World of Warships- Toxic Players, Russian Bias, Kill Stealing & More

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys some matches we had after bailing on clan battles Saturday. Keep in mind most of us were quite tired and exhausted after CBs so…you’ll see!

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  1. UltimaBasti - Potato On The High Seas

    T10 Iowa would be such a good idea. Call it New Jersey or Wisconsin. Give it better sigma, slightly better armor, or usable secondaries. Heck give it CWIS AA to justify it being T10.

    • UltimaBasti – Potato On The High Seas they can. They shoot down missiles that go faster than WW2 era artillery. And CWIS has demonstrated itself against modern artillery and motor systems. A New Jersey or Wisconsin with CWIS would break the game.

    • UltimaBasti - Potato On The High Seas

      @DaManBearPig Not disagreeing with you at all about CWIS breaking the game. But those won’t show up on a USN BB… they’ll show up on a Russian BB dressed up as a cruiser.

    • Aureliano Buendia

      @UltimaBasti – Potato On The High Seas Why, they did nice job with almost any USN ship. Monti is lil bit underpowered yes, but theres Ohio, Georgia, DM, Geraing, Somers, Baltimore etc.

    • @UltimaBasti – Potato On The High Seas lmao

    • Godspeed if it faces a Harugumo, though. They can’t shoot down every shell in the air with that many coming in.

  2. Rip Odin

  3. IT BBs are next and will be announced at gamescon

  4. FFS don’t scare me with that talk about a Stalin BB!

  5. >*sees Mountbatten sail Viribus*
    >*Check if there is an aircraft carrier*

  6. I like these kinds of videos. Lowkey banter and shenanigans. Relaxing and fun.

  7. Greetings from Germany! I found your vids 1 and 1/2 week ago and I like them very much thanks

  8. uss california is this weeks example of “this is why we can’t have nice things”

  9. Why are all the CCs leaving? Notser is never on anymore Fem and Mejash changed jobs now Flambass left wtf is going on .

    • the great book of grudges

      Too much fantasyship

    • _flambass is doing what?_

    • WG decided that CCs will no longer be allowed to talk openly about WiP ships and game mechanics to their public audience until said ships or game mechanics are ready to be released. Which means, CCs will loose their power to influence development, as they did with, e.g., Slava. This, and the fact that WG has decided to ignore CCs feedback about a LOT of stuff since… say… CV reeeework, has pissed many CCs off, and they left the program

    • the great book of grudges

      @Stefano Crosazzo that’s literally considered as hate speech in my opinion

    • Coz no one want to be the first fochgate of wows.

  10. 14:57 Sealord is not helping to dispel the myth of all gneis and scharn players closing in to torp lol.

  11. lol, italian smokefire is like 8.something km

  12. Yeah t5 is a hell hole. I have never ever seen people as awful as in t5.

  13. I’m all about KSing and being KSed. It’s worth it to have that DD or CA not get another set of torps off, or to prevent a BB from gifting you a last-gasp citadel. It comes out in the wash.

  14. For the Viribus, those 12 guns have a price.

  15. I have never had dispersion like that in Gneis. I can’t get any citadels with it. To me it is the worst Tier 7 BB, easily.

  16. T7= Washington (Pre escalator NC armament)
    T8= South Dakota
    T9= Another Pre Iowa proposal
    T 10 Louisiana

  17. JDM….what the hell are you mumbling?

  18. Arkansas Beta has ZERO AA guns 🤣🤣

  19. I had a match yesterday, where someone was raging, about me just going through the other team in a Massacusets. Generaly being a wallet warrior. It was nasty, they were running broad side on, be it BB, DD or cruiser. Now teh CV he angled against me, but not my team with me spotting. The funny part was, he was in a premium ship and he had his stats hidden. How many peope even bother to hide thier stats.

  20. It s like in world of tanks… why the hell a tank known for it s armour it s so weak!!!? Humm

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