World of Warships – Torping the Torpitz! Hunting German Tirpitz!

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World of Warships Torping the Torpitz – German Tirpitz Hunt!
WOWS Tirpitz gets Torpedoed – German Premium BB Sunk!

Thanks to these guys for helping me with the Stream!

Thanks for watching!


  1. got your email so HI!

  2. Great vids mate keep em going 😛 send more torpeduses!!! :P

  3. baron~~바론~~~

  4. nice video

  5. Too bad you do all of your giveaways and such via Twitter, because I don’t
    have Twitter. Facebook is used by way more people, why not make an account
    on there as well.

  6. In all your movies, i can see the info of ships.. How do you display those
    stats? I mean the energy and such..

  7. baron if your getting battle cursers in world of warships as you know the
    lady lex started building as one so can get one in BC form .

  8. Enjoying the WoWs vids, so keep them coming.

  9. spent too much time plugging your twitter and twitch…stopped watching.


  11. That was the lamest game release i have ever seen in my live xD We in
    europe got an package in the store that in its value is 50 dublons less
    then the normal dublons you buy with the same money and 3x EXP. Pathetic
    really pathetic.
    Most free to play games give better weekend bonus then they do for their
    fabulous release.

  12. If only i wasnt at work where twitch is blocked….

  13. How do you switch into bullet cam?

  14. Woot ! Made it into a YouTube video :)

  15. Baron, 11 & 10 october, firstlook is in the Netherlands. Are you coming?

  16. Please give me a tirpitz I need it in my life

  17. Baron do you find torps OP?

  18. cool, but im not interested in twitter, so im just gonna wish you luck and
    will get to your 10K followers goal soon

  19. i want to win i love this game

  20. 2.3 rounds per minute in game, but during battle they were lucky to get 1
    round a minute off!. This was what the Bismarck was able to fire against
    the Hood..

  21. How would you like to uh.. ‘lend’ an old ‘bottom of the sea tea pal’ a

  22. Rate, comment, subscribe, tweet, retweet. Kidney, liver, wallet, home,
    wife, kids.

  23. Bb vs trops. Trops win :D

  24. Lovin the channel stream and power haus Baron. Great to see this channel

  25. Gregory Clarke (TrueAssassinsCreed)

    hey baron
    whats up

  26. Savatron Productions

    Tirpitz is one nice battleship

  27. As a battleship player I don’t approve of your torpedo spam

  28. Hey Baron what button do you hit to follow the torpedus and shots in the
    air? Can’t seem to find it on the key-bindings page.
    Love the videos keep up the great work :-)

  29. PVT. Ryan Gaming Channel

    Ey Baron! Like you Vids! Started my own channel, and you know… it would
    just be so great.. if I could human torpedus with Tirpiz.

  30. baron duck you you are so AMAZING

  31. Sadly atm i cant play games or watch live streams or see the tweet you want
    me to see unless is mobile enabled. My pc comes back hopefully in 2 weeks
    with upgrades or brand new if they miss the 4 week deadline

  32. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    yay won the tirpitz

  33. Hi Baron! Love the vids! Keep’em coming ;)

  34. Dude, slid right in to my DM :D

  35. Hey there! I subbed during the live stream. Not sure if this is the right
    video to comment on, though i believe it is, hence this comment. I also
    favorited and re tweeted your post.

    I really hope i get the Tirpitz! that ship is a beast! Es ist die am besten
    The Marblehead is also pretty cool.) I really can’t wait till they add the
    British and the german tech trees.

  36. ** CHECK OUT ** Angry joe playing beta Warhammer battle ! .. Drool

  37. Do we comment on this video? Thank you for introducing this game to me. I
    never heard any of their games until I clicked on one of your vids one day!

  38. Finally into release. Really excited about the potential.

  39. luv your videos baron, keep it going!

  40. Great video keep up the great work.

  41. Watching stream! tryin to time it to get in a game with ya!! Would luv a

  42. love your channel Baron o7

  43. Yes the Tirptiz

  44. Baron you should do ranked battle series and see how far you can get.

  45. Hallo Baron, love deh videos :D

  46. i would really like to win the Tirpitz. feels

  47. Hi baron! Damn the torpeduz…full speed ahead!

  48. Gratz on the twitter followers and twitch viewers!!!


  50. This game is so clean! ?

  51. been trying to find someone i like to watch who plays this game finally
    found baron thanks for the vids

  52. Can’t wait for the german line to be released.

  53. congrats on 10,000 twitter followers

  54. tirpitz hype!

  55. Followed on Twitch and retweeted, really enjoy your WoWS vids Baron!

  56. EMEMEMEMEMEM what……..

  57. baron do you think they will add warships to war thunder????

  58. I’m at work and wish I could get to Twitch

  59. Tirpitz, also known as the Tirpit-stain! Kriegsmarine hypeee!!!!

  60. Errr BVG. . . how is $65 (UK here) a good deal ? Hmmm. . .

  61. tits mate!!

  62. Footballakias Socceroulis

    Gj mate…keep up the good work!

  63. Hey Baron!? #Tirpitz for Tommy? ;)

  64. I love the German battleships Bismarck & Tirpitz!
    I´ve read the book, Anatomy of the ship, The battleship Bismarck. A great
    book! I can really recommend it to you others who is interested in the
    history behind this great ship.
    I think the germans found a good balance between armor protection firepower
    & speed on their warships during WWII.

    Greetings from Sweden

  65. Woop woop stream

  66. HI! I am whoring for a free Tirpitz! I am not ashamed of it!

  67. I will hávegum that Tirpits thank you very much

  68. whatever happened to the Tirpitz giveaway earlier

  69. Love you Baron <3

  70. theTORPEDUSmaster<3<3

  71. hi :p


  73. play shimakaze and release the torpoido

  74. Ross Godding (Nasheron)

    i just followed and re-tweeted your post :)

  75. Hey I’m so excited I’m dying to play the tirpitzs I hope I’ll get it

  76. 10th view :)

  77. For some reason the stream won’t load for me, but good luck on the stream!

  78. Great channel as always !
    Keep on going !

  79. huehuehue

  80. over 85 views in less r Han a few minutes

  81. well then

  82. 6th mudafuckas

  83. Follow me on twitter:
    Tirpitz YouTube Giveaway ENDS 9/18/15:
    Marblehead YouTube Giveaway ENDS 9/18/15:

  84. Field Marshal Ghost

    suk my azz

  85. Hmmm

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