World of Warships – Toxic

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In a shock move, Jingles releases a Warships video titled “Toxic” and Flamu is nowhere to be seen! #GoblinLivesMatter


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  1. When I heard that there is no intro, I instantly hoped that Jingles doesn’t have the results screen also.

  2. “World of Warships – Toxic”
    Yes, yes it is.

  3. Darkness Nighthingale

    Jingles. Goblin Slayer doesn’t like the sound of that.

  4. The Zao not shooting that Shima in the early game hurts. Instead shooting a healthy GK… Also, the shima was already open at the point we saw the torps. So. if map awareness is already called magic: Yes, you are a magician 🙂

    • By the World of Warships playberbase’s standards, yes, map awareness is definitely magic.

    • It was making me rage quite hard too. Since we’re in a “toxic” video… What kind of bloody fool in a ZAO, of all ships, doesn’t shoot at a SHIMAKAZE 13 Km away? That should be punishable by law.

    • That, and there was only one DD on each team, and they were both shimas

    • it legit made me check the comments to see if anybody else was as ticked as I was. i hate being a BB main when my cruisers play like this guy and complain when *I* haven’t killed the DD

  5. 18:24 Jingles, u should also give some credit to the friendly CV, who in the last minute, instead of spending his last aircraft in a fruitless attack, he was keeping his plane in the limits of enemy Audacious’s AA and keep spotting him,enabling Zao to sink him…

    • @Jeff Allen Coming in fourth on the team is hardly “nothing”.

    • @monky mann seems every single popular WoWs youtuber has jumped on the “shit on CVs” train, possibly because it brings in the similar minded veiwers and keeps the toxic community out of the comments.

    • @Arman Sagmanligil Correct, it’s an echo chamber. I have no problem playing against CVs even without being in something stupid like a halland. Literally just requires you to pay attention and use your teammates to your advantage. Almost like its a team based game we are playing and not CoD.

    • Though I will admit, the FDR is actually just broken and has no place in the game. And I can understand the frustrations of MvR’s bomb damage. But outside of that na, people need to just stop whining and actually play the game.

  6. Shoutout to the absolute fool at 14:46 in chat, who celebrated way too prematurely

  7. This was one of the hardest WoWs fights i have seen in a while.

  8. 03:35 “how do i know” he says.”.must be some kind of wizard” he says…. we all saw ‘enemy’ shimakaze get spotted half minute earlier… ‘easy win’ they said…actually ‘esay’ they said xD

  9. Holy shit, I’ve seen some epic plays on this channel, but I cannot recall ever seeing such a comeback

  10. They really need to make it so that any shell that so much as scratches the Smolensk’s citadel does full citadel damage. Against a ship that fragile you shouldn’t even need the bursting charge. The kinetic energy of the shell alone should shear it in half.

  11. He deserves the win, even if he was living up to his moniker.

  12. Jingles: “CVs can’t kill CVs”
    MvR rocket planes and FDR Dive Bombers: Are you sure about that?

  13. If you have a network error, you can resume the download and it should work

  14. look, i’m on TV 😀
    also for all of you guys highlighting i should have shot the shima: YES, i should have, my goal from the beginning on was to kill the GK asap, that sadly didn’t worked out, in fact went really horribly wrong with too many risks i had to take but for me, the GK was the biggest threat so yeah, getting him down would have let me play in peace 😉

    • @netherane i appreciate the construction of this.

    • @netherane based on his “argumentation” i doubt he is a super-unicum himself. i can 1000% defeat his argument he made about closing the distance to the carrier.
      first: look at the clock and counter and then at my HP pool, then look what this ship actually is i am facing right now: yes, a fucking aircraft carrier. people all over reddit and the forums cry about Zao being powercrept to death and one of their biggest, sometimes even valid arguments is “aircraft carriers!” expecting a 7k HP Zao to endure an aircraft carrier for 90 seconds is… Pepega
      literally the only reason i won this game was because OUR CARRIER was smarter than the average carrier player and kept the Audacious spotted for me and me not missing most salvos on the Audacious.
      he says he looked into my stats? fine by me, i don’t really care. what i do care and actually HATE: judging a player based upon a single battle, based on pure stats and which he clearly demonstrated to me: he can’t even fucking read my stats.
      now i can even add some background: i am not a very experienced Zao player, i have a total of 16k battles, i obtained Zao in 2017 and my actual experience is limited to just 59 battles. the day i played THIS game was the first day i touched Zao again after probably over a year, this day was also a really long and stressful day for me, judging upon the gameplay i see in that video: yes, YES, it makes perfect sense how i played that battle: i was tired af.
      on top of that: where does it say or where did i ever stated i am a super-unicum or a unicum even? that’s what i really wonder…
      personally i actually struggle really hard in wows for many many months now and i am kinda surprised that i somehow maintain my WR to some extend…
      but it’s still funny to get told that someone looked into your stats and then highlights that showing broadside to a GK, even TWICE in a row is not how you’re supposed to play Zao. looking into my stats and talking to me like i’m a 30%er… i love those people

    • Well played. Honestly, I thought it was gonna be a lose

    • @Toxic Emperor Mate I hope you don’t lose too much sleep about my criticism. Again, not closing the distance to the enemy CV as fast as possible and instead relying on your CV’s spotting was stupid since you couldn’t know he would keep her spotted like that. Since you have 15,000 games I expect you to be smarter than this and never rely on your teammates for anything. The Audacious gets spotted at 17:47 when there are still almost 3 minutes on the clock. Audacious’ concealment isn’t great so within less than a minute you would’ve been in range to spot the Audacious yourself reliably. Instead, one minute later you’re actually FURTHER AWAY from the Audacious compared to when your CV initially spotted her. You being on relatively low health just means your hull has been saturated like crazy and it’s even harder to kill you and 2+ minutes would’ve been just enough time to kill the Audacious, it’s not like you finished her only in the very last second, actually there were still 80 seconds remaining on the clock.

    • @netherane your own childish insecurity is plainly obvious. kalle’s first post wasn’t in any way disrespectful or denigrating. just because something is critical doesn’t mean it’s a personal attack, and there was nothing attacking about his post. in fact i would say he went out of his way to be as polite as possible about it. i would love it if someone posted criticisms like that about my play.

      and just my own two cents as a 55% ranked player, i think he’s 100% right about toxic’s play. selfish and tactically ignorant. unlike kalle i don’t give a shit about being respectful.

  15. I’m really disappointed that your in-game version doesn’t call carriers “fun police.” BIG missed opportunity there

  16. What is that description supposed to be old man!

  17. Enemy team: give up, you’re surrounded
    Toxic emperor: all i am surrounded by is fear and dead men

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