World of Warships – Totally UNEXPECTED end game result

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This game turned into a roller coaster at the end and the results were crazy…but little did I know what I was gonna see. Now ofc some of you after watching everything and evaluating are gonna be super smart and tell me “well Flambass ofc that happened because if you look closely…” I mean be honest, did you expected it?
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I saw Aerroon do that with a Umikaze too against t10’s @Flambass

  2. There’s always someone better than you out there 😀

  3. I loved the old days when a skilled dude in a Clemson could kickass in a Tier 7 match.
    Or the time when we had an Erie in a Tier 6 match and the game was keep him alive…

  4. Damages to BBs is not get very good base xp

  5. Cleveland at T6….was fun. Atlanta before it was left behind in power creep.

    • Gareth Fairclough

      Atlanta was garbage back then, as was the Gearing (no, really!). The turrets were fragile beyond belief and it was quite possible to get all of your guns destroyed!

  6. The Montana did 3 things to top the board. In on all 3 cap flips, much higher potential damage from DDs torps, and big DD dmg. I had the unfortunate experience of grinding the best ships only to have them get heavy nerfs days after. The worst was getting the former beast ship Zao. Designed for and master of open water stealth shooting. She could kill half a team completely undetected. 3 days after months of grind stealth fire was removed from the game. Happened so many times.

  7. Does anyone remember the old ARP Kongo (and Kongo derivative) event? As someone who loved his pre-nerf Minekaze, that shit was like Christmas for me. I’m a pretty mediocre player, but those things let me really rack up the points. There was one match I got into, it was something like eight BB’s to a side, one DD, and no CV. Came out the other side with just over 220K damage and a laughter-induced stiffy. Ah… those were the days.

    But yeah, Flambino’s totally right, the game’s actually much better for the most part nowadays.

    • Gareth Fairclough

      God no, Flambass is talking out of his ass here.

      The game was a lot more fun back then. Sure, some things are better, but the game didn’t have gimmicks, or stupid grinds, or cartoon ships back then.

  8. Oh the CBT Cleveland was the mutts nutts back then!, good times 🙂

  9. I miss stealth firing in my Grem when that was still a fun ship.

  10. Jimmiar Reltherford

    I remember when I first started play WOWS (in 2017) and the CVs were EXTREMELY deadly to BBs and all cruisers that didn’t have decent AA. The CV would stack 3+ squadrons (of any type) and would just straight up kill someone. Plus, the cross drops on DDs with torp bombers.
    Saw an old video on YouTube when a Yammie got cross dropped by a Midway. The cross drop was a thing of beauty but the Yammie basically dissapeared from the map. It was insane.

  11. One of my favorite all-time divs to play in was Umikaze-Derzki-Kamikaze. Both teams would ream us in chat, but we had a comically high rate of wins and damage.

  12. Back in the day broadside bbs got obliterated, you needed to really think about every move and play really smart, then HE came and daft bbs that can sail broadside with impunity

  13. 13:34 Example still exists – Yuro: Welcome to T10, Fuso

  14. I didnt think damage precentage ment that much? You did like 30% to both DDs and 2 full T10 BBs?! hmm, this is strange. I guess if he had taken all HP from all 3-4 DDs then it would count high…

    About the good old days. Remember stealth firering Zao!!!!!! O….M…..G!
    And also Kitakami, never ever has teamdamage and teamkill been so high! Remember when you as a DD was capping a cap and then alarm went of because a friendly Kitakami just dropped 20 torps at you from behind….

  15. How about when battleships could hide in smoke and fire freely lol

  16. Dareex203 xXQntumRduxXx

    Because of the whole intro, I suddenly remembered when I rushed a GK and a Kremlin with an Edin while being assisted by a BB on my right. Once my BB got destroyed, I quickly accelerated and torpedo’ed the GK and rammed the Kremlin. It was 2 easy kills in exchange of my ship.

    A soul for 2 souls. Why not?

  17. with the skill based MM, you would match players where there’s a 5/10 % variance in the skill level of the players…

  18. Plus back in the old days you had this ship called Kitakami.
    A ship that was a bigger threat to allies than enemies.

  19. Flambass been playing world of warships on console instead of PC for a change… on console they do have +1 -1 tier matchmaking…. it’s so nice haha

  20. F-man seems chemically enhanced today ??? 7, 8 cups of coffee maybe ?

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