World of Warships- Tragic

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I’ve got an interesting game for you here, with me in the Tier X French Battleship Rebulique!

Have a replay?

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  1. Always good to see you uploading 🙂

  2. Your division mate – he just sounds….fat

  3. Hey could upload more review / solo gameplay videos with voiceover instead of these division videos?

  4. The one and only thing the CV has to control is the one flight of torpedo-bombers… And even with that she’s able to friendly-torpedo-fire… Well done! ^_^

  5. Do you think the Gascogne would be a good trainer for the Rebulique?

    • The guns on Gascan don’t behave as well, and the secondaries/AA aren’t nearly as nice, but at the least you get familiar with the gun layout.

    • +Sirus Gaming That’s what i was hoping for, or could i get the same feel from the Graf Spee?

    • +William Tessier Not exactly. Spee (while I absolutely love the ship) is considerably slower, and despite being a good deal smaller feels less agile. Gascan takes getting used to, and a lot of players consider it bad, but I’ve been pretty well drunk every time I’ve touched it now and still average well over 100k damage with ease, so it’s not a bad ship.

    • +Sirus Gaming Ok thanks for the info it helps a lot.

  6. As for the FDG discussion, the hull is H-39 and the upgraded guns are the 16″ bored out guns of H-41. She was only going to have 8 guns either way. Kurrywurst is H-40B for the hull (the thinner armored version of H-40), with paper triple mount turrets designed for the Russians early in WWII.

  7. Wow was right. Good vid.

  8. Republique was a pre Dreadnaught class that was scrapped in like 1922. This Republique never actually existed. As demonstrated by a Helipad marking on the Aft deck

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