World of Warships – Tough As Old Boots

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The British quite famously armoured the flight decks of their carriers. The Americans and the Japanese usually never did. Which was better?

You may begin the comment war when ready, commander.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. I enjoy these history lesson videos, thanks jingles!

  2. TheNerfPlayer12321

    Love the history about CVs in this vid! Great job as always Jingles
    (Would love to hear the story on how Yorktown survived the battle of Coral Sea and was repaired in dockyards in a matter of days

    • TheNerfPlayer12321 Montemayor did a perfect video on that
      Edit: nvm that was midway

    • If you ever go to Mount Pleasant in South Carolina they built a second Yorktown in 1942 and it was in service immediately. The place is called Patriots Point and you can self tour the carrier which takes hours if you actually take your time and soak it all in instead of rushing through it. There is also a ww2 submarine and a destroyer as well.

    • Honestly the Yorktown emergency repairs are a great story, it would have made Jingles’ story even better! (Yorktown’s presence at Midway was because she was only partially repaired after Coral Sea, and her boilers were *not* at full capacity.)

      So the actual list of hits required to sink the Yorktown was actually even longer!

  3. Because of all the planes he saw, Jingles forgot this was a WoWs replay so he did his usual War Thunder history lesson.

  4. The USN liaison officer on HMS Indefatigable commented: “When a kamikaze hits a U.S. carrier it means 6 months of repair at Pearl [Harbor]. When a kamikaze hits a Limey carrier it’s just a case of “Sweepers, man your brooms.””

    • It was not an aircraft carrier but this comment reminds me of the imprint, like a bird hitting a window makes an imprint, that a kamikaze plane made on the side of the H.M.S. Sussex. Just splat:

    • SaltyWaffles If memory serves, yes, British carriers actually did face major kamikaze attacks. The British Pacific Fleet was well suited to the role, relatively speaking, and was used interchangably with American task forces at Okinawa and in operations at Japan itself. It often gets overlooked but the Royal Navy had a huge fleet in the Pacific towards the end, the most powerful combat force that it had fielded since Jutland. It just didn’t seem that impressive compared to the ridiculous enormity of the US Navy in 1944/45. By the time Britain could afford to send substantial naval forces to the Pacific, the US Navy had already obliterated the Japanese fleet, so all that was left to do was very one sided bombing. The Royal Navy did some hard work, and a squadron of destroyers sunk a heavy cruiser in a night action, but it was hardly as dramatic or noteworthy as Midway or Leyte Gulf. Britain’s contribution was quite minor in the end beyond India and Burma.

      Funnily enough, even La Marine Nationale got in on the action at the end. The French battleship Richelieu bombarded Japanese targets along with British battleships.

    • @Nutty31313 actually the USN preferred to use radar directed guns but BBs in general were expected to take hits. If your unsure us BBs had problems taking hits I cite several pacific battles. USS South Dakota lost power prior to getting into it with a Fuso class IJN BB. SD took a considerable beating but she didn’t sink. USS Washington showed up the next day and she got into it with Yamishiro another Fuso. Washington curb stomped Yamashiro

    • There were some complaints about shallow spots in the flight decks of a few RN carriers. A few of the British carriers had absorbed some hard hits that slightly warped their flight decks, which made taking off a bit odd for pilots. The joke of “clear off the spot where they hit and hammer out the dent” wasn’t that far off from the truth.

  5. Jingles: *shows something about WoWS CV gameplay and then talks about History of RN and USN Carriers*

    Me: *screaming in excitement*

  6. The Majestic Phoenix

    Came for Jingles’ WOWS CV Replay that I almost didn’t want to watch, but I stayed for that extra juicy history lesson <3

  7. Came for the gameplay, stayed for the history lesson.

  8. Screw the gameplay, gimmee more history!

    • @eclipse 257 but Jingles is better tho lol

    • @Battleship 61 Just Hell no. Drachinel or bust for naval history

    • @w8stral Why not both? I like Drachinifel just as much as The Mighty Jingles.

    • @James Holzhauer One(Drach) actually KNOWS and looks up details/technology, Jingles is just a copying(poorly) imitation without knowledge of the HOW and the WHY. This is why Drach has blown up and the so called “history channel” etc are failing. A bunch of ignorant, history/psychology majors without technicians/engineering degrees trying to discuss technological advances which turns into stupid dumbed down crap only fit for 10 year olds but not 14 year olds.

