World of Warships – Torpedo Evasion For Rookies

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  1. Great video. I can see this being really good for new players.

  2. Bruce Wayne is Deadpool

    6:03 Just one thing. Given that the Grozovoi is extra thicc and that he was slightly angled and the one AP shell armed, I’m pretty sure you dealt a lot more damage than what you would deal with he. Also I mean the tutorial was nice but if you had activated reload boost in the beginning my guess the video would be sadly a lot shorter 😛

    • I actually did activate reload booster after it turned broadside and launched it’s first salvo at me. Which is how I hit it 3 times before it ducked into the cap. I didn’t activate it before that because I wanted to make sure it was going to try and run and not hide in smoke.

  3. in BB you should always use AP to shot DD

    • Not true at all. It is totally situational depending on the BB and the target DD. Most AP will overpen the DD before it has time to detonate and do maximum damage. HE however explodes on contact, sets fires, knocks out modules, and will cause more damage than an AP overpenetration.

    • That is not strictly true, a broadside DD will just overpen, which makes HE a smarter choice, bow in or stern will be the time to chose AP

    • Correct. If a DD is coming straight at you, overpens will actually work to your advantage and gut the DD from bow to stern as it punches through and usually results in instant deletion.

  4. good lesson. Thank you

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