World of Warships TORPEDUS! Tier 8 Destroyer Gameplay

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of Warships Fubuki Tier 8 Destroyer Gameplay – Torpedus!

Thanks for watching!


  1. LOL 18:12 is that a completely accidental Kancolle reference?

  2. Please play Arma 3 with @phlydaily and also pulsar the lost colony and can
    u start to play the ark survival

  3. Thịnh Huỳnh Đức

    Furutaka Furutaka :D

  4. Thịnh Huỳnh Đức

    hey Baron please make Furutaka Tier 5 Cruiser . Please @@???

  5. Edward Burroughs

    Gotta say, “torpedus” is my new favourite word!

  6. How do you tighten up the torpedo spread aim thingy?

  7. is this free?

  8. The Königstiger

    Me comment 😀

  9. Hey, baron. I just had the shittiest time ever installing windows on my
    Mac. Your videos really helped make me feel better. Thanks o7

  10. When you play the game of torpedus you win or you die.

  11. I believe Luke said, ” Bull’s-eye womprats in my t-16….” Along those
    lines 🙂

  12. more like TORPENUS

  13. Lol, Baron’s so bad he leaves his AA on and probably doesn’t realize with
    his long range torp they have a over 9 seconds warning on his torps.

  14. Baron press P and your AA guns won’t get you spotted (at 8:57)

  15. I wish they’d make this for iPad or mobile devices 

  16. Hi Baron, please play America’s DD Gearing on the next vid. Thank you.

  17. Please sail the Hosho, first Japanese carrier, in one of your next videos.
    I’m working towards it and would love to get some tips.

  18. KydoimosOfMachai

    Try turning off ur AA, that is why u got detected first time, cause ur AA
    shot at the plane. 

  19. alejandro cardozo

    tenryu bro

  20. It’s a womprat my good sir

  21. Please do the USS New York

  22. Baron press P to deactivate AAA it wont attack aircraft and you remain
    undetected longer, it will save your life

  23. 9:24 “he’s got a boner for me right now” then “boom” lol

  24. World of warships should add submarines

  25. TORPEDUS!!!

  26. Guys what’s your opinion about tier 3 American battleship?

  27. Baron! Just finished installing my world of warships game today!

  28. Netherfield Junction

    In domination mode, you cant get a draw. if the timer runs out, whichever
    team has the most points is the winner

  29. GOOD tactics (for a change) ;)

  30. Cm plz USS Ranger its almos no god YouTube clipp whit the Ranger so pls 

  31. In Domination mode, whoever has more points when/if the timer runs out,
    that side wins.

  32. I am currently only tier 3, is the exp based on damage dealt? because I
    keep seeing people getting exp in the thousands.. I am just trying to
    shorten my grind

  33. The new york

  34. Very cool gameplay man

  35. baron i love ur vids but this is not a very good vid of a fubuki. u r not
    playing it right. i dont want to get in details but u r not taking torp
    spread and angle of launch into account. this is very important to rely on
    getting a hit. the angle is very important, as important as range really.

  36. OnOneGaming/BlackSails57

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  37. This is VIII xd

  38. Baron, you can push P to turn off your Secondary armament and AA. AA fire
    will get you spotted.

    I’ve never seen you turn it off in all your DD gameplay. =)

  39. 1 Fubuki torpedo costs 250, one salvo of 9 torpedoes cost 2250 credits.. if
    you just spam those torps aimlessly you will earn credits even on premium

    Btw, 1 Shimakaze torpedo costs 1000 credits, 15k for 1 salvo!

    Also, it’s funny you said “I’ll do my best” in a Fubuki.. all the kancolle
    fans went wild XD

  40. I, personally, call Destroyers Torpedophiles.

  41. In a fact, Fubuki was remodeled before war and was upgraded to special
    class destroyer. She had more gun power, armor and agility than any other
    destroyer in other countries.

  42. I think he just made a simple mistake, because he did say a tier 9
    Baltimore. Chill the fuck down.

  43. LMAO Baron the Destroyer noob… you forgot to turn off you AA that’s how
    you detected lol

  44. Getting some Bucky gameplay in there are ya

  45. Plz play the Zao for japanese glory 

  46. If you have more points you win, it is not THAT complicated. ;)

  47. “Play TATOE song”

  48. So how does one becomes a citizen of United State of Baronium? 

  49. Nate Dennison (AthosN8)

    Turn off AA or else you will be cursed with Torpeedus Tits!

  50. Baron why do you say tier 9 destroyer when its a tier 8???

  51. DDs = turn AA off

  52. 9 = IX
    8 = VIII

  53. Toothbrush Shank

    turn off your AA…

  54. Anyone recommend i try this game? Or it is it too time consuming and stuff
    because I i play a LOT of war thunder ground forces. 

  55. Fubuki means SNOWSTORM I think. So, if you go snowstorm yourself, you will
    be cold, wet, and your car won’t start.

  56. Dude, the wide spread on those torps is really bad. Actually down to some
    stupid moves by those guys that you hit…. oh and aa off and spotting
    range down to memory, like to hear you talk as always though ;).

