World of Warships TORPEDUS! Tier 8 Destroyer Gameplay

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World of Warships Fubuki Tier 8 Destroyer Gameplay – Torpedus!

Thanks for watching!


  1. +TimeBandit12 lol Im noticing now

  2. +Brian Michael But yes, most of the time you get larger amounts of XP/Crds
    from damage, kills help but priority should be damage

  3. +Melancholic Ghost Ill get prem eventually

  4. Melancholic Ghost

    Premium Time helps alot

  5. Damn autocorrect, am I right?

  6. +Gavin Juriet i always launch narrow spread. wide is for nubs who aren’t
    good at guessing their target’s path. narrow increases chance of hit if you
    have good aim. wide is actually only good for in super close trying to hit
    a hard turning target; wide is completely useless at long range.

  7. You are much harder to hit the farther away you are
    Plus due to the fact he has a short reload time for his torpedoes plus the
    fact they have a 15k range means he can afford to miss

  8. GrayAndAnime OwO

    +Nedelc Ciprian the idea is if you launch to far to one side the narrow
    will be so of course they don’t even notice them but with wide they have to
    try to dodge 1 or 2 of them

  9. There’s a slim chance either way

  10. He already did

  11. +loggie24 Depends on your play style. American cruisers and destroyers are
    all about the guns. American torpedoes are also shorter range than Japanese
    ones, so to make torpedo runs on enemy ships in an American DD you need to
    either be suicidal or use islands to lay ambushes. American battleships are
    damn slow until you hit tier VIII with the North Carolina, but they tend to
    have good armor and have insanely tight turning radii.

    Basically, if you like speed and guns, go American DD. If you like a
    balanced approach, go American Cruisers. If you want to be a masochist
    until tier VIII, go American BBs.

  12. Oh ok i dien’t remember right Its und er controls
    Alternative Battle Interface mode

  13. +xflamousz that is it i cant find it there, +dreamphoenix000 ty for tip it
    works but i would like to have it perm

  14. +dreamphoenix000 you can also permanentely enable it in graphics options

  15. Hold Alt key while playing

  16. +Noble I wish I could turn off AA. I had something else bound to ‘P’ until
    I heard it was for toggling AA. I’ve never been able to get the feature to
    work though (bound that something else to another key so ‘P’ was free,
    reset controls, edited .xml file). Fucking bullshit. Well, it ain’t my
    fault. Why the fuck would you have hidden keys not in the key binding
    screen? And even so, apparently there’s a bug somewhere since my ‘P’ key is
    open and it doesn’t work.

  17. Lolz I’m sitting here yelling at my screen.. “turn off the fucking AA!”

  18. +ewok40k I think it’s just “Blowing Snow”. After all, most of the Fubuki
    class were named after a type of snow i.e Shirayuki = White Snow, Hatsuyuki
    = First Snow etc…

  19. +ewok40k Such a generic name for a generic ship.

  20. I believe Its control+x but yeah really helpful

  21. hijms yamato musashi

    +Crookedstar Fubuki was a tier 8 in closed alpha

  22. +hijms yamato musashi i have been playing the game since the beginning of
    closed beta, one of the first things i noted was that fubuki was tier 8,
    that has not changed. if they did switch, it was before closed beta
    started. the website is very bad on its details.

  23. hijms yamato musashi

    +Crookedstar Nah, check the WoWs website for the Jap DD tech tree. They did
    switch tiers

  24. +The Shermanator fixed it

  25. +Crookedstar you forgot the M = 1000

  26. Thịnh Huỳnh Đức

    +BaronVonGamez hey Baron please make Furutaka Tier 5 Cruiser . Please @@???


  28. Yamato or sake!

  29. Erie 😮

  30. Literally ANYTHING below tier 8. You and phly are being hoarded with tier
    8, 9, and 10 ship requests, that it’s not any help to me and I’m sure to a
    lot of other people. What the hell am I supposed to learn about a New York,
    when all you and phly play are the Yamato and iowa besides tactics? I just
    want people to be more realistic when they ask for a ship. Quit being
    “Yamato or death camp” when the Yamato was literally played not even 4 days
    ago. *~END RANT~*

  31. +GTM first like

  32. +ninjanick27 haha

  33. +ninjanick27 nope

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