World of Warships – Torpedo Troubles!!

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World of Warships Gameplay!


  1. Lol this is great

  2. i really enjoyed this!!! please upload it more

  3. Play world of tanks!!

  4. love the gameplay!!

  5. you should do a video with a whole crew this shit was hilarious

  6. “I know I’m gonna land these shots, this guys in trouble” *misses entirely*

  7. More, great video!

  8. Awesome video speedy I love how you edited this one like you would for your
    main channel! Also loving the 2 daily uploads :D

  9. Love it

  10. Firsy

  11. This was amazing! XD

  12. Play more speedy

  13. Please play more!

  14. Love The Vid Sp33dy <3 p.s MORE

  15. you guys should play World of Tanks, too

  16. YouWishYouWereAndrew

    This reminds me of a game I played on the original Xbox.

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