  57. baron, turn off AA in destroyers so they dont get you spotted


  59. fubuki is blzzard

  60. United States were to the only Victors Baron, don’t forgot our little

  61. WTF Tier 9 it is tier 8 Baron ;)

  62. Tier X destroyer Japanese Shimikaze

  63. +BaronVonGamez Do the Tier 9 Taiho.

  64. Technical question: Why launch the torpedoes wide at enemies that are far ?
    By the time the torps get there, they will be so spread the enemy will
    easily sail right between them, why not launch them narrow ?

    • +Gavin Juriet i always launch narrow spread. wide is for nubs who aren’t
      good at guessing their target’s path. narrow increases chance of hit if you
      have good aim. wide is actually only good for in super close trying to hit
      a hard turning target; wide is completely useless at long range.

    • You are much harder to hit the farther away you are
      Plus due to the fact he has a short reload time for his torpedoes plus the
      fact they have a 15k range means he can afford to miss

    • GrayAndAnime OwO

      +Nedelc Ciprian the idea is if you launch to far to one side the narrow
      will be so of course they don’t even notice them but with wide they have to
      try to dodge 1 or 2 of them

    • There’s a slim chance either way

  65. play des moines

  66. Baron a million games played and you still dont know by pressing P turning
    of your AA!

  67. Boring torp spamming crappy game

  68. Kongo!


  70. Nguyên Architaku

    Oh God damn it… We want Shimakaze! The Torpedus beast!

  71. Turn off your AA?

  72. Should i go down the destroyer or cruiser/battleship line for Americans? I
    don’t want to go down on every single one since it’s probably going to take
    a long ass time.

    • +loggie24 Depends on your play style. American cruisers and destroyers are
      all about the guns. American torpedoes are also shorter range than Japanese
      ones, so to make torpedo runs on enemy ships in an American DD you need to
      either be suicidal or use islands to lay ambushes. American battleships are
      damn slow until you hit tier VIII with the North Carolina, but they tend to
      have good armor and have insanely tight turning radii.

      Basically, if you like speed and guns, go American DD. If you like a
      balanced approach, go American Cruisers. If you want to be a masochist
      until tier VIII, go American BBs.

  73. Thanks Mate

  74. Stern Von Afrika

    tier 8

  75. PLaY SHIMKAZE!!!!!!!

  76. how to get the expanded hud / interface i dont have the exact lifepoints of
    enemy ships and the player name and the distance to aiming point.. how to
    get it ?

  77. During base capture point mode, When the time runs out, who ever has the
    most point wins.

  78. HIMJS Yamato next! 

  79. Zao

  80. Turpedursz

  81. I used to torpedus womp rats in my T-16 back home. They’re not much bigger
    than two meters.

  82. baron stop playing destroyers if you dont even know first rule. Turn off AA

    • +Noble I wish I could turn off AA. I had something else bound to ‘P’ until
      I heard it was for toggling AA. I’ve never been able to get the feature to
      work though (bound that something else to another key so ‘P’ was free,
      reset controls, edited .xml file). Fucking bullshit. Well, it ain’t my
      fault. Why the fuck would you have hidden keys not in the key binding
      screen? And even so, apparently there’s a bug somewhere since my ‘P’ key is
      open and it doesn’t work.

    • Lolz I’m sitting here yelling at my screen.. “turn off the fucking AA!”

  83. Tier 8 destroyer?

  84. Fubuki = Blizzard in japanese

    • +ewok40k I think it’s just “Blowing Snow”. After all, most of the Fubuki
      class were named after a type of snow i.e Shirayuki = White Snow, Hatsuyuki
      = First Snow etc…

    • Tom Keizer Jambalos

      +ewok40k I thought it was Snowstorm. Because Fubuki = 吹雪 in kanji and the
      second kanji 雪 = snow in english. Not sure of the first kanji though.

    • +ewok40k Such a generic name for a generic ship.

  85. turn off ur AA gun for better steath

  86. press X to lock your guns while you turn your ship and press X again to
    unlock it (use it for big ship with slow turning guns :)

  87. Y U NO USE narrow torp spread?

  88. Point Of Instant

    Or this is a joke about Fubuki in kantai collection? because in kancolle
    she doesn’t interested as she in invisible
    (sorry for my very bad english = =”)

  89. You really need to start turning off your AA if you dont want to get
    spottet. That reduces the probability of being spottet.

  90. under 301 views club!

  91. am i blind or its 8 in roman

  92. It’s a Tier 8!

  93. love the vid

  94. But.. but its tier VIII = 8 :P

  95. Third view!

  96. Tier 9 Torpedus! What ship next?

    • Thịnh Huỳnh Đức

      +BaronVonGamez hey Baron please make Furutaka Tier 5 Cruiser . Please @@???


    • Yamato or sake!

    • Erie 😮

    • Literally ANYTHING below tier 8. You and phly are being hoarded with tier
      8, 9, and 10 ship requests, that it’s not any help to me and I’m sure to a
      lot of other people. What the hell am I supposed to learn about a New York,
      when all you and phly play are the Yamato and iowa besides tactics? I just
      want people to be more realistic when they ask for a ship. Quit being
      “Yamato or death camp” when the Yamato was literally played not even 4 days
      ago. *~END RANT~*


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