World of Warships Torpedo Marksmanship Tutorial – Approach, Attack, Egress

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This guide is intended for beginners that just can’ figure out torpedoes. While it is not all-inclusive, it provides one method for attacks, in an attempt to help the player discover ways to plan and execute their torpedo runs.


  1. First. Sup Zoup.

  2. You forgot step 4. Pray to RNJesus.

  3. Build a wall of torps and make the battleships pay for it !

  4. You forgot the first rule of torpedos. don’t fire them behind allies 🙂

  5. Yo, where are the results of the last ship give away and when is the next one?

  6. Little note: fullscreen game fram would be beneficial a bit more (in the mobile sreen’s world especially…)

  7. Two that you missed are to let players know that while in torpedo mode it does not show as a target lock on an enemy ship. This can come in handy if the idea is to sneak up on a vessel but not necessarily let them know you are there. This is especially true if the player knows they are not in range of enemy ships. The likely hood that they have the target capt skill is extremely high and will know if an enemy is targeting them. it is also a factor that I use sometimes to know if an enemy is close, I will shoot my guns to see if a target has locked onto me but has not been able to detect me. This is a key stealth tactic that should not have been left out of the tutorial.

    Another tactic that should have been included is the idea that in torpedo mode it is very easy to identify the travel direction and speed of a ship at range. Even if the intent is not to fire torpedoes this is a fantastic way to identify direction of travel or how fast an enemy ship is moving.

    • It is about the most basic concepts like crude torpedo geometry. You’re talking game mechanics, also very important as it can tip off an alert target, but they don’t affect geometry. 6 minutes isn’t much time for a lot of detail.

  8. Another side note about guns…don’t fire them if you haven’t been spotted…When I play DDs I usually hold my guns until I have been spotted, or I can fire on targets without being detected, like in cover. I think the best mid-tier DD is the Fujin/Kamikaze once you get a 10pt commander on her with concealment, then you have a larger buffer to stay hidden but still be able to sneak, shoot, and scoot. Oh, and watch out for the BBs with Torps too, they can be a nasty surprise if you aren’t paying attention…

  9. Thank you

  10. Dear Zoup,

    I’ve managed to get these basics down, and am fairly successful against targets that run in a straight line and don’t change speed. I am having a lot of problems with players whom my friends describe as using “WASD hax”, how do I overcome this and get the same success I do against those big dumb battleships??

    • u have watch your pray, see how she moves, watch that smoke stack to see if they are moving full speed, use the auto torp aim more as a guild line to is he wasd hax “should wobble abit”, and make a calculated under or over shot depending on your estimations,

  11. Torpedoes are the reason why i am not able to complete any of the campaigns….. i have been playing this game on and off for two years and i have zero kills recorded in random for torpedoes! ….. There is always an excuse…. oh he was torpedo savy, oh they got him first, oh i died, oh he was torpedo savy, oh that idiot blocked my torps, oh that other guy got him first, oh he was torpedo savy, oh i died….. and so on and so forth over and over forever and ever….. Mostly though, the rare opportunities that i get are spoiled by someone else killing it first. Eventually you simply have to say enough is enough, i stopped doing my destroyer line, mothballed it, mothballed the campaigns…. i am a happy player now, even accidentally got my first random battle torp kill the other day in my Gaff spee!!! F miracle!!!!

  12. wait and see an advance video for launching torp and tell you to unlearn things you learnt in this vid.
    Fire you guns to bait people into the torps,
    don’t line them up to the grey line to compensate maneuvers
    use island to block line of sight and get well within spotting range without getting spotted
    imo, launching torp in this game alone is a form of art…..those calculation behind each successful launch is not as easy as people think.

  13. Nice vid Zoup

  14. Umikaze. UMIKAZE, BITCHES.

  15. something that i do as a DD sailor is i aim ahead of the marker. BBs have a tendency to stay in straight lines..aiming ahead ensures that most of your fish will find a new home with a BB captain. If they are making them..wait until they are almost done with their turns..they will be at their slowest point and won’t be able to WASD hax their way out of a set of 3-5 fish coming their way. Torps can also be used for AoD..Area of Denial; got a DD or CL trying to move into your freshly flipped cap? let loose a set on wide. He might dodge them but he will think twice;he’ll bug out…don’t want to wait for that follow up set. Of course NEVER EVER launch your fish behind friendlies! thats the fastest way to the pink hat of shame or bannedville.If your knife fighting with another DD one of my clanmates taught me to use wide spread instead of narrow; wide spread means greater chance of hit and that range the torps spread just enough to cover him.

     Each nation of course has their own flavor of fish; USN – Slow as hell,low yield,decent concealment. IJN- very very fast torps,very hard hitting,but they can be seen from a long ways off. KM – Meh speed,meh damage,Meh concealment middle of the road. Pan-Asia – good speed,great damage and cloaked torpedos;800 meters from your boat is too late to dodge. French torps- decent speed,moderate yield,ok concealment. RN- Slow like americans,hits like german fish with french levels of baguettes pretty much.

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