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Famous within the World of Warships community for his even temper, forgiving nature and love of weeb music, Flamu takes the Sovetsky Soyuz out for a cruise…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Should be working but Jingles notification pops up…..

  2. dont u dare to eddit out that cats meowing or purring or we will riot.

  3. AKIZUKI SO CUTE AAAAAAAHHHHHH but that musashi tho

  4. That description is practically a declaration of war old man!

  5. Jingles’s brain is slowly being taken over by the Kitten Overlord

  6. Actually jingles, according to the battleships of ww2 by M.J.Whitley, there were 4 ships planned, the Sovetskii Soyuz, Ukraina, Belorussiia and Rossia. Jingles?…. I’ll grab my pickaxe……

    • Two were cancelled well before the war at the “gathering materials” stage, progress on the third (Ukraina) was practically zero either (<1% after many months of "building" when cancelled after the war started). The only one really built was the Soyuz, but even that one was just a base of a hull, finished in less than 20% when cancelled in 1941. At this rate it would take not 3-4 years to finish her, but (because the "easier" 20% took more than 2 years already) we can guesstimate this time frame rather at >10 years, so 1949 at the earliest, and most probably middle-1950’s. Even WITHOUT the war. And Soviets didn’t have most of crucial technologies needed to complete those ships. No armor know-how, no turrets (or even means to construct them), only few very-alpha test guns, no naval ammo, no AA, no radars, only in 1941 they finally designed some 100-152mm guns (before the idea was to buy those guns from … Germany – even the main armament was realistically considered to be 380mm Bismarck-class turrets).

      Those “Soyuzes” are way more fairy-tale things than the German H- designs, like Freddy or even Kurfurst. At least the Nazis had the technology to build such ships, and the decision was purely based on resource management. Soviets lost that ability in 1917 and could not even finish the Ismail.

    • +Edi J yes

  7. Hey Jingles, in honor of Akizuki, could you do a full review of the ship Akizuki?

  8. “you might be able to hear her purring if listing on headphones” *sets volume to full*

  9. 12:00 British man laughs at argentine navy, 1982, colourized

    P.S.: Jingles, Alsace is pronounced Alzasseuh, you scrub. Yes, mylord, i’ll go back in the salt mines now.

    • Justin Stephenson and the asshole of the day award goes to Justin for a truly shitty joke! Congratulations, here is your complimentary basket. It contains a rope, a cyanide pill and a loaded gun. Your call.

    • +Thibaud Duhamel

      then i will shoot your kneecaps with the gun, hang you with the rope and dangle the cyanide pill in front of your face to remind you not to be an idiot while you slowly suffocate.

    • For an English sailor, pronouncing french correctly probably counts as high treason.

    • Cant wait for argentina to try to throw him in jail for that

    • Like the classic joke of why there are so many trees along the roads of France: because Germans like to march in the shade.

  10. Uhh jingles are we going to see a Akizuki Replay

    Just for your cat Akizuki so she can enjoy watching it

  11. The meowing in the background is distracting, it’s so adorable…

  12. Jingles, you are now owned by a kitten.
    You have no life. You are the Subject of a Feline OverLord/ess?

  13. To anyone who thought that the Musashi was angling: Flamu himself reasoned in his video that the Musashi was going to ram him, so he duked the Musashi, and abusing it’s horrible rudder shift time, forced him to expose that cheek.

    • That duel with the Musashi is really what set this replay apart. Flamu’s skill, knowledge of the ships, and anticipation of the enemy players was on full display there. He called the guy going for a ram long before it ever materialized.

  14. Getting a cat means getting an assistant content creator. The kitty does have some nice BGM.

  15. “and this one transferred to the argentine navy after the w-”
    *14k of Julio’s remaining health is severed off with the Sovetsky Soyuz rear main battery*
    “oh wow, HAHAHA”
    my fav part in the video~

  16. For all of you who dont speak slav, Sovetskiy soyuz means Soviet union.

  17. That moment when you see the same battle commentated by the 3rd YouTuber in a row. 😀

  18. You may own your own salt mine Jingles, but with that kitten your an old softie ?

  19. “you might even be able to hear her purring if your listening on headphones”
    me: turns up headphones.
    *can hear purring the background*

  20. You can hear thr purr without headphones, in fact, I can head it just fine on my phone.

    That’s some loud purr.

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