World of Warships – Torpedo Magnets

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I don’t know what it is about and torpedoes. Seriously, you don’t HAVE to catch them all, they’re not Pokémons.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz , 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Before the video starts, I just want to say IM A TORPEDO MAGNET!

    Edit: Okay that was actually pretty cool and about German Captains and ZE TORPEDOES! I very much remember a tier 9 game on The Sleeping Giant and I was in the most paper thin of paper thin tier 7 cruisers; The Shchors. So I had some hardbass kicked in and was capping A. Alone. What does this Big Freddy do?

    “SWOOGITY SWOOG, COMIN’ FOR DAT RUSSIAN BOOTY!” About 40 seconds later, he went from a full health FDG to a sinking smoldering wreck and I was below 600hp before getting finished off by a Buffalo from across Narnia. TORPEDO MAGNETS!

  2. Last time I was this early, we had breaks in the salt mines

    • Only for you Alpha Shift spankers, the rest of us did full shifts.

    • Jack Krueger Oi!! I have been working in the mines for Jingles from the start, when he went by the moniker of Bohemian Eagle. I have been around almost the longest, and there have NEVER been breaks in the salt mines, unless you are a Deputy Commander, like me, in which case you don’t mine salt, but make others do it. Back to work peasant, or it is triple shifts with a broken off and rusty spoon. No that is too considerate. No, you do quadruple shifts with a dull nail file.

    • @Jack Krueger And now that you posted that dead meme, we wont ever get breaks, good job.

    • @Josh Creepa actually nowadays theres an annual 5 minute break. Health and safety said it was dangerous not to give us one you see, the bloody killjoys.

    • Grimm Ronin well then, you should consider yourselves lucky. I may sound like an old man, but back when I first started, there were no breaks and you had to use your bare knuckles to break off rock hard chunks of salt. Now you can use a tool, and you have breaks. Lucky bastards. However, I’m of the opinion you should EARN a break, not be GIVEN a break.

  3. Oh my god. I’ve never actually been awake for one of your normal videos. Since I’m here in the U.S I’m asleep when you upload. This is cool.

  4. Currently in Texas it is 1 AM. While I would generally be asleep, the mines call for my service early today. I shall mine extra salt for Lord Jingles today.

  5. 7:55 it says that he killed the Scharnhorst with dive bombs. Go HOME WORLD OF WAR SHIP YOUR DRUNK!

  6. *New Jingles Upload
    *Ten minutes ago

    First Comment: *10 MINUTES AGO*

  7. I think the joke starts something like “So there I was with a full secondary build…”

  8. 6:00 funny you should mention that Jingles… Because Wargaming’s chat filter will actually censor out the word ‘shit’ in “Ashitaka”, if you use the in-game commands to call for your team to focus it… “A****aka” will appear in the chat window… Wargaming literally be out here censoring the Imperial Japanese Navy!

    In other news, the filter will also censor out ‘butter’ and ‘button’ because ‘butt’ is a very naughty word which nobody in the world of online gaming would ever stoop so low as to use in chat… right?

    • Reminds me of the times you could not trade Pokemon called Cofagrigus (misspelling for sure) in multiple games due to the fact that it had the word fag in it… so you had to nickname it in order to trade it with someone

    • And in Bulgarian “Aka” (Ака) is a word about someone shitting. So they partially censor a word and accidentally re-create it!

    • ah yes, the “Scunthorpe problem” of chat censor bots

  9. “making a decision that is going to get him killed”. yeah, but also he made a decision that won the game, so he would have gotten a big compliment from me 🙂

  10. Did anyone notice that at 7:58 in the killfeed it showed that Franky had sunk the Scharnhorst using aerial bombs
    Edit: wow every killfeed is wrong probably a replay bug

  11. Technically, Jingles, the Kirov is a tier V *heavy* cruiser!


  12. My 4 year old grandson loves The Mighty Jingles. He asks Google, “Any New Mighty Jingles on YouTube?”
    Great job!

  13. Me with my Tirpitz, and Scharnhorst; playing them like massive destroyers….
    “Nothing to see here Jingles….”
    (I do tend to spend the first half of a match at range, but if I see a lone battleship, or slow cruiser, with no torpedoes, closeby that I can charge down, I will gladly do it…. Before moving back to slaughtering ships at 10-15km, who don’t want to get withing 10-5km and enter secondary range….

  14. 7:54 apparently according to the kill feed those torpedoes jumped out of the water and landen on the deck of the Scharnhost
    8:27 this time those AP holes were so big that they let too much water in…

  15. “Is there a German Battleship captain joke we non-German Battleship captains just don’t get?”

    The joke’s the manuverability of German BBs- or rather the lack thereof.

  16. 15:13 – 15:20
    Mostly overeagerness to use secondary battery and the occasional torpedoes, plus our over dependence on our Super-Hydro for early warning of inbound Eurobeat compilation material.

    That, or the blindly drunk secondary gunners have shared their apparently plentiful alcohol ration with the command staff, and to an extent the player. (But for real though, you would think that a battleship with the correct fire control would be about as accurate as the 4/5/6 inch guns on DDs and CLs)

  17. As mainly a german battleship player, I ask myself: what is it about shima players that they just have to launch all their torpedoes at me no matter what else happens? And why does that include shimas on my own team?

    • They think “the man in the high castle” is true.

    • well, you’re probably one of those … people, who always YOLO in their german BB and push parts of the map that shouldn’t be pushed in a BB, which makes you the nuumber one target for any DD and also puts you in the firing line of friendly DDs

  18. Jingles: You didnt recognize it at the time but at the beginning a guy was ragequitting hard (DD) because there where CV’s in the game. He wrote it in german (typical german ragekid style) and then left the game. Sad you missed that.

  19. Yes, there is a German Battleship joke:

    We say “We’ve been Bismarck’d!” every time we get hit by torps, and some people find it too funny to not let happen.

  20. AgainstTheSystem .ATS

    “Historycally accurate..” in WOWS?!?!Not many things are that….its a game that goes,fast, the same path WOT did:down the drain.

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