    • @w8stral I was joking (if you didnt know). I do enjoy Drach but listening to Jingles talk history is great imo

  9. Always love History with Jingles

  10. >here’s a CV replay, you might learn how to not get spanked by them
    >Talks about history of USN carriers

    I love it

  11. I love the historical part. Thank you please do more.

  12. Don’t mind me, just here to hear Jingles talk about naval history again. It’s been a while since we got a talk this thorough!

    • Story time with Uncle Jingles that just happens to have some ships in the background. Can’t fault it personally! 😛

    • Except he got it wrong. The British carriers did fight overwhelmingly in the Arlantic and the Med but being designed in the 30s they were of course also meant for potential use against Japan. Who had the 3rd most powerful navy in the world.

      And in the 30s the USN wasn’t planning to hide or intercept a strike with fighters*. They wanted many, many dive bombers to find the other carriers first and thus hit first. Which would most likely decide that fight and it did as Midway showed. Whit CV being limited in individual and total class displacement one could have well protected one with few planes or eggshells with sledgehammers. The RN went for the former the USN for the latter.

      *Impossible anyway due to the insufficient early warning in the pre-radar age, when US carriers of the war were designed.

    • These are probably my most favorite type of videos from jingles

    • @Carl Carlton what did the carriers fight in the Atlantic? Their bombers sometimes tried to find Tirpitz or Bismarck, but anti-submarine reconnaissance was done by land-based bombers/observer aircraft, and outside of losing HMS Glorious (I may remember the name wrong?) whilst escaping Norway which was a very one-sided fight I don’t recall any kind of battle on the Atlantic involving British aircraft carriers. And Ark Royale wasn’t in direct contact with Bismarck, only her planes were
      Also are you sure British CV’s were made to primarily fight Japanese? Japs didn’t stay in the London ship treaty limits, but US and UK did. Seems very counter intuitive to me

    • @Carl Carlton You are missing one important part. Damage control. Its much harder to replace steel plates damaged in battle than teakwood planks. For example, important detail of Midway was participation of 3rd US carrier – Yorktown, heavily damaged during coral sea battle and by Japanese considered unfit for battle. Its repair was supposed to take 3 months, they did it in 3 days. Not weeks, days.
      I doubt results would be same, had deck been made of steel.

  13. you could honestly just start a series where you just talk about history for a while. be fun

    • World & Blizzard Heredur

      Exactly, he should do these much more often. My favourite tipe on jingles videos 😀

    • check out his collab videos with spacepickshovel

    • Well if you are interested in Naval history and don’t already know his channel, there is Drachinifel who has excellent content about this subject.
      Each week he is uploading a Q&A from 1 to 2 hours about naval topics. He also have some short videos about a specific ship kinda like Jingles’ old introductions in WoW.
      Plus side from time to time like Jingles, his British humor slip through some of his videos

    • @ousou78 Agreed. Both are outstanding.

    • @ousou78 Agreed, both are outstanding.

  14. Jingles old boy. Love your work. You mentioned the sinking of HMS Hermes. My 97 year old neighbour was a gunner on the X turret of HMAS Vampire. He was front row for the sinking of Prince of Wales, Repulse and Hermes, being sunk during the attack on Hermes. He is still as sharp as a tack if you ever wanted a conversation I could try link you up. P.S. He was on HMAS Australia at Guadal Canal and PT boats for the later war.

  15. gotta be honest i didnt even watched the replay
    im just here for the history lesson

  16. Kamikaze hits British carrier. “I say, that was an unacceptable landing.” “Sir, that was the Japanese attacking us” “terribly unsporting of them old chap. Grab a broom”

  17. Jingles: *Can’t tell an aoba from a destroyer*
    Also Jingles: *Gives excellent, detailed, and specific history lesson*

  18. to be honest i was so caught up in the history lesson i forgot i was watching a replay

  19. While I enjoy this game and the gorgeous ship models in and of themselves. What I TRULY love is the history behind it all. I come from a LONG, LONG line of American Sailors and Marines and I enjoying playing ships they may have crewed. That’s why I dig this channel Bud..uhh Mr. Jingles, Captain sir. You discuss the history behind it all and give it more life and meaning. I hope you read this comment and know that you have a fan who watches you with his son’s and grandsons to hear history described in a way that makes it more entertaining., as well as pertinent as we play this game together. Well my son and I do… grandson is only three BUT he loves ships.

  20. Didn’t even watch the game, just closed my eyes and listened. Well done, Jingles. For what it’s worth, that’s from a one-time prof of military history at the College militaire royal du Canada – one with a special affinity for naval history. You do the subject proud, young man.

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