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  1. Should I name my new pet fish: Fish – o – Tron 9032 MK1 or Fishg8r

  2. slip pls play space engineers or warframe

  3. was this taken down last night and put up now?

  4. The issue with the mouse is fixed. It was due to his 4k monitor setup. Since he time travels with his videos, we haven’t seen a 100% change yet. His parents are coming to visit so he recorded a lot of videos a while ago and has them set to release on schedule for us. The mouse won’t be an issue after the pre recorded videos have finished airing since he now has a 2k monitor setup. All you have to do is watch his videos, he explains all this stuff to you.

  5. Sl1pg8r please play ultimate epic battle simulator please it is a great game please

  6. Hey sl1p can u play world of tanks too?

  7. Can’t wait till you get to the USS St. Louis. One of my favorite ships. Would also like to eventually see what you think of the USS Phoenix and Omaha.

  8. It’s a good idea when u play to use + – to increase size of minimap makes life easier it unhave it set to max.

  9. he slip this game is amazing but you might want to know that if you are starting out the British crusier are pretty much the worst for a new player because of their different play style and you won’t learn some important things for most other ships is recommended the Japanese cruisers because they are a good starter branch.

  10. in ark they should add in a rocket that’s Tek teir

  11. Awesome video. great game. thx!

  12. Slip if u want play (Don’t Bite Me Bro) the game is cool i am sure u will like it <3

  13. more ark videos with xB u both are amazing

  14. You should play world of tanks too

  15. is it just me or is the mouse off again?

  16. Love that your playing this. and it’s great you’re starting at scratch. keep it up. Thank.

  17. Slip man that looks like great fun!

  18. can you play more i love it

  19. i would love to play with you. i love world of warships and super excited that you’re playing

  20. Glad to see you back playing this, it’s great fun to watch

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