in counterclock wise, trying to get to starboard side. and when your rear turrets are pointing at the target quickly take the shot and look at shima’s position again.

  14. Yeha I get that ad often watching your videos lol. “S I N K T H E Y A M A T O !”

    Speed modulation, basically how I play.

    Yeah so many times I wish I had separate gun controls, would make engaging 2 even 3 ships way easier and more exciting.

    Dunno how like left control turret number and it switches to that gun view only and you individually aim the gun or you hit left control [Key] and it gives you full control of aft only, bow only, port and/or starboard guns only. (War Thunder has it figured out, works well enough for me and so did Navyfield but that game is quite a bit different).

  15. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
    we actually it made it on TV

  16. btw your salvo at 4:30 is a few KM too short, our shima was at the cap edge all the time

  17. Wow thats quick upload from you. I was the yamato, I have to say I made a poor decision to try pushing against 3 cruiser without support. GG for your team and of course you for pulling off such amazing play.

  18. It was pretty funny on Discord, must admit.

  19. We need an achievement of dodging torpedoes!

  20. Great standoff.

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